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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mobile banking: faster, cheaper, easier

The Internet banking is becoming indispensable for performing routine financial transactions. The development of online banking means that banks are starting to sell not only their products, but do not distinguish between own and foreign customers.

photo: pixabay.com

The availability of modern Internet-Bank becomes a determining factor when choosing a financial institution where customers want to be serviced. Now we see how banks are adopting modern services, in order to make people less turned into offices, was used to make all transactions online. “According to our observations, literally every month more and more people begin to actively use the online service: online banking, mobile app. For example, in may of this year, in our online banking 28% of customers do five transactions a month”, — said the head of e-business Raiffeisenbank Natalia Makarska.

The level of customer service, technological education of the people, the penetration of smartphones and mobile Internet is constantly growing proportionately increased and the number of users.

“Now the market leaders actively working on the organization of interaction with state systems GIS GMP and the GIS utilities on search of charges and outstanding traffic fines, taxes and utility services”, — says head of the centre for the development of the Internet Bank, OTP Bank Viktor Pavliuk. Especially rapidly are developing the services of auto payments. Appeared AutoPay fines according to the rules set by the user. That is, the client specifies the number of the driving licence or vehicle and limit of the sum, within which can be by automatic payment. The system monitors the traffic police database, and if there is such a fine, it will be paid automatically. The user can cancel it.

Actively developing in the Internet Bank and a currency exchange service. In several major banks have their own brokerage platform, the opportunity not only to change the currency at close to the exchange rate, but also book a course for a few days.

With mobile banking you can easily see how much was spent on certain items of expenditure to next month you can adjust. Very demand for such a service, as the transfer from card to card, while there is the possibility to choose the Bank depending on pricing. Internet banking is moving towards the “automation” of user actions. This auto-refill of accounts of mobile phones, and automatic payments, fines and taxes.

Using online banking, you can reduce financial costs — many operations through Internet banking are held substantially cheaper or free in contrast to the “offline”format. “E-banking today provides a lot of convenient features and discounts. So, the client is free to transfer to your card money from another Bank card, to see and to perform cost accounting on the map. The application will send him a notice about discounts that are available when you purchase products or services Bank cards at local shops, restaurants and services,” said Makarska.

Online banking saves a lot of time. For example, it is possible to apply for early repayment of the loan and not to call the call center and wait a few minutes for the response of the operator. In fact, the modern Internet-the Bank became a way to promote the Bank and has created an entire industry that focuses on servicing those users, who are accustomed to remote services.

Interestingly, even the conservative part of the population, those for whom the word “Internet” was synonymous with the words “hacker” and “cheater”, begins more and more to trust online banking technology develops, the Internet systems become more secure and convenient to use.

However, vigilance is not to lose. You cannot record the username and password from the personal Cabinet in places accessible to third parties, it is better just to remember. Periodically, you need to change the access password. If you have any suspicions that someone has information about your login and password, be sure to change the password. “Never give out information about login and password to anyone, including Bank employees. Use and promptly update special information security: antivirus software, personal firewall, protection against unauthorized access,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of FG BKS of retail business Stanislav Novikov.

Online banking is one of the fastest growing and promising areas of activities of credit organizations. “In the near future will be the development of remote services in the traditional system, remote services, mainly focuses on the implementation of the transaction. They will be filled with new information services that will be available including the non-clients of the Bank. For example, it may be an acknowledgment of achievement in the foreign currency on MICEX a certain value or checking tax deductions”, — predicts the Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin.

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