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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Shameless” situation in Turkish-Russian relations

Moscow cool reception to a proposal by Ankara to create a working group to restore the Russian-Turkish relations. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov is confident that the working group this issue will not solve. The Kremlin is waiting for an apology from the Turkish government and compensation for the downed plane, on than in Athens said Vladimir Putin. Expert “MK” sure, that such a step, Erdogan will not go. At least until the referendum on presidential form of government.

photo: pixabay.com

Economic sanctions Russia imposed on Turkey, hurting its economy. And she, the economy, because of the crisis, now already not in the best shape. According to the experts in the field of recreation, Turkey faced the most massive outflow of tourists over the past 17 years. It is not surprising that on Monday the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu has proposed to establish a working group for the normalization of Russian-Turkish relations.

“The Turkish authorities are trying to present a crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey, as a kind of technical problem. Like, let’s create a working group, will involve experts and we will seek a compromise solution. But it is not so. The problem is not technical, but political. And our President very clearly said,” – said the expert on Turkey Ilshat Saitov.

Indeed, Vladimir Putin said recently that Russia wants to restore relations with Turkey and is waiting for concrete steps Ankara in this direction, but there are none. He also added that we are talking about the apology from the Turkish side and compensation for the downed bomber.

However, Cavusoglu did not seem to hear the main words of the Russian President, and moved on to the particulars: “Putin says that he expects the Turkish side of step in this matter. We also propose to establish a joint working group, which discussed future steps would the parties.” He told reporters in Antalya, and as an example of such normalization of bilateral relations, the Minister cited the joint steps Israel and Turkey.

“Do we not hold negotiations with Israel? Meetings are held at the level of diplomats. Why? To discuss the steps that in the future can be made. The same thing we offered and Russia. Let’s start the discussion on formal and informal levels and develop a middle ground. This is not an insoluble issue,” the Minister added.

But the expert, “MK” considers such political statements disguised as voter fraud. The leadership of Ankara needs to show the Turkish businessmen suffering losses due to economic sanctions on Moscow, which they supposedly are trying to improve relations with the Russians, but Russia is not going to convergence.

“Perhaps the Turkish authorities want to send a signal to Putin that he would like to normalize the situation, but without izvinenie. Suddenly work? – says Ilshat Saitov. On the other hand, they try to their business constituents to show that Russia was to blame. Here, you see, “they say,” we’re going to meet Russian, a working group is ready to create and so on. The desire to be justified before the people – is understandable. They have 76 % of the population is employed in small and medium business, these sectors of the economy suffered from Russia’s sanctions the most. But any downturn in business hurts large groups of the electorate. Therefore, before the holding of a referendum on introducing a presidential system in Turkey, they can’t allow some group of the population was in the number of dissatisfied with the policy of Erdogan”.

In short, today’s statement by the Turkish Minister is nothing more than a good mine at bad game.

And if at all possible the restoration of good neighborly relations between our countries? And if so, when?

The expert believes that the request for normalization of relations is the part of both countries. First, holidays in Turkey among Russians was until recently very popular. Secondly, in Russia, too many companies are collaborating with Turkish partners on business projects. And, thirdly, in our country almost 300 thousand Russian-Turkish mixed marriages. If you count all members of these families, you get nearly a million people. By words of Ilshat, recently a friend of his returning from Turkey to Moscow, spent more than an hour at the airport, border guards meticulously checked her documents. Although the woman is Russian, but married to a Turk. And such examples are becoming more and more.

“I think that before the referendum in Turkey to take serious steps on the part of Ankara will not have to wait, – said the expert. – Because the image of an external enemy to consolidate the electorate around power. After the downed plane of supporters of the presidential form of government in Turkey was 20% more. Although on the background of growing economic crisis, these percentages fell again. But after the referendum, when Erdogan will feel firmly in power, it is possible that the next day he would find those responsible for the downed plane, severely punish them. And again will call for friendship with Russia”.

The aggravation of relations with Turkey. Chronicle of events

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