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Friday, March 23, 2018

Regional rankings from evil: chuukese family was richer than Moscow

The Agency RIA Rating has published data on Russia’s regions with the richest and the poorest families. From this it follows that the poorest families by the end of 2015, lived in the Pskov region, the richest in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. Moscow took the third place among the richest — after Chukotka.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

Of informational messages on the website of RIA-Rating, it follows that the subjects of the Federation were placed on the ground depending on what kind of “cash balance” remains of a family living there with two children on a monthly basis after the minimum necessary costs”. The minimum required expenditure is “the cost of living for employees and their children, published by Rosstat”. The authors of the rating of the richest was named (in order of priority) families in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district (the remainder of more than 91 thousand rubles per month), in Chukotka (the remainder of about 90 thousand rubles a month), and Moscow (the remainder of about 69 thousand rubles per month). And the poor in priority order, with the end of the list — families with two children in Pskov region (rest — 570 rubles per month), Dagestan (the remainder of about 2.4 thousand rubles per month) and Ivanovo region (the remainder — slightly more than 3 thousand rubles per month).

On average in Russia, according to rating Agency, “at the end of 2015, monthly families with two children after spending minimal remains of 28.1 thousand rubles, which is 13% lower than a year earlier.” Only in 15 regions of the free balance exceeds the average for the country.

As other more detailed information about the methodology in the information message of Agency is not given, it is difficult to say exactly which data of Rosstat were used in the rankings. What a living wage was taken into account — national average or regional? And what kind of money was considered income — gross average salary, wages in real terms, per capita income in the given subject of the Russian Federation or real disposable cash income?

“MK” asked to comment on this rating by a renowned expert in the field of regional studies, Director of regional programs, Independent Institute for social policy, doctor of economic Sciences Natalya ZUBAREVICH.

– The first thing I would like to say to the authors of the rating – in Russia do not live on subsistence level. And the second is that prices in the regions differ enormously, To more or less adequately to imagine the situation, it is necessary to make a correction on prices in the region and take into account the regional minimum subsistence level that the drafters of the rating, it seems, did not. In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, for example, where the really big salaries, the regional subsistence minimum at 40-45% more than the national average, calculated by Rosstat.

– That is not to say that families in the Pskov region the poorest?

– Has long been known that comparing the levels of living of the population in roubles it is impossible. In the Pskov region a small living wage, and Yes, people there live in poverty, nothing has changed here for many years and we know it. But such as Pskov oblast in Russia, a lot is and Kurgan oblast, and Kostroma… If you look the statistics, the poorest in Russia will be the majority of republics of the North Caucasus and southern agricultural regions of European part of Russia: there is a small salary, because the population is engaged mainly in agriculture, and in agriculture the earnings are traditionally low compared to other sectors of the economy. But in the agricultural southern areas, people also eat your tomatoes, your chickens generally get a substantial unreported income from his farm! We can’t measure this adequately, so all these ratings are from the evil one, we just another toy in the media space.

In Russia, all regional statistics are not very perfect, but the imperfect – just the statistics of income and wages. Just say: we know nothing about Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, where the statistics is very bad, and better than them in any rankings do not include.

– The regions with the richest families You do not agree?

– The richest region was, is and will be Moscow. Yes, in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district high wages, but the prices on basic food products is much higher than in Moscow. As for Chukotka — if you remember that the prices there are on average 2 times higher than in the country, all the beauty disappears immediately. If you still remember that in post-Soviet years, two-thirds of the population left from this region, then, it turns out, left – idiots? After all, the ratings situation in Chukotka is more than prosperous!

As for most Russian regions — in terms of life of the population they are about the same, and the difference in income between those at the 25th place, and those on 55-m a place, you’ll be only the second decimal place, that is, it is almost there…

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