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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ukrainian propaganda thinks he’s found the road to the Crimea

The Ukrainian authorities set on the South of Kherson region the radio tower, which, in their opinion, will allow to resume broadcasting to the entire Crimea. The authorities of the Crimea, said the newspaper VIEW that this is technically impossible. Most likely, the new transmitter aimed at the very the Kherson oblast, the inhabitants of which, according to Kiev, fell under the influence of “Russian propaganda”.

Ukrainian radio resumed broadcasting in Crimea, said on Friday night at the press service of the Kherson regional administration. According to her, from Thursday evening with Chongar at a frequency of 101.4 FM began broadcasting of UR-1 (state radio station “First channel of Ukrainian radio”). Ukrainian radio radios signed by “Glory to Ukraine!”. Among the presenters, whose voices are heard on SD-1, the Russian audience is well acquainted Matvei Ganapolsky who gained fame on radio “Echo of Moscow”.

“To Crimea someone on their own began to listen to the Ukrainian radio, and most importantly – believe that it’s almost impossible”

“For the first two years of the annexation Crimeans again heard the Ukrainian word and the voice of their homeland. From now on he surely will sound in the Crimea. We have just restored the Ukrainian national broadcasting on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea! I get messages from Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk Ukraine heard in the receivers, people say that the signal is good,” rejoiced the Governor of Kherson Andrey Gordeev.

“A little further Jankoi”

As an added Gordeev, already allocated land in Henichesk district of construction of a new tower, which will be equipped with a powerful transmitter, and then the Ukrainian TV and radio broadcasting will cover all border areas of Kherson region and Crimea. Earlier, the Ministry of information policy of Ukraine has announced the construction of a tower height of 150 meters, which will be broadcast to the entire Peninsula, but as complained on Friday, the Ukrainian portal “Obozrevatel”, the signal finishes just before the border cities in the North of the Peninsula: “If the tower is 50 meters, the signal will be slightly further Jankoi. If the tower 100-150 feet – can cover 80% of the territory. All depends on the construction of transmitting stations”.

The Ukrainian authorities did not create for broadcasting in the Crimea the special edition, said the newspaper VIEW Alexander brygynets, Supreme Rada Deputy (“Fatherland”) and at the same time the adviser to the Minister of information policy. “On “the First channel” already now there are programs about Crimea, and the Crimean Tatar language and Russian. But the bulk, of course, in the Ukrainian language. The project deals with a large number of journalists who are unable to work in occupied Crimea and is now working for Ukraine,” – said Briginets.

“People in Crimea can understand everything they say the rest of the Ukrainian radio channels, including in the Ukrainian language. We are not going to give them a different information, than other residents of Ukraine. Unlike Russia, we do not need a separate, special information and propaganda line in the Crimea, as it is our citizens”, – he said. According to Bryhynets, how to change broadcasting in relation to the transmitter decides about the creative team. “Our state does not interfere in the activities of public radio and “the First channel” in fact – it is public radio”, – said the adviser to the Minister.

In addition, said bryhynets new tower relays the signal not only UR-1, but also other stations. “The transmitter started working for Krasnoperekopsk, amplifies the signal from different radio stations, not just the “First channel”, – he added.

In Crimea, Ukrainian TV and radio channels stopped broadcasting in the spring of 2014. Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets in March last year promised the imminent launch of the Ukrainian radio on the Peninsula, noting that “Russian aggressor in order to drown out the signal, you will have to put a lot of effort”. A month later, the portal Crimea. The realities of” even wrote that in the Crimea – and not in the Northern and in the southern part of it – already “hear Ukrainian radio”. However, in the end, these reports have not been confirmed.

“With radiobuttonvalue” in Crimea everything is in order

“The fact that they stated it, doesn’t mean it actually happened. Comrades reported that they had supplied the transmitter – they should give awards”, – said ironically in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Minister of internal policy, information and communications of the Republic of Dmitry Polonsky.

“The fact that all frequencies in the Crimea, which were free, today distributed on these frequencies already broadcast Russian radio station. We have everything in order with the radio. So the ability of our so-called colleagues to wishful thinking very often fails them. This frequency was, probably, in the Kherson region-free. Here they are on it and started broadcasting. Congratulations to the residents of the region because they will now be able to listen to Ukrainian radio base”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

“Secondly, that in Crimea, who-of their own accord began to listen to the Ukrainian radio, and most importantly – believe it, it is almost impossible, especially given what is happening in Ukraine”, – he assured. Polonsky, however, did not rule out that a few percent of the residents, perhaps, will try to catch the radio signal. “A minority of some kind there, the masochist, who for their own the expiry of the Ukrainian revolutionary idea will include, and will the story to listen to,” he admitted.

Karachun: “suppressing the separatist channels”

By the way, on Wednesday, Alexander Briginets said that a new TV tower in Donetsk region – on the famous mountain Karachun under Slavonic. “Now waiting for approval from Gastrointesti. As soon as we get approval, will begin installation of structures”, – quoted him UNIAN. According to Bryhynets, the installation of the tower will provide access to the Ukrainian broadcasting most of the territory where now there are gaps”. “The results of monitoring should be the desire of the public to suppress the separatist TV channels,” – said Briginets.

As you know, the TV tower on Karachun fell in July 2014 as a result of attacks. Since then, in the Northern part of Donetsk region is also stopped broadcasting Ukrainian channels.

Meanwhile, another Crimean Vice-Premier Ruslan Balbec also expressed confidence that the signal from the Kherson region in any case, almost nobody on the Peninsula will not listen: “With the same success it is possible to broadcast for the deaf.” “Brand new and not worn out slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” here is perceived as a curse,” said Balbec edition “Argumenty Nedeli. Crimea”.

But in the state Duma, the LDPR faction, a new threat took quite seriously. A member of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Alexei Didenko has informed that have already prepared the appeal to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov to block the broadcasting of the Ukrainian radio.

As suggested by Didenko, a new “strong anti-Russian resource” day and night will encourage residents of the Peninsula to the illegal actions, including actions against public order. “The audience data of extremist appeals, of course, first and foremost will be the Crimean seniors use a home radio, and motorists, that is the middle class,” writes the portal “Russian planet”. Is quite wide layers of the population, and to allow such external information intervention, as consider in the state Duma, Russia can not afford”.

However, it is possible that the new transmitter is designed not really for the Crimea and the Kherson region. In the last month leading propagandists in Kiev loudly expressed concern that the people of this region, which are available for Ukrainian and Russian media, the Russian prefer.

In mid-may, the organizer of the blockade of the Crimea, the CEO located in Kiev, TV channel ATR Lenur islyamov said that Kherson region may repeat the fate of Crimea and to get out from under the control of Kiev. In his opinion, the people of the region very loyal attitude towards the “aggressor” and all with great irritation say about Ukraine. “Kherson region fell under the Russian information and cultural influence, the locals are happily ready to meet the Russian troops”, – said earlier his Deputy eider muzhdabaev, adding that “most of the locals here watch only Russian channels”.

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