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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lavrov spoke about the “morons…”, dance Zakharova.

Sergey Lavrov is known not only as a charismatic politician, but as a loving father, an ardent fan of “Spartacus” and a man with a great sense of humor. One phrase at a press conference with the representatives of Saudi Arabia has become a popular meme Network.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Sergei Lavrov

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov answered questions from readers and listeners to “KP”. It was not only about politics. Lavrov commented on a public and important events that affect him personally.

Banning Smoking

Lavrov believes the legislation against Smoking too hard.

In his opinion, the Russian law went a little further, “excessively compared to what they are doing in Europe and other countries. The Minister believes that the fight against Smoking is possible in other ways that do not create problems for surrounding non-smokers. “I think that it is necessary in our legislation, these methods still allow for that,” said the Minister, adding that he smokes a little.

How to sleep

The Minister of foreign Affairs — the person is “travelling”. Sergei Lavrov told how he manages to sleep in between flights: “I always try to live by the time of the country where it appeared, by time zone”, — he said.

His talent of a poet

Sergei Lavrov is the author of the anthem of the MGIMO University, said that he wrote poetry for skits, birthday greetings, but as it occupied a major position no longer write. “Probably just time, it became less”, — he added.

About food

Sergei Lavrov eats everything. According to Russian Minister for foreign Affairs, if you are in a country with a strong kitchen, it is necessary to try the national dish, “whether in China, whether in Japan, Italy, Hungary.

“So I’m an omnivore, if I may say so,” said Lavrov.

About favorite sport

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry called football and alloy their most favorite sports, which is engaged in himself. “Football, yeah, the alloy is also quite serious, physically capacious sport plus engaged in a gym”, he added.

Lavrov himself not once went to the football field as a player. Including at the opening of the national football League.

About “Spartacus”

Sergey Lavrov is an active supporter of the Moscow “Spartak” and repeatedly made comments about a particular match. This time he expressed his opinion about who should be the head coach of red-whites:

“The coach of “Spartak” should be someone who personifies the “Spartacus” – well, for my generation at least,” said Lavrov, adding that this role is perfect acting coach Dmitry Alenichev. But the candidacy of Kurban Berdiyev, who last season brought “Rostov” in the second place in the championship of the Premier League and in the Champions League, Lavrov was silent.

About t-shirts with his photo

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told about his attitude to sold in Russia t-shirt with images of politicians, including his photo.

“It’s flattering, I can’t say anything”, — he said. The Minister even advised to issue the right to place his photo on souvenir products and thus earn money.

About “morons…”

The phrase, which became one of the most popular Internet memes in Russia was given by Sergey Lavrov at a press conference after talks with representatives of Saudi Arabia. The obscene word is not heard so much as read my lips: “Morons…”, so Lavrov commented on the behavior of the journalists in the room.

Read the material: “Coughed the man”: the Russian foreign Ministry commented on the swearing Lavrov

“I don’t freak out… Sorry, well not one I find myself in a situation where the microphone is not muted” — said the Minister.

About Kalinka Zakharova

Lavrov liked the dance that the official representative of his Ministry Maria Zakharova danced at a reception for journalists in Sochi. “‘ve seen. Liked,” said the Minister, noting that he is “not a dancer”.


During the meeting they also touched upon important political topics — Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and more. Here are some quotes:

About Savchenko: “Girl specific, by the way, quite plump”.

About Turkey: “They suffer greatly, and therefore in different closed channels trying to crawl up to us and offer any committees to create”

On sanctions: “For us, the relevant question is not about when will be lifted sanctions against Russia. We did not enter”

On Syria: the Delay of Russia’s decision to strike at groups in Syria who have not joined the cease-fire that expires this week..

In conclusion, Lavrov applied yourself just a little: “Serezha, you have an interesting life”.

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