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Thursday, March 15, 2018

U.S. elections: what is the new danger of the libertarian candidate

In the American race for President officially has its first candidate. Former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson received the most votes (55.8 percent) at the Congress of the libertarian party, according to Fox News channel. Candidate for the position of Vice President became the ex-Massachusetts Governor William weld.

photo: pixabay.com

“I have always said that it is the result of your hard work, – said at the Congress Johnson. And your work has brought us to this moment. I will work hard to represent everyone in this room”. Assessment Fox News, a nominee from the “third party” has a chance in the presidential campaign due to the low popularity of the major prospective candidates-opponents of Donald trump (Republican party) and Hillary Clinton (Democratic party).

“Chance of becoming President had not, – said “MK” extension Johnson chief scientific officer of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasiliev, but he can play the role of a man who will take away some votes from Republicans or Democrats. Given the fact that this year the discontent of the electorate felt right, to your left, the views will naturally turn to the third parties. The libertarian party first put forward his candidacy in the presidential elections of 1972 and more than one percent of the votes and not collected. It’s her maximum limit and the maximum possible threshold. However in 2012 for its candidate in the presidential election voted half a million people, but it was still not enough for the party in some way influenced the outcome of the elections.”

“This year we are talking about the extent to which she can gain a few percent and who will draw more votes, – says Vladimir Vasiliev, Some public opinion polls show that now libertarians can overcome this threshold to one percent. Maybe they will have two to three percent. They will be taken away dissatisfied voters, and the Democrats and the Republicans. Now it is believed that they can cause the most damage to the democratic candidate Clinton than Trump. At Clinton they can take 6% of the votes of those people among Democrats who are unhappy with her candidature. As for trump, the polls show that he libertarians can take away 4%”.

The expert believes that the phenomenon of third parties in the domestic politics of the United States is the theft of the votes of the major candidates. “This is the situation of the party that someone can spoil the nerves, – says “MK” Vladimir Vasiliev. – The 2000 elections were such. For them the green Party attacked the Democrats. She took their 2.5 million votes. Important role played and then Reform party USA, which took away the Republicans half a million votes… Also this theft of votes has played a negative role in 1968. The former Governor of Alabama Wallace won five States and denied the Democrats ‘ prospects.” The analyst does not exclude that in the tug of votes sometimes there is a place to “plot” a major political force, but now this situation is difficult: “there Were some talks about the possibility of the Republicans to use a third party. Called the libertarian party, but while this idea is a bad one. In this direction, little is being done”.

“The position of libertarians ambivalent – says “MK” Vladimir Vasiliev. – Although it is the party that presents itself as true Republicans. She prorepublican, right-wing party. Her whole position is simple – it’s nostalgia for the capitalism of the XIX century. It is the party of freedom, which was in America in those days, when there was no state at the Federal level. They favor States ‘rights believe that the state is not the state, is self-government”.

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