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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In Russia there are no more cars

Once the situation has been very clear: there are cars that are made in our factories and different kind of quality, and there are machines, mysterious ways can come to us from abroad, and guaranteeing the owners a lot of pleasure. Now everything has changed.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Frankly, for some time now I cringe when I hear somewhere on TV something like: “the Black car ahead of the oncoming bus and crashed into a crossover”. One gets the impression that the author of the text used a euphemism to somehow mark the car of an unknown breed and he is uncertain of the class, but certainly not “Fret”.

However, if to distract from negative emotions, which causes the word “car”, one wonders: how, in principle, justified its use in modern Russia? Yes, at the beginning of the Renaissance of Russian capitalism, when foreign automakers taken to the us their cars, the giants of the domestic industry continues to be churned “basins”, “UAZ” and other crafts based on the old technology and components produced here, in our country. And the separation of “our — their” looked quite justified. However, over time the situation began to change.

Global brands have begun to gradually adjust the screwdriver Assembly in the territory of our country and even purchase some details of Russian manufacture, such as rubber mats, and a little later — side Windows. Then they moved on to more proactive use of local resources — largely because of obtained from our government a kick, expressed in the threat of the abolition of customs exemptions for all those who are not organized industrial Assembly of cars in territory of Russia and did not provide a certain level of localization of production.

The main share in the volume of Russian automotive components made details of the interior, exterior and less of the body. Gradually turn and technically complex units, like engines and transmissions. On the other hand, when you build ancient Russian vehicles began to be used the imported components, which allowed to significantly improve their overall quality. As a result, the filling of foreign cars and domestic cars became largely identical.

“Average temperature” at the hospital by the end of 2015 about 50% — that is half of components for vehicles, Assembly of which was carried out on the territory of our country, we have produced. Regardless of the origin and pedigree of a particular brand. For example, the use of “local” parts Renault Sandero or Logan reached 68%, and Nissan Almera — 50%. At the same time, the LADA Granta it is 53%, Vesta — 47%, XRAY — 22%.

According to experts, Hyundai has ensured the localization of the Solaris at 46%, including due to the stamping of body parts. Volkswagen, Ford and Nissan reached 40-45%, the Peugeot 408 and Citroen C4 sedan — up to 35%, and Toyota Camry and is only up to 30%.

Of course, all these figures should be treated with skepticism, because of the level of localization directly depends on the profitability of all activities of the world’s automakers in our country. This means that they will by hook or by crook to hide the true state of Affairs, to inflate the figures and falsify reports. For example, to collect in the Russian production of the engine or the gearbox, but entirely from imported components. Therefore, some experts believe that the true localization of the same Logan is a maximum of 23%, and Almera — 19%.

However, the true numbers in this case we are not much interested. Us what is more important: the vast majority of cars sold in Russia, is going immediately, we have. And the percentage of items of foreign origin is approximately the same at all, regardless of origin. No, there is no dispute that LADA is historically a Russian brand, and Jaguar is English. But now the first is partly owned by the French and the other Indians. About the true owners, for example, such a “premium” brand, like Volvo, we better not say anything. And how to define “Harmony”, which is going in Kazakhstan?

The entire automotive industry would ultimately cosmopolitical. So what is the sense in the best traditions of the Soviet time to oppose “our lingo”? We have that, there is the inescapable inferiority complex? There is no more domestic cars or foreign, there is only quality cars and poor quality. Probably, only from this point of view and should approach the problem.

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