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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Putin from Greece gave a message to the European Union

Europeans Vladimir Putin’s visit to Greece was to produce a dual impression. On the one hand, the Russian President called for the restoration of relations with the EU and humbly prayed in the Athos monasteries, on the other — publicly threatened the individual States of the Alliance, in particular Romania and Poland, with Russian weapons. Putin also hinted that the promotion of the American missile defense to the Eastern border could have a negative impact on the energy cooperation of Russia with European countries.

photo: kremlin.ru

The President during a visit to mount Athos in the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon.

Vladimir Putin himself outlined the purpose of his visit to Greece. “We need to transform the extremely good mutual relations in the field of economic development and cooperation”, — he said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Negotiations had prepared eight papers, including renewable energy, tourism, interregional cooperation and investment. Of particular interest to the Greeks is precisely the latter — in particular, the acquisition by Russian investors of the operator of the Greek Railways and the port of Thessaloniki. With regard to tourism, after the closing of Turkey and of Egypt and so he is developing well: this year, Greece has ranked first in the number of bookings of tours. According to estimates of the Federal tourism Agency, the country’s resorts this year will be visited by millions of Russians. “But if to resolve the issue with visas, maybe three times more,” — said Putin. The Kremlin also pre-announced discussion on the topic of military-technical cooperation, hinting at a joint “friendship” against Turkey. But in terms of sanctions to discuss here actually had nothing. Being a NATO member, Greece, even if he wanted to, could buy Russian weapons.

By local standards, the schedule of the Russian leader’s visit was very eventful. On a tour of the exhibition, Byzantine and Christian art and the opening of the exhibition of Andrei Rublev Putin and Tsipras arrived in area eleven in the evening — turned out almost “night at the Museum”. Russian guest showed several unique items and also the icon of St. Nicholas the Holy Hierarch Spyridon, which he gave to the Greek premiere last year. Meeting with the leader of the local opposition — Kiryakoza the Mitsotakis took place closer to midnight. However, the Greeks of this step, frankly, not very typical for the GDP, did not approve: after all, the President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, being in Russia in January, met with Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky.

Basic statement — or, more correctly, a message the European Union — was made at a joint press conference, Putin and Tsipras. The President said that although Russia still does not bind relationships in the economic sphere with the political context, implementation of any energy projects related to gas supplies to Europe, will continue to be possible only in obtaining guarantees from the EU. “Just talking about the fact that it is of great mutual interest, we will not buy and money to spend won’t!” — said Putin. He hinted that economic cooperation between the EU and Russia, including in the most important European gas sector, directly threatens the advancement of the us missile defense to Russia’s borders. “If yesterday in Romania (recently there was deployed a complex radar. — “MK”) just didn’t know what it’s like to be under the gun, today we will have to perform certain actions that will ensure our security,” — said Putin, noting that this equally applies to Poland, intending to place missile launchers on its territory. “You saw the whole world saw our missiles, medium-range sea and air-based. Ground up to 500 km “Iskander” is also brilliantly proven. We are not taking any first steps, but the opportunities we have,” the President warned. Poland and Romania have already responded to these statements. In their opinion, elements of missile defense do not threaten Russia, but “response to very aggressive behavior of the Russian authorities” will be the deployment of battalions of NATO in Poland and all the Baltic States.

On the second day of the visit policy and the economy has gone by the wayside — Putin visits mount Athos. There he visited the capital of the monastic Republic of the Kirei and the Russian St. Panteleimon monastery. The Protocol service of the President of Greece, who was also accompanied by GDP, has protested about the annoying “misunderstandings” — during the service in the Church of the assumption Putin took place on ascending the Episcopal throne, where in the days of Byzantium was the Emperor), and Prokopis Pavlopoulos was the three steps below. The monks replied that these are the laws of hospitality: the guest of honour is always given to the best place. On any throne of the Byzantine emperors, as reported by some media, the Russian President, of course, did not sit down — Orthodox, as you know, they pray standing. Sitting is allowed only to the sick and infirm, but this is clearly not about Putin.

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