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Saturday, March 17, 2018

On MMKF will come Stephen Frears

38-th Moscow international film festival will be held from 23 to 30 June. And open it “not serious” picture “Ke-dy” by Sergei Solovyov, filmed on the novel by Andrew Gelasimov “Paradise found”, for which the state has not received a penny. As the Director himself says, it’s about nothing, and in fact — about the world of Russian autism.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

In the main competition will represent Russia’s long-suffering painting “the Monk and the demon” by Nikolai Dostal, which was created in two passes. Initially the state allocated funds for its production lacked. Sponsorship investment could not be found. Dostal had to return the money, in order not to get into debt. The contest involved a Danish-American film “37” the Danish PUK Grasten, based on real events of the 60’s when in Brooklyn witnesses of the crime were 37 people. None of them tried to stop the killer and call the police. “Machinations” he took Grieco, who worked as an assistant to pier Paolo Pasolini. His painting is about how mounts classic “Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom”, is Dating a guy from working-class suburbs of Rome, and then the negativity masterwork disappears. David Grieco in 2005, shot in Russia documentary “Fictional story”. The competition also involved “Eccentric” a native of Lviv, the Polish Director Janusz Majewski, the debut of “the Voice of things” Ariel Escalante of Costa Rica, “Marie and losers” by French Director Sebastien of Betbeder, the Iranian film “the Daughter” Reza Mirkarimi whose painting “easy” at the 30th Moscow international film festival marked the main award — “Golden St. George”. Brazilian “Memory of oblivion” is taken native of Mozambique Rui Guerra, who starred in Werner Herzog. His own film about the meeting of man suffering from memory loss, with himself in his youth. Guerra participated in the 26th Moscow international film festival with a picture of “Portugal”.

The festival closes with the film “high life” woody Allen, which opened recently at the Cannes film festival.

Program Director of MIFF Kirill Razlogov told “MK” about how interesting this year’s festival.

— Feeling that the name of the jury President will call the General confusion. Ivaylo Hristov is a Bulgarian Director and actor, who played more than 50 roles in theatre and cinema. His film “footprints in the sand” took part in the competition of the 32nd Moscow international film festival, and “the Losers” has received last year the main prize of the 37th Moscow international film festival “Gold George”. I instituted the following practice: for the Chairman of the jury is to invite the winner of the previous festival. And then we give the main prize, and the man gets nothing with it.

— It is logical.

— I think so, but I’m not all agree. In the jury also the eldest son of famous Indian actor Raj Kapoor — producer, Director and actor, Randhir Kapoor. The company will make him a sensational German Director Ulrike Ottinger, which will arrive with your girlfriend life. She will have a personal retrospective, which will include a 12-hour Taiga (Ottinger is a screen adaptation of “the Twelve chairs” by Ilf and Petrov 2004 with the participation of Russian artists. — S. H.). We will show and eight hours of “Lullaby sorrowful mysteries” Filipino Director Lav Diaz, who participated in the competition of the Berlinale. So that the program will be intense.

— Has everything been planned?

Economic difficulties complicate obtaining a number of paintings. Something had to give. So the program has decreased significantly. I have once again failed the program of Bruce Lee. I wanted to show him old pictures. Not everyone was able to find. But found the new paintings, however, are very expensive.

But at the Tokyo film festival has been his retrospective a few years ago.

— Really? Talking about it was conducted, but a complete retrospective, as far as I know, was not. Main application for me — cinema of the Arab countries. It included the movies the last three years, one from the country. Only 24 countries, but we can’t imagine. There will be short films, documentaries and games full meter. This event for the festival, as well as at the last MIFF event was the Kurdish program, which no one noticed. Only then it turned out that Kurdistan is in the center of attention of the modern world.

— Some of the classics coming?

— Waiting for Spanish Director Carlos Saur and British master Stephen Frears. At the request of Saura are preparing a retrospective of his musical films. Frears will arrive in two days and will present his “Queen”.

— In the area of special attention was Moscow?

— There will be a special program “My address — Moscow. It will include mostly old films about Moscow will be screened at the municipal theaters. Also Moscow will be established a special prize. In the Russian programme, also known abroad the films. But we have not sufficiently appreciated. It’s “I am Cuba” by Mikhail Kalatozov, which bought Coppola, “planet of storms Pavel Klushantsev, 1961, Dziga Vertov, “Cinetrain” Medvedkin. Yuri Norstein agreed to give a selection of his films.

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