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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saw UFO on Mars pictures man, secretly visited the Red planet

Considering the pictures made by the Curiosity Rover and published by the American aerospace Agency NASA, UFO researcher Scott Waring saw some shots on the shadow, which, in his opinion, belongs to astronaut.

As stated by UFO researcher in his blog, he has discovered the shadow belongs to the man in the suit who has come to Mars from Earth using classified technology to move incredibly fast in outer space. The purpose of the visit of the astronaut Waring calls technical work on the Rover. Waring also claims that this is not the first time that ufologists find people on Mars, but the space Agency refused to comment on such information.

At the end of last year, the space agencies reluctance whatsoever to respond to the “sensation” of UFO explained NASA astronaut drew Postel. According to him, the specialists simply do not want to attract too much attention to unworthy news and believe that to convince people who initially believe ufologists more than serious art, — a thankless and almost impossible.

Scott Waring is currently one of the most active and well-known ufologists. Only recently he had found on Mars a huge gorilla and camel, a dinosaur skull, the remains of prehistoric fish and even cave paintings. However, even ordinary readers of reports about this, judging by the comments to the relevant news, most of them agree that in fact all such “discoveries” are only stones slightly unusual shape. By the way, the psychological phenomenon that sometimes causes a person to involuntarily learn something familiar in a strange shape, is called “pareidolia”. It is believed that it is the root cause of the popularity of most of the Martian “sensations” claimed by non-professionals.

It is worth noting that Mars lately Mars very often and the focus of serious scholars, in particular, recently it had discovered traces ended only 370 thousand years ago the glacial period, and before that — evidence of two large-scale tsunami, since the formation of which have been for billions of years.

By the way, the prospect of the first official visit of people to the Red planet is looking less and less distant — only just over 12 years should take place the first manned mission to Martian orbit.

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