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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The militants have enslaved, the court in the case of the bloody tragedy in Odessa

Last weekend in Odessa, the militants of the banned in Russia “Right sector” has again shown that they can “bend” any judge. Under their pressure, the Malinovsky district court of Odessa changed his decision and left the detention of Russian citizen Yevgeny Nefedov, which now brought new charges.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Recall that in Malinovsky court examines the case on the riots in the center of Odessa on 2 may. All the accused activists of the movement “Kulikovo field” and random people, from survivors of the fire at the trade unions House and there arrested. Among them, two Russian citizens. One of them, Eugene Meredovu, may 27, the court changed the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest. However, he was charged with, and he remains in jail. Mefyodov April 8 declared a dry hunger strike and said he would starve before its release. Second Russian, Maxim Sakauov, declared in protest indefinite hunger strike on April 29. Recall that Mefyodov, although it has a Russian passport, lived in Odessa, worked as a taxi driver and even acquired the property. About what happened in Odessa, “MK” told the lawyer of one of defendants Kirill Shevchuk.

– May 26 at the meeting of the Malinowski court heard the views of the parties about change of a measure of restraint for Eugene Nefedova. Then the court retired to the deliberation room.

On Friday, the court made the decision on changing the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest. This greatly angered the so-called “patriots”, the representatives of the nationalist community. They rioted in the courtroom, they are kicked out.

After that, they blocked the courthouse and did not let out the participants in the process — accused, lawyers, judges, journalists. After a while they started to release the journalists, then the lawyers. Inspect all leaving the car, including the police, inspect judges.

In order not to provoke this group of “patriots”, the interior Ministry drew up a Protocol of detention Nefedova under the pretext that the witness, Posnichenko received a complaint that he allegedly Mefyodov threatened with punishment. On Saturday he was handed the suspicion in committing a criminal offence.

Sunday, may 29, the court decided to leave it under guards for two months already on the new charge, under article 129 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Threat by murder motivated by ethnic hatred”). That is, under the pressure of this aggressive “public” the Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry has done everything to Mefyodov not released from prison.

— How do you assess this new charge Nefedovo?

— I believe that it is absolutely pointless and stupid. It is in no way confirmed. He allegedly may 26 at 16 hours threatened a witness, Posnichenko using the phone, sent him a viber message with the threat. However, at this time he was in a courtroom in front of judges, lawyers, etc. He is not physically able at this time to send a message on viber.

— How in General is the process of “the may 2”?

— With gross violations of human rights, violations of procedural norms. In most cases, broken everything you can break.

— And against the nationalists who rioted, no action has been taken?

– No. In fact, they seized administrative buildings, inside they really don’t penetrate, just block. They searched vehicles and police cars of the judges, who went from the patio Malinovsky district court.

The police seem afraid of them or they have instructions not to touch them and not to resist. Police car shows, in fact, the ordinary citizen. In what sane country would allow police to inspect his car? In which country the referee will inspect your car? The judge of the person is inviolable.

— The more some inexplicable formation.

— This is a friendly formation. It’s the gangs, the organized criminal group. They threaten to block the exits. On Friday, they drove the ZIL and blocked the exit from the court. For such people are put. And these for some reason no one touches it. Is direct pressure on the court.

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