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Friday, March 16, 2018

Invented a machine for reading thoughts

The technology to decipher a person’s thoughts and turn them into words, has developed a group of specialists under the leadership of Robert knight of UC Berkeley. Analyzing the brain activity created by the specialists of the device will be able to eavesdrop on the voice in the head” person and to make the text on the basis of relevant information.

Specialists for a long time studied how the different parts of the brain react when a person hears a particular word, says it aloud or thinking about it. The obtained data was used to create a computer program, whose task is the “translation” of certain brain signals into words.

The device that managed to create at this stage, is capable of a high degree of accuracy to reproduce the word that people have recently heard, when analyzing various signals in the temporal lobe of the brain via electrodes. In the future, as scientists hope that their development will be able to transform into meaningful sentences detailed a person’s thoughts, writes Daily Mail.

Experts note that they still have a lot of work before the technology will be applied in practice, but in the long run it can help people, because of various reasons lost their ability to speak, to fully convey their ideas to others. As scientists hope, one day, on the basis of their development will be created electronic device with speaker, available for many people, and suitable for permanent use.

By the way, recently another group of scientists representing the University of California, Berkeley, were able to confirm that, although the plots, “in General” responsible for speech and language located in the temporal lobe of the left hemisphere in the comprehension of certain words takes part in almost the entire human brain. Moreover, the researchers were able to create a kind of “map” where you can see what parts of the brain activity causes the utterance of a word.

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