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Friday, February 23, 2018

Talk, but did not speak: Dmitry Kiselev in the documents

The newspaper has acted — that is made? In the program “Vesti Nedeli” on may 29, on the channel “Russia 1” presenter Dmitry Kiselyov responded to my article “a white Lie”. I wrote that in one of his programs, “he told an audience of many millions!), it’s the students in Kiev severely beaten by the police.” The quotes weren’t there, so it’s not a verbatim quote. Mr. Kiselev in anger stated that he never said and blamed the “MK” in a lie.

Independence. Yet peace. Photo: wikipedia.org / Ivan bandura

Well. As Zheglov spoke: “know, Smoked that this time you angered me seriously”. Yes, exactly Kiselev didn’t say it’s my fault. But in fact in the same podcast, he was saying exactly that. And much worse! For the small inaccuracy of the global he hides his lies about those events. Again he distorts, rearranges the cards. And now I will be guided only by the documents related to direct quotations. In the first person.

Here is what Dmitry Kiselyov in the program “Vesti Nedeli” published December 8, 2013 in the story “Ukrainian chamber”. The theme is the dispersal by police of students on the Maidan November 30, 2013. “At first, militiamen severely provoked — crippled and choked by the gas, and then the leaders of a protest calling for the independence of students and cynically left them there without any protection, as the victim, as provided in the political technologies. The script needs blood. All design of riots is constructed so that the blood was shed. The prehistory of the spilled blood on world screens there. Smoothly orchestrated”. Now on: “There I had seen the “no matter how they vote, it is important to consider how”. To paraphrase, it doesn’t matter what happened, important as the show. That show blood on the Maidan “without a backstory, and then do the same on this picture and refer”. And finally: “During the storming of the presidential administration of Ukraine wounded more than 100 policemen and employees of special forces”.

It is said by Kiselev, here will not carp. After this program, the Commission on journalism ethics of Ukraine has addressed with the statement in “News of the week” and his master in Public Collegium of the Russian Federation for press complaints.

Now again the documents. “The decision “On the complaint of the Commission on journalistic ethics (Ukraine) for the program “to Conduct week” TV channel “Russia-1”) and its host Dmitry Kiselyov in connection with the airing of the story “Ukrainian Veche (issue from 08.12.2013), Moscow, 13 February 2014, No. 98. “In the story, aired December 8, in the description of events in Ukraine on 30 November and 1 December DM.Kiselev was knowingly violated the chronological order of events: the forceful dispersal of a peaceful protest on Independence square, which occurred on November 30, presented as a consequence of the actions of provocateurs during protests near the presidential administration, which actually occurred on 1 December… it seems to Us that Mr. Kiselev has sinned against professional standards, against journalistic ethics”.

“The panel considers as justified the charge by the applicant of the author and presenter of the program “Vesti Nedeli” in conscious violation of the chronological order of events 30-11-1.12. 2013, Assuming, as the applicant, a week sufficient time for the preparation of the material is accurate and fair, containing no false answer to a significant question about which side of the confrontation was the first to use force, the Board shall consider the fact that the forceful dispersal of a peaceful protest on Independence square, which occurred on November 30, in the program from December 8, was presented as a consequence of the actions of provocateurs during protests near the presidential administration, which actually happened on December 1, misinformation, addressed to the Russian audience, the Russian public opinion”.

“The Board considers it significant that no clear notification about the perfect substitution of fact with fiction, nor a good faith estimate “error”, nor even an apology for the misrepresentation of tens of millions of people, both Russian and Ukrainian TV viewers from DM.Kiselyov did not. This circumstance confirms the conclusion of the expert about the fact that neither the truth value nor the value of honesty not found significant for the “creativity” of the author and presenter of the program “Vesti Nedeli”.

Only the heartless facts, no emotions, no memories. And here’s the official apology Dmitry Kiselyov, this week was like after the program: “I sincerely want to thank the audience of the program “Vesti of the week” in Ukraine, which drew attention to our pomilki (“error” in Ukrainian) last Sunday. Well shibili (“blundered” in Ukrainian)…”

Now what congratulations? What to call this fraud? The substitution of cause and effect — here’s how. Isn’t that a lie? An ordinary real lie expressed in the documents.

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