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Monday, November 20, 2017

American heavy duty weapons railgun has caused confusion in the ranks of the Russian geopolitics

The message of the American TV channel Fox News about the development in USA the new super-weapon — railgun — has received mixed reviews in Russia. Some experts said that such weapons ineffective, while others hastened to assure, too, that Russia develops it, nothing behind the United States.

Test of a railgun. Photo: the Department of defense

By itself, the railgun consists of two metal rail-electrode, which moves the projectile, accelerating under the influence of electromagnetism. Theoretically, the projectile launched from railgun, can move with greater speed than using a powder charge.

According to TV channel, which provided “an expert on defence issues Allison Barry,” the test of a railgun at one of the U.S. Navy ships can go through this summer, and weapons, which had been under development for 10 years, can be used to protect the Baltic countries and in the South China sea, that is, in the areas of interests of Russia and China.

Information on the development of new weapons commented to RIA “Novosti” employee of the Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. He reacted with disbelief to the development in the U.S. “weapons of the future”, explaining that it is “unsuitable for use in combat conditions”.

According Sivkova, the speed of 2 kilometers per second, achieved at the start, comparable to the rate of powder charges (up to 2.5 km/s), and in addition, the running shells will slow down in the atmosphere.

With pub’s Inn, however, did not agree Senator Franz Klintsevich, assuring that the development of a railgun is actively conducted in Russia, and, thus, our country is not lagging behind in promising weapons from their Western counterparts.

Note that tests of the railgun in Russia yet were not known, as the American launches are already planned in 2015, however, never took place.

Read the story “the United States has spent 10 years developing a new rail superweapon”.

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