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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ancient Moscow bridge will go over the glass

Resolved the situation with the discovery in the centre of Moscow of a fragment of the pavement of the XVII–XVIII centuries. Social networks have sounded the alarm: because of the actions of the builders of the monument of the past dies. The reaction of the city authorities staged even public defenders of antiquity: the decision on how to preserve a unique fragment was found.

The archaeological discovery was made not by archaeologists. Wooden pavement was excavated on Tverskaya street near the house number 16 at the laying of the cable, in the framework of the planned works.

“Of course, there is no supervision of archaeologists does not occur even in the Central streets of the city. Well, somehow that’s sad, but that’s life”

A few boards sent for dendrochronological examination to establish the exact age of the finds. The plot is preserved. Apparently found only the smallest fragments of the ancient pavement. The bulk of it is underground, where is now located the roadway. It is also possible that part of the pavement can be detected under the pavement.

This discovery, of course, can not be called a scientific sensation. However the news of it caused a great resonance in social networks. The reason was not the discovery of a pavement, and how he had been treated by the builders. On 24 may, the art critic Ilya Borovikov wrote about the fact that a large part of finds was destroyed by the excavators during the digging of the trench. Then followed the shaft of the publications with photographs of what happened was found with the pavement. Painful subject of preservation of historical heritage of Moscow was again in the spotlight. “We are losing what remains of it in the city that survived the fires of Napoleon, the bombing by German aircraft in 1941. Bridge, intact, whole, wooden, uncovered and broken in a moment. In heaps of soil and sand lying under the feet of archaeological artifacts,” writes blogger Anna Nikolaeva.

Followed by the official reaction. The chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov has denied the information about the destruction of the pavement and about the inactivity of the city authorities. “There are several sites and not all have survived a hundred percent, but what is left will be saved”, – quotes his words TASS. According to the Agency, Kondrashov argues that for the past two weeks, scientists are conducting studies on the remains of the pavement. Therefore, that the city authorities about the discovery of “forgotten” and would not remember, if not for the bloggers, may not be considered.

On 31 may, the Deputy mayor for public works Pyotr Biryukov said that the first occurrence will be prepared for exhibition – glazed, with a backlight heated for winter operation. What are the boundaries of the new tourist object, he will remain only on the conserved area, where dug a trench, is unclear. “Yet the project, which is to say, – said the newspaper VIEW the adviser of administration of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Elizaveta Ustinova. – The question of the municipal authorities worked out. You know, the place where made find, is practically the middle of the roadway”.

The matter was settled, but the residue remained – so you can describe the reaction of those who sounded the alarm in connection with the situation. However, intentions to present a further claim to the Moscow authorities, they do not Express. The news of the upcoming pavement preservation was found Ilya Borovikov satisfied overall.

“Bridge, of course, very much suffered. It is a fact, it was seen and photographed by many. So what all is left untouched – not true. Another thing is that I have no desire to fan the scandal. Probably, the reality is that you cannot offer to conduct archaeological excavations throughout the length of these trenches. Even the fact that the preserved part of the pavement, and the question of its preservation constructively approached, very happy,” said Borovikov in conversation with the newspaper LOOK.

Many public men interested in the protection of cultural heritage of Moscow, consider the situation of museumification of the bridge a happy exception to a sad practice. So, in the movement “Arhnadzor” is talking about the imperfection of the legislation in the field of protection of archeological monuments, it is difficult implemented in the city, whose history goes back hundreds of years.

“The law requires not to conduct any construction works in which delve into the soil more than 30 centimetres, in the territories the protection of archaeological sites, – has told in conversation with the newspaper VIEW, the coordinator of “archnadzor” Peter Miroshnik. – We have the same archaeological object is regarded as older than 100 years. Accordingly, these archaeological objects are destroyed almost daily in any building and other works in areas where people live longer this time. So nothing surprising. Of course, there is no supervision of archaeologists does not occur even in the Central streets of the city.”

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