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Monday, March 19, 2018

PARNAS failed primaries

A preliminary vote of PARNASSUS have failed. The organizers were unable to protect the electronic voting system from bots. The weakness of PARNASSUS already took advantage of a breakaway from the team of Kasyanov Alexei Navalny. Experts note: the internal squabbles put an end to the ambitions of the party that did not hesitate even support people ultraradical views.

The organizers of early voting (primaries) party PARNAS on the selection of candidates for elections to the state Duma admitted that the voting results cannot be determined, said so-called Central election Commission (CEC). The statement in Facebook page, PARNAS notes that “the CEC have recorded the presence of groups of bots in the list of voters… Political decision on possible consideration of the numerical data of voting in the formation of the party list on elections in the state Duma is for the PARNASSUS”, – decided the Fairgrounds.

“The party consists of people, each of whom fancies himself an individuality and personality, and all the others – it is not clear who”

“Shame and discredit and sabotage”

Recall that the primaries were originally scheduled for 23-24 April, but then due to a split in the ranks of “Democrats” moved them at the end of may. In the end, the primaries PARNAS was conducted may 28-29 and had to end at 21.00 GMT. Although it was known that the party list in the Duma elections will be headed by the leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov, however, the second, third and fourth places in the Federal part of the party list was to be based on the outcomes of the primaries.

On Sunday, voting was suspended after the party’s website PARNAS responsible for organizing the primaries, were published the name, phone numbers, email addresses and IP voters in the primaries. “Due to unauthorized database access or leakage of information,” explained the party’s website. Later, the Chairman of the party Konstantin Merzlikin said “Vedomosti” that the vote will not be renewed, as it is not clear when he was granted access to the information and how he influenced the vote.

Blogger Alexei Navalny, who is back on April 28 announced withdrawal of his Party progress of the democratic coalition, wrote on Twitter: “In connection with the publication of passwords to the voters of the primaries once again I want to apologize to those who went there to register my call. The Executive heads of Parnassus should resign after this. The shame and discredit and sabotage (punctuation preserved – approx. OPINION)”, – said the blogger. Experts point out that Navalny had a good chance to discredit Kasyanov in the eyes of liberal society and to justify their lack of cooperation with PARNASSUS.

As explained by Mikhail Kasyanov in his Facebook, the attackers hacked the code protection of access to confidential information of the voting system on the website of the “Wave of change”. In his opinion, “technological penetration to the already encrypted data is very high.”

However, Navalny ally Leonid Volkov said that PARNAS stored the passwords in plaintext: “the elections to the Coordinating Council of the opposition we had 170 000 voters and there is no leakage, we do not keep such data”. According to him, the publication of personal data is a sign of lack of professionalism of the organizers and the impact on “electronic democracy”.

“Injured the reputation and untied his hands”

“Personal reputation of the organizers of the procedure affected, it will be hard next time to claim the role of organizers. This story, in principle, does not add credibility to the electoral process. In addition, now the leadership of the PARNAS a free hand in the formation of a party list if the results will be cancelled”, – said in comments to “Vedomosti,” political analyst Alexander Kynev.

Previously that the organization of primaries so-called Democratic coalition, to put it mildly, “lame”, according to Russian media. They found that in practice some of the stated stations the voting did not take place at all. In particular, the fact that no polling stations to find and failed, complained residents of Irkutsk and Abakan (Republic of Khakassia).

In addition to organizational problems in the party there is a complete absence among the supporters of the ability to negotiate. Let’s remind, Alexei Navalny with his party withdrew from the democratic coalition due to disagreements on the procedure of forming the list. Supporters of Navalny demanded that the leader of PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov refused booked for him in the list of first places and took part in the primaries on General terms. For the same reason left the democratic coalition and former leader of the “democratic choice” Vladimir Milov. In addition, from participation in the primaries refused the Vice-Chairman of PARNAS Ilya Yashin.

Reputation PARNAS threaten not only the manipulation of lists. Primaries and actively used by nationalists to support them ideologically close parties. Thus, a preliminary vote was registered, the former leader recognized as extremist and banned in Russia, the nationalist movement “Russian” Alexander Potkin (Belov), against which also opened a criminal case on charges of fraud. And was in the lead on the failed vote on Saturday, the nationalist, the Saratov blogger and Creator of the website “Barrage” Vyacheslav Maltsev, reported sources in PARNASSUS.

