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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“It broke”: why Zalaldinov returned to Chechnya to apologize to Kadyrov

The inhabitant of the Chechen village of Kenkhi, Avar Ramadan of Zalaldinov, complained to Vladimir Putin on Kadyrov, returned to the Republic where it was recorded a video with his apology to Kadyrov. A journalist from Dagestan Yulia Yuzik told the background of these incidents.

photo: instagram.com

According to the journalist, Zalaldinov “was taken from Dagestan to Chechnya: the video where he apologizes to Kadyrov, he never even looked up. It’s a horrible, humiliating situation, which he really wanted to avoid, but received no serious financial support in Dagestan to be able to live somewhere, almost led a wandering lifestyle.

Apparently, it just took, was brought there, in Chechnya: they had a demonstration to make him apologize, as it likes Kadyrov, to humiliate him. We don’t know what are the practices used, but the person didn’t have a choice, it is difficult to judge.

He promised to rebuild houses, or to give a new, or restore (recall, the house Zalaldinov in Kenkhi, was burned by unknown after his complaints and escape to Dagestan. On the same night from the house on the border with Dagestan had been expelled with threats to his wife and daughters — ed. Initially, a spokesman for Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov, denied the arson, but later the head of Chechnya stated that he carried himself Zalaldinov to discredit the government — ed.). Oversees this, of course, Kadyrov is the only owner of it, which Zalaldinov hard enough disgraced in recent months. The whole story was Kadyrov as a knife in the back. He had to get an apology, and they still got Zalaldinov, brought and made.

Family Zalaldinov last time, too, was in Dagestan, in different places: they believed that it is safer for them to hide. I talked to him just a day or two before all this, and it’s set was quite emphatically that he would not return, but she had already appeared depressive thoughts, he said, why bother living. The whole story is very much struck by it. I think that all of them now took there (in Kenkhi — ed.), the family pulled up, and they will now be a demonstration in front of the camera with downcast eyes, to say that they were wrong, that our Sun is big… Sad story, really”.

Recall that the essence of the claims Zalaldinov was to ensure that wages, allowances and material aid in the village it is impossible to obtain without significant kickbacks to officials. Kadyrov refused to understand these complaints, saying that still do not remember them, but after his visit to the village were introduced, the security forces established a cordon and residents were called in for questioning, wanting to know where lies complained and why they support it. When this line of transmission lines conducted in the village from Dagestan, was exhibited as the merit of the Chechen authorities, for which the inhabitants of Kenkhi should be grateful to them. In the Kenkhi live ethnic Avars — indigenous people of Dagestan, not Chechnya.

Read how he tried to kidnap Zalaldinov.

Yuzik added that does not know exactly how it was delivered Gladinova in Chechnya. “They said that it was heavily involved in the Chechen and Dagestan’s official clergy, but technically how this happened — is unknown. He all the time seems to have been in plain sight next, and suddenly he disappears and appears already there. He sent a text message: well, how could you? He said, “You don’t know what the circumstances were”.

Assalamu alaykum! Any person can be mistaken. Without any error does not cost even the great and Holy men. Most importantly, deliberately not to go astray. Smart people realized that there was something wrong, admits it, and takes the path of truth. I am on the first day it was clearly understood that some unhealthy forces are trying to use a resident of the village of Kenkhi Ramazan Zalaldinov in their dirty and very wrong purposes. They had taken psychological and information attack to intimidate him, to suggest that there is a real threat to his life and family security. They sought to force him to leave his native Chechnya and to go to the West. Ramazan found the strength and wisdom to understand what is happening, not to succumb to their tricks. He turned to the distinguished in the whole Caucasus elder from Dagestan, a friend of the First President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hajji Kadyrov – Khasmagomed Abubakarova asking for help to get in touch with me and to publicly admit that he was wrong. The word of Khasmagomed for us has huge value. Ramazan returns to the Kenkhi, where they live, relatives and people close to him. He, like other residents, will receive the necessary assistance and support. I repeat, he’s our man, native and inhabitant of our Republic. No one will ever show him on that care you’d be doing in Chechnya. #Kadyrov #Russia #Chechnya #To Kyunghee

Video posted by Ramzan Kadyrov (@kadyrov_95) 30 May 2016 10:45 PDT

Another journalist, Julia Bugueva, dogovarivatsya an interview with Gelatinosum on Sunday for the portal “Mediazone”, suggests that he return to Chechnya was decided in just a few hours, as planned even in the morning the conversation was cancelled literally at the last minute, and Zalaldinov her eyes and sat down in the SUV, accompanied by a sturdy-looking man of

Recall that attempts to take resident in Kenkhi, Chechnya was taken before, and were enforced: for example, the parishioners of the mosque in Makhachkala rescued him from the kidnappers, whom he accused of Zalaldinov in connection with State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov. However, in the end, Kadyrov posted a video of Zalaldinov says nothing about how he returned to Chechnya.

Read the interview with Zalaldinov.

According to Yuzik, she doesn’t know commenting apologies on this video, “distinguished in the whole Caucasus elder from Dagestan, a friend of the First President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hajji Kadyrov — Khasmagomed abubakarova (so it represents the website “Grozny TV”). “I don’t know him personally, I think that in the circles of the clergy the problem was solved, pressed from Chechnya to Dagestan, the clergy, well, just put next to grandpa. We had to put someone planted it.”

At the same Yuzik sure that Kadyrov will not forget the confrontation with Zalaldinov. “I think the danger in the near future does not threaten him because they need him alive for repentance “eyes to the floor like I was wrong about the Sun”. Little man — what can he do? We wrote a million media, asked Putin to intervene to provide some support, but it was not necessary to anybody. He floundered and struggled, as best he could, and then it just broke.

I think with it now nothing will happen because it needs to be a living testimony of this. He will apologize, then restore to Kyunghee, and I think he will stand on the paved path near the beds and say how life is beautiful, but knowing the nature of Kadyrov, I don’t think he will forgive.

Ramzan Akhmatovich is quite a vindictive person, he drank from Zalaldinov a lot, and after some time with Zalaldinov something can happen. Do not forgive such things. Very sorry for him.”

Recall that videosevennine of the Republic’s residents, who criticized Kadyrov, is firmly entrenched in the political life of Chechnya. One of the most famous examples was the video with Adam Dicaeum: “they found Me, took off my pants. I realized that I’m a nobody. Since then, Putin — my father, grandfather and the king” — he admitted himself on the same recording.

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