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Monday, February 19, 2018

Smoking will fight bans

Sociologists and officials of the Ministry of health of the state: the number of smokers in Russia is reduced. It is, in their opinion, due to legislative restrictions in recent years. The fight against Smoking with the help of the laws promised to continue.

Today is world no tobacco day. In the run-up to this date the Ministry of health, as well as the VTSIOM published studies on the prevalence of Smoking in our society. The results are optimistic , at least for those who favour a reduction in the number of tobacco users in the community.

“We see dramatic improvement with Smoking of adolescents in our country”

The Minister of health Olga Skvortsova at a press conference presented the results of the Russian stage of the so-called global survey of tobacco use among youth – Global youth tobacco survey (GYTS). This project, conceived by a number of reputable international organizations (e.g. UNICEF) is an attempt to find out the prevalence of Smoking among adolescents 13-15 years.

In Russia, this global survey was conducted twice. First time – in 2004, the second in the past. Both times the survey was held under the auspices of the Ministry of health and involving the Ministry of education and regional education departments.

Responsible executor was the Institute of pulmonology. The survey methodology is as follows: randomly selected five regions (both times it was the Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Cheboksary, Moscow and Pskov). They randomly chose 20 schools (2004 and 2015), where you select different classes, so that within each region not less than 1,200 students were interviewed. The results show that as the number of young smokers and a smoker in the environment of schoolboys has decreased dramatically. In 2004, 25.4% of student admitted in that smoked, in 2015, the figure was only 9.3 percent. This dramatically increased the number of those who have a negative attitude towards Smoking – from 41.8% in 2004 to 63.3% in 2015.

“We see dramatic improvement with Smoking of adolescents in our country”, – concluded the Minister.

Thus, the strategic goal of the Ministry (to make it so that those born in 2015, already did not smoke throughout his life), if the existing goal will remain feasible.

In General, we can say that the trend to reduce the number of smokers among young people is in line with national trends – the decrease in the number of smokers in the country. According to research presented today polls, the turning point in the attitude of our fellow citizens to Smoking occurred in 2014. If the percentage of smokers in the country hovered around 40%, two years ago, there was a sharp decline, is still ongoing. Now smokes about 31%.

At a press conference Skvortsova decrease in the number of smokers in the country and the consequent improvement of the demographic pattern explained by the implementation of the national strategy on tobacco control and, in particular, with effect from February 2013 the Federal law №15 “On health protection of citizens from impact of ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption”.

This law, recall, set up a system of prohibitions on Smoking and promote Smoking. Thus, in accordance with the law Smoking is forbidden in public places in facilities of social services, in lifts of apartment houses, educational and cultural institutions, all public transport, etc. moreover – and this, perhaps, was the most effective measure – prohibited the advertising of tobacco and tobacco products, and increased excise taxes on the sale of cigarettes. Restrictive measures led to a rise in sales of e-cigs that do not fall under the law, but as sure Skvortsova, affected the attitude towards Smoking in society.

However, to compare the statistical data of the Ministry of health and polls with those of other structures is not possible. As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the press service of the Analytical center of Yuri Levada, the last survey of this kind was carried out by the organisation only in the fall of 2014. He showed a coincidence with the then VCIOM data: the number of smokers in our country is close to 40%.

In the Russian branch of the world health organization, the VZGLYAD newspaper reported that the who will conduct a global study on tobacco use adult residents of Russia only in the autumn of 2016 (past such a study dated 2010). “We hope that our study will give us a good, positive results, positive dynamics due to the strong anti-Smoking legislation in the country”, – expressed confidence in an interview with the newspaper OPINION of the coordinator of the program against Smoking who Natalia Toropova.

The Ministry of health, according to Skvortsova, the effectiveness of legislative measures to combat Smoking convinced. So, such measures will still be. Some of them already announced – is the transition to the sale of tobacco products in plain packs, without ads and colorful packaging, and the introduction of restrictions against electronic cigarettes. Skvortsova promised to study the proposal to ban Smoking on the street, extended, as reported by RIA Novosti, the League of nation’s health. However, the reservation that the amendments in tobacco legislation we must act carefully, so all age groups were satisfied. By the way, according to VTSIOM, the average portrait of a smoker – a man from 25 to 45 years, living in the cities (but not in the city) or small town. That is where specially do not smoke on the street is problematic, as the specially-equipped Smoking areas there are not as many as in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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