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Monday, February 19, 2018

Philip: “What a fair award!”

Self-fulfilling Nikolai Baskov their irrepressible jokes himself as “hemorrhoids”. Five years ago, the permanent as it seemed all those years, the leading music awards RU.TV on the remark of Victoria Boni: “Look at you, Kolya, and I understand that you are our everything!” — sarcastically joked: “No, everything is sitting in the front row, in a red hoodie is beautiful and I’m so… close!” “Red hoodie” evil almond eyes glared at the Joker. Harbored any malice is unknown, but the result is now there… or Rather, on stage.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

The king of pop appeared from the dark depths of the scenes, of course, notably the Royal and mysterious. Even magically — in a black robe, face hidden by the hood, under disturbing music, holding the audience in suspense: who is it? Who?! Philip’s coat! Such a symbolic metaphor for a mystery that will be revealed in the course of the evening with the announcement of the winners!

Really a mystery, gradually revealing was a surprise after surprise, and in this context even the replacement lead singer for the leading Kirkorov could be interpreted as a manifestation of tectonic movements on the local island of show business, which, apparently, began a serious volcanic eruption.

Playfully sarcastic picks with varying degrees of irritation and hatred to each other — from completely diet to megapixelage, always have been, however, a part of the game the two “pillars” of our platform, so I Nikolay Baskov even in the role of “unigenes victim” was (and weird, if there weren’t!), how not to forget about yourself, balagura all night by shouts from the audience. Besides the eternal intrigue of finding out “who’s the best” was performed in “extended” version of the introduction of another mandatory Kraski — Sergey Zverev. Receiving the award For the weirdest outfit” (not for singing!), he also said that “the best, and it’s time to recognize”. However, in the “inaugural” speech immediately made a beautiful curtsy, turning the hands “with the hero of today” — Sergey Lazarev: “We are all rooting for you on Eurovision, we all know that you’re the best, and no need to be ashamed!”

Mr. Lazarev was not going to hesitate, rose, turned to the audience, raised their hands to heaven, the hall bathed the Europop-hero in a thunderous ovation — the fourth “best”, revealed literally in the first few minutes of the ceremony, after which remained only with the voltage to expect, how many more “best” encroach on your favorite sandbox on the king of pop and “Golden voice of Russia”.

Philip in the lead, by the way, has really become extremely fresh brushstroke on the canvas of this vanity fair (it’s not a reproach, but a statement of the obvious, since any show-BIZ-the ceremony, even the Grammy, so it remains fair). Moreover, in a similar role we seem to g-on Kirkorov so much detail and haven’t seen, and despite the fact that the whole ideology of his sketches with a partner on the Desk Vera Brezhneva confined to the chanting (though in the form of jokes) of his greatness and exceptionalism, the actor handled the task with ease and even talked, what will happen when he becomes President

Meanwhile, subsequent events were to bring in a seemingly banal pop ceremonial action are the signs of a “volcanic eruption” and “tectonic shifts” that I mentioned at the beginning. The chronology of this award, designated by a year 2016 (although the year has just accelerates), eroded a clear understanding of the time frames of celebration: for any “accounting period” actually reward?

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

The first national music award in December and ZD Awards in January failed, for example, the results of last year. The current act is likely rested on “the moment”, so the reward to Sergey Lazarev as “the Best singer” looked, say, is quite appropriate, when you consider not so much the results of the last season, where he competed with nominees such as Dima Bilan, Egor Krid, Grigory Leps, Valery Meladze, but rather, his recent victory in televoting on “Eurovision 2016”. Having a direct relationship to the event, leading Philip could not resist the pathetic exclamation: “the People always vote for Lazarev!” However, a prize winner Sergey just joined the collection of similar awards collected in the pop field the number of recent ceremonies, and by its luminous copper penny face was obvious, that this circumstance, he’s still happy as a child, who managed to take away a favorite toy from the older brother under the conditional name “dimabilan”…

When it came to the “Singer of the year”, “Song of the year” and the main (in the context of the channel) — “video of the year”, Mr. Kirkorov could not restrain his emotions. “What a fair award!” he repeated uniform spell each time the prize was presented by the samovar Christmas Tree (pre-oblaskan all sorts of courtesies, Polina Gagarina, evidently knowing in advance that it is necessary to sweeten the pill), Alexeyev for “Drunk heart”, Alexey Vorobyov for “Crazy” with 75 million views online…

Something that was really unexpected, but on the other hand is well-deserved, outcomes. But when the topic of “honesty” becomes annoying the declared event marker, Shakespeare immediately raises the question of whether all right in the Danish Kingdom? Not enough except that the paradigmatic figures of the “storyteller” of the recent Churov of the Central election Commission to support Philip in his sincere amazement…

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