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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To restrain anger in family quarrels were bad for the back

A group of scientists from the U.S., representing the University of California at Berkeley and northwestern University, found that the human response to family quarrels can with a high degree of probability to predict certain health problems that await him in the future. If a person gives vent to anger, in the future it can cause problems with health of the heart and blood pressure. If he, on the contrary, “clamped”, in the future, it is fraught with back pain and other similar problems.

To participate in the study, experts were invited 156 heterosexual families and have traced how changing the health status of spouse for over 20 years, starting 1 in 1989. Researchers collected medical information about the people and periodically asked the participants of the study, many of which today is greater than 60, 70, 80 and even 90 years, to answer some questions. Experts took into account such factors as age, training, education and harmful habits possessed by the participants at the beginning of the study.

Every five years specialists of the spouses asked to speak on topics on which they hold different positions, in order to provoke a conflict “in the lab”. During the semi-conflict, researchers monitored the behavior of the spouses, their facial expressions, tone and volume of voice, and body movements.

As a result, scientists were able to detect two basic types of behavior during an argument — some people started to get angry, as evidenced by rising voice, reduced brow and compressed lips, while others are “clamped”, averting his eyes and pressing his head between his shoulders.

As it turned out, those people, whose reaction is more suited for the first description, in age often begin to suffer from hypertension and heart problems, while those who preferred not to shout and avert their eyes, more likely faced with back pain and numb muscles.

Experts believe that information about any “markers” that help to predict future problems to human health, increases the chance of these problems in advance to prevent.

A study published in the journal Emotion.

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