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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rostov oblast ready to meet young campers

The beginning of the summer season puts the question to parents: where to send the rest to his child, even with the benefit of his health and education? To the delight of adults organizing children’s leisure activities have successfully engaged in a number of Russian regions. Rostov oblast outside the box is suitable to solving the problem: here children have and hippotherapy, movie studios, and even these excavations.

In Russian schools the last bell rang, and the students will soon go on a holiday. The joy of the children mixed with the anxiety of parents about where to send Chad to relax on a regular vacation. More and more Russians are inclined to believe that the rest of the children have at home, moreover this has all the necessary conditions. This concerns not only the representatives of the wealthy families, but orphans and persons with disabilities.

Ready for the summer

“If we create a comfortable environment for raising children, the state will be richer, be healthier”

Rostov oblast, the summer season is already finished, as recently announced by the Governor Vasily Golubev. “From the beginning, all kinds of recreation and temporary employment on the don covered almost 93 thousand children, and part is the guys who find themselves in difficult life situations,” said Golubev informed. Only the organization of health campaigns from all sources will be allocated over 2 billion rubles, he said. “Almost half of this amount – 808 million roubles will allocate the regional budget. For the summer campaign we are ready and we will try to ensure it is holding at a good level,” – said the Governor.

Golubev said that in the field carefully study of the children’s camps to find better and more prepared for different groups of individuals, including those with disabilities. “In the health-improving complex “the World” is being fully implemented the program “Accessible environment”. Attention to children with disabilities must be as complete as possible”, – he stressed.

Golubev noted that the summer recreation for children and youth can be times of creativity, the development of new skills and, as a consequence, acquisition of the basics of the future professional activity. “One of the directions can be part of ethnoarcheological camp”, – said the Governor.

Increased attention to children’s leisure and recreation activities Golubev is paid not just. As the Governor spoke, children is our best investment in the future. “If we create a comfortable environment for raising children, the state will be richer, be healthier”, have repeatedly said Vasily Golubev. The life and health of the children should be in the foreground, he said.

Vacation for all

In 2016, the Ministry of labor and social development of the Rostov region has directed a lot of effort to organize a decent holiday for children in difficult life situations. So, at the expense of the regional budget were purchased 6274 vouchers in the health and Wellness country stationary recreation camps in Rostov region.

In addition to this, bodies of social protection of the population of municipal areas and city districts purchased 20 thousand vouchers for children from low-income families. And for the payment of compensation for independently acquired the permit to the citizens and organizations it is planned to send 217.1 million rubles. Note that the calculated amount of daily compensation to 2016 amounted to 623,81 rubles per child per night for the stay in country stationary recreation camp and 825,31 rubles per one day spent in a sanatorium recreation camp of all-season operation.

Also in 2016 we will continue the organization of family holidays, including families with many children, on the basis of health organizations of the region. Note that in 2015 in the Rostov region organized a holiday for 1060 families. 1627 of the guests were children.

In the new season with good experience

Rostov oblast has already established itself as a potential resort area for children’s activities. So, in the past the 2015 season vacationers took in 918 health institutions. Among them 878 camps with day stay on the basis of educational institutions, including day camps of work and rest, 27 rural health camps, 10 camps of sanatorium type, two campsites and one sanatorium.

In addition, for young people of different ages were organized for 624 grounds on the basis of the clubs and institutions of additional education. There their leisure time were able to hold more than 49 thousand children. Just for the summer 2015 was organized 1615 camp sessions and various events oriented on prevention for young campers.

As of 2016 in the register of health establishments of the Rostov region entered 935 of the existing organizations of rest and improvement of children. All in all in summer 2016 for children’s activities it is planned to involve 1731 educational institution subject to the summer grounds. It will also include additional education institutions, as well as the clubs at the place of residence.

The success of the region as a site for recreation is determined, of course, not only by the number of sanatoriums and children’s camps. The most important is the benevolent influence on the health of children. And at the end of 2015, pronounced health-improving effect is 95.4%, which definitely makes the Rostov region even more attractive in the eyes of parents of young campers.

Nature, which treats all

In the Rostov region outside the box approach to children’s holiday and try to use the most advanced treatment for children. For example, in children’s sanatorium health-improving complex “the World” from 2016 will start to practice a new direction of treatment – hippotherapy. In the stables of the camp will live five horses, which will be able to engage up to 20 children a day. This practice when working with children with disabilities have already proved their efficiency. The lessons last for half an hour, will conduct their experienced physiotherapists.

We note that the Wellness centre “Mir” took 25th place in the ranking of all Russian children’s country camps, where are 800 institutions from 78 regions of the country. The complex is located in the hamlet Krasniy Desant of the Neklinovsky district, on the coast of the Azov sea. Here you can find everything you need for a healthy and busy children’s leisure: gym, wrestling hall, football field, three volleyball and basketball courts, Jogging track, library, gazebo, rooms for conducting group classes, equipped with computers, TVs, DVD players, interactive boards. There are drinking hall of mineral medical-table water, two heated outdoor pools, two-level ropes course.

