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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The US has spent 10 years developing a new rail super

In the United States ended a 10-year development of a new superweapon — electromagnetic rail guns, dvadtsatipjatikilogrammovyh charge which can penetrate seven steel plates and leave a hole in the 12 see About the test “railgun” (railgun) writes The Wall Street Journal. According to the business newspaper, the new weapons don’t require gunpowder or any explosives – a charge accelerates through the electromagnetic rails and reaches a speed of 1.5 km per second (per hour — 7200 km).

Test of a railgun. Photo: the Department of defense

It is reported that the Navy of the USA has been developing the railgun in order to obtain a new kind of offensive weapons. Military leadership hoped that such a gun is to punch holes in ships, destroy tanks and to hit the terrorist camps. High Pentagon officials are also considering it as a real alternative to modern PRO. As noted by The Wall Street Journal, the railgun might allow the US to overtake the arms of Russia and China.

The leadership of the U.S. Navy began development of a railgun ten years ago and has already managed to spend more than half a billion dollars. The Pentagon plans to invest another $800 million to develop the defensive ability of this tool, as well as to adapt old equipment. “One of the reasons we moved away from the big guns, is the chemistry and physics of getting the longest shot,” says one of the developers of a railgun Jerry de Muro – but a rail gun can create this effect that can be achieved without any chemistry.” It’s unclear what the range of such weapons.

“I can’t imagine a future in which we would play in Europe the weapons of the “cold war”, – said the Deputy Minister of defence of the USA Robert Vork. – But I can imagine a cheap set of railguns, which will have a huge deterrent value. They will have value in relation to aircraft, missiles, tanks, almost everything.”

However, interviewed by “MK” military expert questioned the possibilities of the rail gun. “I have a feeling that this weapon may not be effective in long-range shooting – said “MK” military expert, head of the Department of Eurasian integration and the development of the SCO of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev. – Because there is no guidance on the final parts of the trajectory. While it is difficult anything to say. If shooting will be conducted at large distances, its accuracy will be low due to the absence of elements of guidance… I’m not sure that the claimed characteristics of the weapons can be confirmed in practice. Tool is not universal. The striking element is small enough and, most likely, will be able to convey a small amount of explosives. If he’s going to hit like a certain disc, then I don’t really understand how he can destroy ballistic targets. In any case, there are doubts about the effectiveness of this tool, especially against moving targets”.

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