“Despite the fact that the real campaign has not started yet”

Not happened “Wave of change” (the title of the primaries PARNAS) shows the inability of liberal opposition to the system of party work and, increasingly, deprives PARNASSUS a chance to play a different role than the “spoiler” for “Apple” and the Party of growth, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist Oleg Matveychev. “The complete inability, again caught in their own organizational problems. And despite the fact that this campaign has not begun. What will happen next, they will wander how many people they will become hysterical, withdraw from the party, once again to go – is unknown,” – said the expert.

“The party consists of people, each of whom fancies himself an individuality and personality, and everyone else – a nobody. Such a party by definition is not able to create a team and not able to be the party”, – said the analyst.

The next wave of scandals have haunted the democratic coalition even before the primaries, he recalled. “The scandals in them all the time accompany, since the late 80-ies of liberals all the time was that they fought with each other,” said the source. He noted that the preliminary vote do not generate interest even among the supporters of the liberals: “I’ve never heard of to have their primaries someone had talked. Here the primaries of “United Russia” discussed. And the primaries were an absolute unknown,” – said Matveychev.

He said that if I randomly saw a post about Bulk publishing passwords of voters generally would not know that there were any primaries. “And I’m still a political scientist, which monitors these things,” – said the expert. According to him, the common people were even more distant from their primaries.

“The first place among ten people – is that it?”

Nationalists can be, and tried to use these primaries, did not exclude the expert, but “if nobody came, nobody voted, it is not clear, about what there is first, second, places can be discussed,” said Matveichev, commenting on the reports about the failed leadership of nationalist Vyacheslav Maltsev. “If someone took the first place among the ten who voted, what is this, some kind of result?” – surprised the scientist.

He believes that Navalny’s torn and doesn’t know what to do. “On the one hand, I would like to reformat the party quite by itself”, – said the interlocutor. Although Navalny had declared its withdrawal from the democratic coalition, it remains in its environment. The expert believes that to refuse to support the coalition do not suggest “Western sponsors and other friends from the American Embassy”. And skip the entire election about himself does not say, also not in the character of the blogger, said Matveychev.

“Navalny will come out of all unions and other things, when finally understand that there is no chance. And since he is now coming team that need to participate, and even money, probably throw up on this part, to refuse to support the coalition means to abandon seasonal earnings”, – concluded the expert.

“Artificial leakage to abandon primaries”

Since the preliminary voting did not take place, supporting the democratic coalition, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and of course Mikhail Kasyanov unable themselves to place people without taking into account the views of the people and anyone, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov.

“They previously could and now can. It’s (primaries – approx. OPINION) is not mandatory,” – said the expert. Moreover, in his opinion “they are artificially made this alleged leak to have at least some excuse why they refuse the primaries, even such electronic”, – said the source. He explained and the explanation: it is only at first glance, e-voting can be easily managed and to forge. Serious approach when they understand that it is a “thing out of control”, which is clearly not in the interests of the democratic coalition, – said the interlocutor.

In addition, there were allegations that members wishing to vote even raised money for the primaries and for the money it was possible to register, Martynov added. “It is clear that it is unlikely someone will be to return the money. – This vague story, however, like many other conditions associated with these “nice people”, – said the expert.

With regard to the presence and alleged leadership of the nationalist Maltsev, “these people, the so-called non-systemic opposition, do not shun anyone’s support, anyone’s society, including the “ultras”. It’s no secret. We remember how from the time of their mass actions there involved left-wing radicals and ultra-radicals, some even still sitting in prison for participating in their events,” said Martynov. In his opinion, Maltsev is one of those people ultra-radical views, “on the brink of fascism”. “If he was a fascist, he’d be in jail,” said the analyst, explaining that “he is on the way”.

In the end, the evaporated wave “Wave of change” of the party PARNAS was “clear and direct examples, like a good deal – pre-voting, converted into an outright circus,” – said the expert.

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