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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The answer provocateur who cling to Russian journalism

Yesterday, exactly 33 years from the time I started working as the chief editor of “MK”. The most original gift to this date made in the program “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev. He accused me of “strange” reactions to the new sanctions list of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which included the heads and journalists of major Russian media.

According to Kiselyov — and I quote — “only Pavel Gusev in the response (in Ukrainian sanctions against the Russians. — Ed.) was indignant: a pier, how so, I’m on your side, good day, what an injustice, I’m in Russia not such as everything, one of the few independent and even studied at the Ukrainian school.”

Let me remind you what was actually said in the comments that caused the stream of consciousness Kiselyov.

“I am surprised that the President of Ukraine has imposed sanctions against one of the few independent media outlets in Russia and the person who is the owner and editor-in-chief of this publication.

I have always expressed independent opinions and have never considered myself an enemy of Ukraine. All my childhood was spent in Ukraine, in Berdichev. Moreover, I studied at the Ukrainian school, even in the Ukrainian language!

I repeat, I never had anything against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, but what is happening today in Ukraine, amazes me and often shocking.

It is surprising that a country that aspires to democracy, as claimed by Poroshenko, at the same time, struggling with reporters.

This is very similar to the regimes that once existed in Spain in the 30-ies, in Portugal, in Germany, — all this is reminiscent of the days preceding the Second world war.

The suppression of journalists and personalities who are engaged in journalistic business is a proprietary indicator of policy, the fear of freedom of speech, journalists and media executives, the absolute indicator of the futility of further development of such a political system.

As Chairman of the Union of journalists of Moscow want to appeal to international journalistic organizations, to international organizations that protect human rights, so that they considered this decree Poroshenko as another act of suppression of journalism, freedom of speech and as a violation of human rights.

It seemed to me that Poroshenko is more intelligent and shrewd politician than shows its appearance”.

Refresh a short memory Kiselyov: in 2015, when Ukraine imposed sanctions lists, I, as head of the Union of journalists of Moscow, has repeatedly defended the Russian colleagues, fell under the sanctions — it does not matter in any publications they work, no matter what they say and write, they have the right to Express a point of view, which is shared by their publication. For this, no country in the democratic world does not punish, should not be punished.

Kiselyov nor anybody else will make me change that position.

But what made Kiseleva right now to “give” his fiery rhetoric? The reasons he himself does not hide: it is the many mistakes and manipulation, or, to use his own words, “stuff”, which is “News of the week” consistently outstanding in the air. What about that “dared” to write “MK”, and Kiselyov has caused hysteria in the style of “the fool”.

Well, here is my answer to a former friend…

You cannot read and listen, I repeat: I am a native Muscovite, but for many years lived in Ukraine, studied there, taught the Ukrainian language, because my father, an officer in the Soviet army, where he served.

I loved and love Ukraine. But do not accept everything that is happening there now. For me, this mode is incompatible with democracy.

My homeland has always been Russia, and I am a patriot of Russia.

I am ashamed that people who cannot read and grasp the meaning of written, relevant to our profession.

In my lifetime I’ve seen a lot of political events, smart and not so smart people. I saw a lot of provocateurs. You’re not the best of them, because stupid and limited.

Suggest you, Dima, to refrain from meeting with me. It’s not a threat. I will not beat, but to communicate you will not derive pleasure.

photo: Alex geldings

PS After the publication on a site “MK” answer Dmitry Kiselyov various politicians began to interpret this controversy to their advantage. I would hate to have my name used to increase someone’s political capital. I said exactly what I wanted to say, guided by the main principles of this journalism: freedom of speech, objectivity, the fight for the truth.

Replica Alexander Melman: “Speak, but not to speak: Dmitry Kiselev in documents.

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