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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The decision in the case of the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL raises questions

The office of public Prosecutor has cancelled the decision about excitation of criminal case on hooliganism against the son of Vice-President of the LUKOIL oil company Ruslan Shamsuarov car which participated in the “race” with police in Moscow. Shamsuarov got off with an administrative arrest of 15 days. Observers note that the speed with which the case was opened and then closed, is wary.

On Saturday, the public Prosecutor discontinued the criminal investigation against the son of a top Manager of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov. This was during a meeting of the Gagarinsky court of Moscow has declared the lawyer of the accused.

“Now it looks more as an administrative and a political action than a legal one”

He explained, RIA “Novosti” that case under article “Hooliganism” was opened against unidentified persons, “but the Prosecutor overruled him.” With regard to administrative responsibility, the court sentenced Shamsuarov to 15 days of arrest for violation of part 1 of article 19.3 of the administrative code (“disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer”).

20-year-old Shamsuarov, as written media, is owned SUV Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G63 AMG will cost 11 million rubles (at the trial he said that the machine owns a namesake with a similar name). A week ago, Shamsuarov in the company of two young men and a girl was driving the SUV from the night club. The car was without license plates.

The DPS crew tried to stop the car for check of documents. However, the company decided to steal from law enforcement officers. Driving this time was 22-year-old Abduvahob madzhidov, which grossly violated the rules of the road, staging a race on the roads with six crews of traffic police.

Stop racers managed six hours after the start of the chase. Passengers of the SUV was broadcast what is happening in the Internet, where there corresponding video (caution, plenty of profanity). The publicity of the case occurred due to the fact that the traffic police, as it seemed to observers behaved too soft with offenders, not becoming to hold them, but only made protocols on violation of traffic rules and fined.

Shamsuarov apologized for the incident on his page in Facebook. But on Thursday, the head of the Main Department of internal Affairs in Moscow Anatoly Yakunin said that the race participants can become involved in a criminal case on hooliganism. After the reaction Yakunin law enforcement agencies began to turn to detain all participants of the chase.

Was driving madzhidov was sentenced to 15 days imprisonment and a penalty of 200 hours of work, and deprived of his driving license for two months. Another passenger – Viktor Uskov received 15 days of arrest. 22-year-old Mara Baghdasaryan received 10 days. Earlier it was reported that she has accumulated fines for traffic violations on one million roubles. On Friday, they were at once extinguished by her father.

Lawyer Baghdasarian asked Gagarinsky court not to arrest Maru since it is regularly seeing a doctor, and an arrest could have a negative impact on her health. However, in the Internet there are records which show that Baghdasaryan and the truth is not always follows the rules of the road.

Shamsuarov detained the day before last. According to media reports, he was in one of the buildings owned by his family, in the area of Olympic Avenue. For detention had to spend a whole special operation. Security Shamsuarov did not resist operatives Moore.

The investigator had a conversation with Shamsuarov to four Saturday morning. As for administrative violations, that, according to the lawyer, once Shamsuarov provided documents, thereby “voluntarily stopped disobeying” the traffic police. “Even if he didn’t obey the staff, all provided documents. Also please take into account the health – Ruslan three years with asthma,” explained the defender.

Shamsuarov himself during the trial, denied the accusations that it did not provide documents on request of the DPS, as described in the Protocol on administrative offense. “I don’t agree that I have not provided the documents. My license and registration were in the car, and keys from the driver. And I could not physically pick them up,” said he.

The head of Movement of motorists of Russia, doctor of law Viktor Pokhmelkin admitted that the Prosecutor’s decision to close the criminal case arouses a certain suspicion.”

“I don’t understand why it was necessary to quickly initiate and why so quickly to repeal it. Business and is excited to be investigated, the results of which found guilty or not. From this point of view the Prosecutor’s decision is incorrect. It was necessary to give the opportunity to investigate,” Pokhmelkin said the newspaper VIEW.

However, he added that he did not undertake to prejudge the legal side of the issue, as not familiar with all the circumstances of the case, but “from a legal point of view, once the case was filed, it was necessary to bring it to its logical end.”

According to him, if the case against Shamsuarov would be closed on the basis of arguments and evidence obtained during a full investigation, the matter would not have arisen, and “now it looks more as an administrative and a political action than a legal one”.

He is confident that the time during which the investigator questioned Shamsuarov, not enough for a comprehensive inspection of all aspects. “There are a number of circumstances. One conversation is absolutely not enough” – summed up Viktor Pokhmelkin.

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