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Saturday, March 17, 2018

A fairy tale with a bad end

Often hear that once a citizen of Russia apologized to Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya. Here are three fresh cases:

1. Krasnoyarsk Deputy Senchenko on Facebook called Ramzan “a shame of Russia”. Then a long, long, florid asked for forgiveness.

2. The Chairman of the Supreme court of Chechnya Karataev not only apologized, but dutifully resigned.

3. Just confused a long penitential speech was made just a resident of the Chechen village. He recently burned down the house, and if I apologized quickly, then the house probably would have survived. And if this simple Zalaldinov was silent in a rag, then the house would have survived exactly, huh?

Maybe Senchenko in Siberia drank too much, drunk swore — I got carried away, forgot that it is necessary “to filter a market” (as they call it). But he never apologized when he sobered up, and after him someone would come and explain something.

The Chairman of the Supreme court of Chechnya, a lawyer with vast experience, these people market the filter is always enabled, but still bucked. But, probably, and talked to him, and he understood. And with a simple Zalaldinov talked.

Different people, and the behavior of one: first, abrupt or recalcitrant words, then — apologies. The scheme is one means, and the motive for this behavior is probably one.

photo: instagram.com
To the right of the penitent Ramazan Zalaldinov sorry.

What is common in all people, including such different as the poor man from the village, a businessman from Krasnoyarsk and the Chairman of the Supreme court of Chechnya? They have in common the fact that life is one. The fear of death, and perhaps not only his, but also wives, children, down There, in Chechnya, it happens: the fathers themselves hand over their sons in the hands of investigators.

Gradually about Ramzan Kadyrov’s people cease to speak ill. The incident of lessons is enough. (We do not speak of those who apologize do not have time: the Germans, Estemirova… add Yourself, if you wish.)

…When Stalin destroyed everyone who interfered with him, and everyone who irritated him, about him ceased to talk bad. No one dared to scold comrade Stalin. He didn’t even have to intervene personally in each case. The system worked.

In the novel, winner of the Stalin prize of Vasily Grossman “Life and fate” is very important responsible party officials meet for a friendly table.

Getmanov, looking at the portrait of Stalin that hung on the wall, raised his glass and said:

— Well, comrades, the first a toast to our father, he will let us healthy.

Member Military Council army brigade Commissar Getmanov is a very important rank, but he was destined to relive unpleasant moments. His companion, a large Masuk was looking through the family album and suddenly so expressive raised eyebrow that all involuntarily reached for the album. The photograph was captured Hetman in his pre-war Cabinet dining room, and above it hung a portrait of Stalin of such huge, what can only be in the office of the Secretary of the regional Committee. Stalin’s face in the portrait was daubed with colored pencils, to the chin was pririsoval blue goatee, ears hung blue earrings.

— Well, what a boy! “cried the Hetman, and even a woman once threw up his hands. His wife was upset, kept repeating, looking around at the guests:

And because, you know, yesterday before going to sleep said: “I love uncle Stalin as the Pope”.

— No, it’s not a children’s prank, it’s malicious hooliganism, ” sighed the Hetman.

Hooliganism — that’s what criminal charges the father appoints his own son.

Hetman Masuk, and in that moment remembered the pre-war case, is the nephew of their countrymen, a student, in the dormitory shot air-rifle at Stalin’s portrait. They knew that jerk was a student you had no political, terrorist purposes. Countryman, a nice man, asked Getmanova to rescue his nephew. Hetman after the meeting of the regional Committee spoke with Masuka about this case.

Masuk, said:

— Dementiy trifonovich, because we are not children — do not blame blame, what does it matter… But if I dropped the case, tomorrow to Moscow, maybe the most Lavrenty Pavlovich report: liberal, Masuk react to the fact that shooting at the portrait of the great Stalin. Today I’m in this office, and tomorrow I — camp dust. Want to take on the responsibility? And you say: today’s portrait, and tomorrow is not the portrait…

In a month or two Hetman asked Masuka:

— Well, how was that shot?

Mashuk, looking at him with calm eyes, said:

— It is not necessary to ask about it, turns out the bastard, kulak (from Grossman here swearword. Cm. book one, Chapter 21), admitted at the inquest.

And now Hetmans, inquiring looking at Masuka, repeated: “No, don’t prank it.”

— Oh, Yes, ‘ she said Mashuk, — guy fifth year, age all should be taken into account.

…Fifth year?! But here we learn that the offender is four years. Such things.

This boy, whose prank is a deadly threat to the whole family — lives in reality. It is world famous for age lives in a fairy tale. Fabulous little boy shouted: “the King is naked!”

But we don’t know what happened then, at night, with this boy, with his parents. They managed to jump out of a burning house? Anderson a word about it. He didn’t know? Or didn’t want the fairy tale had a bad ending? And in General — it’s a fairy tale, and we have…

…Wanted to write “we have a real life,” and then I realized: no, we have just the tale.

If every day people exclaim in amazement: “This can’t be!” — so, we live in a fairy tale. Only fairy tales in Russia are different.

Because the MPs we live in a fairy tale, but — in the Deputy; quite different than a Russian pensioner’s folk. And our Prime Minister lives in his tale — even better than the Deputy.

In a separate tale-with-flasher live the Chairman of the Duma and the Federation Council Chairman. In a separate exciting fairy tale live children of the owners of oil companies and other oligarchs.

Well someone lives in a fairy tale with a bad end. And if you have time it is time to understand — time to leave.

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