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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Inept idiots” and radical it works: how the failed primaries of the opposition

The Central election Commission (CEC) of the Democratic coalition issued a statement about the impossibility to sum up the results of the primaries due to hacking of the site and the discovery of “groups of bots in the voter list”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Recall that after the split in the ranks of the democratic coalition, caused by the disagreement of Mikhail Kasyanov to drop from first place in the list and to stand as a candidate at the preliminary election, in the primaries refused to attend her most notable figures from Ilya Yashin to the majority of supporters of Alexei Navalny.

For reduced list at the end, expressed a desire to vote less than 25 thousand people, but here was not without difficulties: yesterday afternoon it was found that on the website of Parnassus was posted in open access a list of personal data of all who voted in the primaries via the website of Parnassus.

The opposition immediately began to blame each other. So one of the ideologists of “electronic democracy” and ally of Navalny Leonid Volkov said that he was “furious”, and for primaries in Parnassus answered “inept idiots”. However, he drew attention to the urgent need to change the passwords of voters, if they used them outside of the website of Parnassus.

In response, supporters of Parnas, said that the passwords were published through no fault of the party members: it was allegedly a provocation by the authorities. About the external interference and said in an official statement of Parnassus, although members of the CEC and are unable to confidently assess whether this is so in fact.

Read the review of the Bulk in connection with the failure of the primaries.

While the CEC has posted information about voting at the time before the alleged burglary — noon may 29. According to them, the primaries were won by Vyacheslav Maltsev (5471 voice), an activist from Saratov, best known for his video blog “Barrage”. Characteristically, earlier it was supported by Natalia Pelevin, which tried to discredit the TV station NTV film “Kasyanov day.”

Figure Maltsev caused surprise experts as it is despite the popularity of his video blog (about a hundred thousand views for each statement) is the radical position, calling for a “people’s Tribunal,” violence against representatives of authorities, etc.

Second place by a considerable margin (1665 votes) took Professor Andrei Zubov: recall, due to the fact that PARNASSUS has decided to nominate him for CAO in Moscow, from the democratic coalition is gone and Love Sable. On the third and fourth places were occupied by associates Alexei Navalny Konstantin Jankauskas and Nikolai Laskin (1399 and 1052 votes), rounded out the top five radical nationalist Alexander Belov-Potkin.

At the moment it remains unknown whether somehow taken into account the results of the primaries in the formation of the final list of Parnas in the elections to the state Duma: “a political decision” remains with the party, said in a statement the CEC.

The Navalny Case. Chronicle of events

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