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Friday, February 23, 2018

In India discovered traces of a mysterious ancient civilization

A group of archaeologists representing Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur discovered in the valley of the Indus river, which according to the researchers, is able to turn modern ideas about the history of the Ancient East. First findings show that the Indus, or Harappan, civilization, contrary to prevailing notions, appeared before the Egyptian and Mesopotamian, and secondly, that in this territory for over a Millennium there was a civilization even more ancient.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts in the course of excavations discovered fragments of pottery. Restoring what looked like the dishes, with the help of technology called “optical stimulated luminescence”, the researchers found that, according to the number of characteristic features, was made by representatives of the Harappan civilization. Conversely, when examining age shards, experts have discovered that they were created about eight thousand years ago. This may mean that the age of the Harappan civilization — about 8 thousand years, not 5.5 thousand years, as was assumed until now. For comparison, the Egyptian civilization is supposed to have impregnated 7 thousand years ago, and the Mesopotamian — 6.5 thousand years ago.

Analyzing even deeper cultural layers that also preserved a variety of items, experts came to the conclusion that 9 thousand years ago in the study area was inhabited by representatives of more ancient and have not been studied civilization.

Also, experts note that, according to them, is 7-9 thousand years ago thanks to a strong monsoon climate was very favorable for agriculture, but then he began to change for the worse. For a long time of civilization has managed to adapt to the new conditions, however, 3 thousand years ago she disappeared.

The research of scientists published in the journal Nature.

Recently, traces of a previously unknown civilization were discovered by another team of archaeologists during excavations in the territory of Florida. Discovery revealed that people inhabited the American continent for half a millennia earlier than was believed until now, and there coexisted with mammoths and other representatives of the ancient megafauna.

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