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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Director of “Chersonese” took his post with hypertension

The legendary Museum and the reserve “Chersonese” is still not going to lead a priest. Archpriest Sergius, whose nomination has angered the employees, as announced, had voluntarily resigned. The new head of the Museum, as stated by the staff, very nervously takes the whole situation – but the reviews about her professionalism are the best.

Step aside

On Thursday, the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky arrived in Sevastopol for the settlement of the conflict over the post of Director of reserve “Chersonese”, which was appointed Archpriest Sergius (Khaliuta), which angered the team.

“She will calm the situation and will be able to restore the relationship with the deanery, located on the territory of Chersonesos”

Medina met with the city Governor Sergei Menyailo and with the leadership and staff of the archaeological reserve “Chersonese”.

“He came to the team together with Archpriest father Sergius asked the question, what is it that a dispute exists between the staff and the purpose – told the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the Union of the Museum Nikolai Alekseenko. – Deputy Director for science Larisa Sedikova voiced the collective opinion. The Minister has understood it. After that, he said that due to the fact that the decree of the President about transfer in the Federal property and included in the list of the most important facilities – approx. OPINION) can not run, father Sergius resigns the Director of the reserve.

Father Sergius also took the floor, thanked the staff for the help these days, thanked the people for what they do not quit, and continued to perform his public duties, took tourists – the Museum worked in a regular mode, despite the fact that “we have expressed distrust of appointed Director. We are not boycotted, and were just unhappy”.

In turn, the team expressed his gratitude for the “wise decision”.

Medina also stated that “father Sergius with the current situation, has decided to step aside to allow the Governor of Sevastopol to offer to third candidate”.

The Minister noted that the reserve will be created the development Council, which will develop plans of its work and investments and how the Supervisory body will participate in its work. In the Council that is created will be included and Serge Khaliuta.

Last week it became known that Vladimir Putin ordered to accelerate the transfer of the reserve in Federal custody.

The decision of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey meniailo, head of the reserve was appointed Archpriest Serge Khaliuta. According to Menyailo, the decision was agreed with the Ministry of culture and the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

However, this caused strong resentment among the professional staff, residents and thousands of people across Russia, which declared its support of the Museum staff.

On Tuesday, the reserve staff has prepared a resolution to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, in which he protested the appointment of Archpriest Sergii to the post of Director of the Museum and refused to work under his leadership until the appointment of a new leader.

On the same day Sergius, Haluta promised to consider the appeal of the staff who refuses to work under his leadership.

According to the press service of the reserve, meeting minutes was submitted for study to the Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Aristarchus, the head of the main Department of culture and protection of cultural heritage Tatiana Andreeva and appointed head Galute.

As emphasized Mykola Alekseyenko, to father Sergius the staff no complaints – the questions he asks those who have appointed priest, not having the knowledge and experience to guide the Museum: “He is in good standing in the diocese, and the congregation loves him. And today, I think he earned two hundred points”.

“Incompetent person without education and experience in this area, people from the Church who does not know the budgetary sphere, – explained the Chairman of the trade Union of the reasons for discontent with the appointment by the team. – Lead the budgetary institution is not to lead the deanery, where taxes are not paid, the farm of another plan. It is very difficult, it is a heavy burden. So people did the right thing. The decision is completely wise and right.”

The man in his place

The name of the person who will lead the sanctuary after father Sergius, Medinsky called immediately. The clarity he made after the meeting with Sergei: acting is the Deputy Director for science Larisa Sedikova.

“She’s an experienced researcher. We have already held a meeting with father Sergius, former Director Kulagin. Already all clear what will happen next,” said Medinsky, reports TASS.

The Minister expects that Sedikova will be able to build relationships with the Sevastopol deanery. “I think it will calm the situation and will be able to restore the relationship with the deanery, located on the territory of Chersonesos. From this neighborhood you can extract a thousand times more pros than cons. You need to be aware that the Museum-preserve is not only the archaeological excavation of ancient cultural relics, but also, no doubt, a sacred place for all Orthodox Russia, and in the future is a very important spiritual and educational center”.

The Minister said that the Council for the development of the Chersonese has already agreed to join the Director of the Institute of archaeology RAS academician Nikolai Makarov. In addition to his Council will be comprised of the first Deputy Minister of culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, the Director of the Department of ground relations Andrey Vorobyov and the Dean of Sevastopol district Archpriest Sergei Khaliuta. “There are several ambitious projects for the development of the reserve, which involves the expansion of territory. For their promotion, and creates a Council,” he explained.

The Minister did not answer the question of whether a newly appointed Director of “Chersonese” after the transfer of the reserve to the Federal level. “From November we will form a personnel reserve. We will have up to 50 candidates for each position,” said Medina.

Larissa Sedikova actively opposed the decision of the city authorities from the very beginning of scandal with the appointment. “Chersonese is not an urban bath, bosses which you can change as you wish,” she said in an interview in early August. – The city is a nature reserve with the status of UNESCO. Such throws are not valid. The staff of the reserve had the often stressful situation. Will survive this one. But I would like to avoid it. I hope we will be able to win back a situation back. This misunderstanding must be eliminated”.

The staff of the Museum, its purpose satisfied. “The candidate of historical Sciences. Works in the Museum for almost forty years. Held positions: tour guide, researcher, senior researcher, Department head, Deputy for science. World-class expert – described Sedikova Chairman of the Union. – In the 90s – early 2000-ies he worked with the University of Texas. Has a lot of archaeological publications. That is not only a Museum but also a scientist. The man in his place, very responsible. I think there was nobody who could say something against what she was appointed to this position. She in the morning we got hypertension, because nerves can not stand. But everything will be fine. The nerves will calm down a bit everything will get better, and we will throw ourselves behind this departing train, to execute the decree of the President”.

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