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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

“The doomed order”: Strelkov made a movement to “protect Russians” in Russia

Former defense Minister Donetsk self-proclaimed people’s Republic Igor Strelkov (Girkin) has announced the creation of their own socio-political movement. “Russian national movement” on the idea of the Creator, will deal with the protection of the rights and freedoms of Russians living outside of Russia – and within it – and discriminated against.

photo: youtube.com

The purpose of the organization, at the meeting which on Saturday in Moscow was attended by about a dozen employees, indicated “a revival of Russia as a Russian nation-state that serves the interests of the Russian nation”. It is also noted that activists of the MQM in favor of “finding the Russian nation control over the political system, the national capital and informational resources of Russia”.

The full text of the Declaration was published by the website “Movement Novorossiya” strelkov. The document in particular says that the newly formed movement does not recognize “neither the Soviet territorial division, nor of the Belovezhskaya agreement” and stands for “Union of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Russian lands into a single Russian state and the transformation of the whole territory of the former USSR in the unconditional Russian zone of influence”.

“The land on which Russian people live, watered with the blood of the Russian people, have the right to return to Russia”, – stated in the Declaration of DME. “Of particular importance to us national liberation war in the new Russia, where Russian people in arms to defend their honor, freedom, and the right to live in a United Russian state”, reads the Declaration of the movement.

Photo: novorossia.pro

Also, activists of movement intend to develop a program of repatriation of Russians from all over the world” and provide “a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for all Russian living abroad”. In addition, DME is going to give “Russian citizens of other States, a special document (the”Russian Card”)”. This document, on the idea of motion, must allow the holder to cross the border of the Russian Federation in a simplified procedure, and more — to facilitate the grant of a temporary residence permit, residence permit and right to work, and also to give free or subsidised access to medical, educational and other services paid from the budget of the Russian Federation.

The next Chapter of the Declaration is even more curious: “We will review the Constitution… We will stipulate in the new Constitution a system of checks and balances, excluding the possibility of usurpation of power in the same hands… We rehabilitate and release political prisoners… We will create instruments of public oversight, eliminating the falsification of the election results”.

In the section on the state system of DME the Declaration indicated the intention to make all regions equal, including in terms of budget financing. And in the section on economic structure, says:

“We will return the citizens of Russia property, illegally appropriated during the privatization of the’ 90s… We’re done with raiding… We will cancel the value added tax… We will create the sovereign credit-the financial system… We will cancel or denounce the international treaties that undermine the economic sovereignty of Russia”.

Photo: novorossia.pro

Among other curious items of the Declaration should note the following: “We will cancel the exam,” “We simplify the entry and work in Russia for citizens of the USA and the EU”, “We simplify the deportation, will expand the base of the ban on entry”, “We will abolish all repressive laws against the Internet”.

The Declaration ends with these words: “We believe that Russia’s current order is doomed, and in the nearest historical perspective. We refuse the current political regime in support.”

How the movement intends to implement the declared plans, the Declaration prudently did not specify.

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