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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists: global warming will destroy the statues on Easter island

The objects of the 29 countries included in the list of UNESCO world heritage, can in the foreseeable future be destroyed because of climate change. First and foremost, global warming is threatening the statues on Easter island monolithic stone statues, also called “moai” were created by Polynesians from 1250 to 1500.

photo: pixabay.com

In addition to the moai, which today is known 887, the list of objects that might severely damage global warming, got Stonehenge, historic buildings of Venice and even the Statue of Liberty in the United States. However, for many of the idols of climate change is fraught with destruction in the first place, noted by many experts. Experts representing the United Nations, explained that the warming accompanied by sea-level rise and, as a consequence, the wave height, which in turn may lead to the gradual destruction of the shoreline on the island of Easter, where there are world heritage sites.

About the new risks posed by global warming, UN experts said in a progress report of UNESCO on world heritage and tourism.

The destruction of popular tourist objects is not the only problem that might face humanity, if the negative predictions of scientists on climate change is justified. Recently, due to the gradual water level rise in the Pacific ocean has led to the fact that in 70 years the five small Islands with an area of from one to five acres, are part of the Solomon Islands have disappeared from the face of the Earth, and another six plunged into the water at 20-62 percent. Besides the fact that the gradual immersion of the Solomon Islands in the depths of the Pacific ocean in particular, is a danger to some rare animals, in the slightly longer term, the rise in water level may cause flooding of many coastal cities.

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