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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The COP recognized “Plato” legal, rejecting a complaint of 92 deputies

The constitutional court upheld the tolling truckers in the framework of the “Plato” and dismissed the claim of the 92 deputies of the Communist party faction in the State Duma, RBC reports.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

Parliamentarians believed that “Plato” creates a situation of double taxation, where you need to pay as road tax, and the collection in the framework of the “Plato”. In addition, according to the applicants, the taxes should be imposed by the Council, and not by government decree, and charges, if you consider “Plato” as such, the government should do, not a private company.

In response, representatives of the President, government, General Prosecutor’s office and the Federation Council objected that we are talking about providing “reimbursable services”: after paying the money, drivers get right of way on Federal highways.

Also the representative of the government in KS Michael Barshchevsky has also rejected the argument of the deputies that within the framework of the “Plato” does not differentialsa the weight of the trucks, after 12 tonnes all pay the same price. Barshchevsky pointed out that in Europe, these fees are introduced in different configurations, and to distinguish trucks by weight is technically impossible.

Read where the money goes from “Plato”.

Based on these arguments, the COP adopted a decision according to which the operator “Plato” RT-invest the Transport system”, owned by Igor Rotenberg, Andrey Shipilovo and Rostec, will continue to carry out its activities.

KS has refused to consider a new fee a tax and added that the government has already submitted to the state Duma a bill according to which the collection “Plato” will be counted when paying vehicle tax. The judges noted that the government “recognized the need for optimization” initially too high payments.

The only significant decision in favor of the drivers was the decision that they should not be held responsible for non-payment if it was caused by “no fault of their circumstances”. In all other cases, drivers will spread the administrative code.

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