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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rockers getting the old guard to help the children

The idea to hold a charity festival to raise funds for treatment of seriously ill children, belonged to Alexander Chernetsky, the leader of the group “Different people”. It was immediately supported by fellow artists — “DDT”, “Chizh & Co”, “Earring”, “the Brothers Karamazov” and “the time Machine”, which gathered in the capital club-mnogotysyachnik to play a four-hour epic concert — each team on the full set.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

In his youth Alexander Chernetsky dreamed of becoming a professional footballer, but ankylosing spondylitis crippled of the future rock artist, and he was confined to his bed. To survive and get helped caring future wife Inna and music. For all his life he had to undergo several serious operations, first in the early 1990s, when rescued together and raised money for the friends-musicians “Aquarium”, “DDT”, “time Machine”, Alexander Gradsky, and many others. Helped then and fans. “The time has come to repay debts,” says the rocker today, as a disabled person I treat many different people with a variety of tragic stories, breaking heart. To help them, we decided to do a big rock festival, proceeds from which will go towards the treatment of specific people, stories are genuine and tested by me”.

Opened the festival of “Chizh & Co” — forever young, not only because they have a song with the same name, but since all of the composition of this team one hundred percent remind all the fans about his youth, or even youth — of the new songs they haven’t heard in a long time. Sergei Chigrakov — singing phenomenon rock scene, did not release any records, no singles (terrible to say) since 1999. While fans don’t resist, happily listening to hackneyed up holes old texts and regularly go to concerts, which the band, by the way, holds an impressive capacity rooms, easily gathering the audience. Two years ago it celebrated its 20th anniversary with a performance with a Symphony orchestra for the past 17 years, this was probably the only update in the program. At the festival the team gathered in the original cast, playing their hits “the Phantom”, “Ural biker Blues”, “the Wind is pulling out of hand (Last money)”.

On evergreens like “Rain”, “That’s all” walked and Yuri Shevchuk from “DDT”, delicately passing all of their relatively new songs with sharp corners (the last album of the group “Transparent” 2014 realized not all of them — the lack of poignant ballads and rollicking fun of the hymns in the style of “Spring” that rock-poet traded on socio-political manifestos). Sergey Galanin with his “Earring” also decided not to be original and fulfill a set in the festival format hits: the audience cheerfully sang along with them “Wonderland” and the famous “what do we need?”.

The heroes of the day “Different people”, despite the grim nature of many of his works, choosing those that sound the most cheerful and life-affirming, “More rock-n-roll”, “Supervisory”, “Want to live”. “I’m sorry we delayed the start of the concert, is everything in order that you all have time to go: do you know how many of you are going? Five and a half thousand, and yesterday the tickets were not sold!” — talked with the audience heart-to-heart he. The group “the Brothers Karamazov”, the name of which, incidentally, gave the artists Shevchuk, know obviously not all, but listened with interest to even stranger songs.

However, for many main expectation was the performance of “time Machine”, which closed the concert began at the beginning of the first night is not sold by anybody. Andrey Makarevich and his comrades a few and surprised the audience have become the only participants of the festival who decided to play for the fans not the good old songs, and songs from the new album “You”, which, I must say, not differ a positive attitude. Moreover, the artists have chosen seems to be the most serious and sad things from the album — “Mama”, “Rats”, “Someday” and “be yourself” (only the latter differed from the sadly-philosophical context). What to do — these times seem to be set up Andrei Vadimovich in a sad way. Although in the artistic heritage of his “Machine” there are quite a large number of works, painted in a much lighter tone, the actor, apparently, has nothing to do with the influence of the not always friendly environment”. It should not be blamed for it — today it can affect anyone.

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