Before each case organized the squadron spaces equipped kostrovye, benches, tables, tennis tables. There are sports sections, there were held various competitions, competitions, discos, stage shows, game programs and even removed children’s short films. There are clubs for those who want to play football, volleyball, basketball, aerobics, gym. Works Studio where they give lessons of acting, screenwriting and directing things, shooting and editing films. There are also hobby groups: “friendship bracelet”, “Origami”, “Skillful hands”, “Starry sky” (astronomical), “Vocal group”, “Accrual”, “Man is the whole world” (psychological), “the Art room”.

“In the register of health establishments of the Rostov region was included 885 of the existing organizations of rest and improvement of children”

Camp Peace” is also rich with its interesting traditions. Here from year to year to events such as “Dating party”, timed to the opening shifts, the game program “Guinness show”, the opening ceremony and the closing of the children’s short film festival “I am in the world, “the World” to us!” creative day “Hour X”, a competition program “me + You”, “Miss and mister World”, “Counselor show”, “Boy – girl – show”, “Records “the World”, game stations, birthday Day, Neptune Day, the game KADR, thematic day “the City of masters”, business game “Elections” self-government day, the youth team leader the tale on memory and, of course, a farewell bonfire. The property has a good job: there clearly will not be bored!

This baby is complex and of great social value, because the program “Accessible environment” for children with disabilities has been fully realized in the complex “Mir”. In the medical building equipped with special lifts to the second floor, there are also lifts in the pool and in the bath Department. Residential and medical building and a dining room equipped with ramps.

Notable children’s recreation camp “Romashka”. It is located on the coast of the Azov sea, in the village of Zolotaya Kosa, only 30 kilometers from Taganrog. The complex occupies 17-e a place in rating of children’s country camps. The place is truly picturesque: here lies a tree-lined avenues, bright flower beds and the clean sea air, combined with a private sandy beach makes this place unique holiday spirit. The camp has its own forest and year-round heated pool. Medical equipment that is equipped with administrative health body, – thing new.

Become an archaeologist!

Special attention is given ethnoarcheological the complex “the Lost world”, located 40 km from the Mine, on the banks of the don. Here thanks to the work of scientists and teachers, a project combining traditional and innovative methods in the organization of youth leisure and educational tourism. Trip to like this summer camp is a dream for any young archaeologist.

Throughout the summer here along with the traditional relaxation, entertainment and sports activities is a kind of immersing children in historical, ethnographic and natural environment of the don region. Children two weeks rest on the banks of the don, in an area of outstanding landscape diversity and historical and ethnographic character. Here are the don’s oldest villages and hamlets – villages Razdorskaya and Melikhovskaya, farm Puhljakovsky. Residential and commercial complexes in various historical periods and recreated on the territory of children’s camp. So here you can find not only modern infrastructure, but also the settlements of the stone and bronze ages, ancient mound, Cossack redoubt, which form a kind of “Path of history”. Reconstructed interiors of ancient dwellings, tools, household items.

It is very important that children can not only study historical items, but they can immerse themselves in the life of the time. Game format involvement in learning allows them to participate in “historic” events: children learn ancient crafts and develop an understanding of the material and spiritual culture of previous ages, participate in archaeological excavations together with professional educators and archaeologists.

The program is designed so that the children were interested to participate in it and they perceived it as a game and not as a study. Young travelers are invited to make a journey along the “path of history” in the stone or bronze age, where they can see the life of ancient people and even participate in it. The boys will have to start a fire for a fire, to make tools of stone, hollowing and experience on the lake the boat, to prove their right to the prey, archery or throwing a spear. Girls will be able to sculpt pottery, try yourself in the wickerwork, and even can weave anything on an old loom. Are held near the present excavations of ancient sites of the stone age or medieval encampments, and children can visit these places and see how they work for adult professionals. The efforts of the children are rewarded at the end of the shift, when each of them dedicated to young archaeologists.

Children under reliable protection

A very important aspect that is also taken care of in the Rostov camps, is to protect the safety of children and good nutrition during the holidays. In most institutions organized five meals a day, enriched with vitamins and micronutrients, in accordance with the sanitary norms and rules.

All health institutions are equipped with automated fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, alarms, alarm buttons, primary fire extinguishing means. Everywhere is hour security.

The protection is carried out not only in the camps but also on the way to them and from them. Regularly check the technical condition of buses delivering children, but with the drivers held a preventive conversation on the subject of following them all the rules of the road. Allocated patrol cars of road inspection service for maintenance. All children will be insured for the journey and stay in summer camps.

Special attention is given also to those people who will work with children. In may 2016 on the basis of health camp “Orlyonok” of Belaya Kalitva district of the Ministry of General and professional education of the Rostov region held an annual interagency training seminar for organizers of the summer health campaign “Aesthetic education in the value-semantic space and recreation facility” in the course of which priority were the questions of optimization of staffing.

Work with children mainly teachers of educational organizations and institutions of additional education. But since not every school teacher will be able to work with children in terms of health institutions, it is important to teach them the development of work plans with the inclusion of sporting, recreational, prevention, educational activities. For health institutions select personnel from among persons who underwent vocational hygienic training and the certification and medical examination in the prescribed manner. So parents can be sure their children will be in safe hands of competent and trained professionals.

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