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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The arrest of Ankara Celik gives the chance for reconciliation with Moscow

In Turkey together with a group of militants detained field commander Alparslan çelik, who admitted earlier in the murder of the pilot of the Russian su-24. While the militants accuse only bear arms. In the Russian Parliament do not exclude that the decision on search of distraction that will allow her to begin the reconciliation with Moscow.

A citizen of Turkey, a field commander of one of the warring in the North of Syria troops Alparslan çelik was detained in one of the restaurants in the Turkish city of Izmir, located in Western Turkey, that is at the other end of the country from the Syrian border, passed on Thursday, TASS reported.

“That incident with the Downing of the Russian plane – a provocation of gulenists, I’m sure just like that my name is Rasim Ozan

The arrest occurred the night before, and together with the commander arrested another 13 (according to other sources – 14) suspects. These people, as explained by the Agency, arrived recently from Syria, where he fought in the region Ballerburg on the side of the Islamists. Police arrived at the restaurant for the received signal that the institution are armed men. The guards confiscated the rifle and two pistols with ammunition.

On Thursday afternoon, the detainees were still under interrogation at the security headquarters of Izmir. Lawyers for some of them already stated that the detention of their clients unnecessarily. Whether the detainees are charged with only possession of weapons or even in some crimes, the authorities have not yet announced. Neither the Ministry nor the office of security of Izmir are unable to give RIA “Novosti” online comment on the incident.

Nationalists make him an “icon”

Recall that in late December, Moscow has demanded from Ankara to catch the killers of Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov. So the Russian foreign Ministry responded to the speech of Celik in the newspaper “Hurriyet”, in which he took responsibility for the killing of the pilot. From the publication it appears that the fighter has already fought for two years in Syria as part of the illegal formation.

In Moscow with caution reacted to the first reports from Izmir. “We have this information now will study, as soon as we have concrete data, we will comment on them”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Fellow, Institute of Oriental studies and the Russian-Turkish educational and scientific center in RSUH, invited expert at the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Alexander Vasilyev recalled that the Turkish radical nationalists fighting in Syria more or less EN masse – likely with the tacit encouragement of the Turkish secret services.

“They have the status of some volunteers who went there at their own risk. These people are quite free to move across the border and carrying a gun, ammunition, drugs. This semi-legal organization, as the “Grey wolves”, of course, engaged in such smuggling. From this point of view, the arrest of Celik natural. But I don’t think it will end in serious proceedings, and the more jail time. Most likely, all of them or someone from that group will be punished, and gently – for smuggling and carrying of weapons”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Vasiliev drew attention to the fact that the entire group of 14-15 people was found only one gun and a couple pistols. “Not yet known all the details, but it’s possible that with a gun in a restaurant became one of them. It is possible that this action was in a state of narcotic intoxication. Perhaps someone who returned from the war and ended up in such a westernized city like Izmir, and worked purely psychological factor – he wanted to show his masculinity that he reckless”.

If Ankara still dare to punish Celik seriously, including for the murder of a Russian pilot, this action will surely turn into “the icon of Turkish nationalism”, said Vasiliev. “The radical nationalist movement in Turkey today is very strong. The position of Erdogan in this case, within the country will be shattered,” warned the expert.

My dream is to make peace with Moscow

Unlike the scientist, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov also expresses cautious hope that çelik will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In an interview to the newspaper VIEW, the Senator said that in recent years, many Turkish politicians have admitted to him that I would like to restore relations with Moscow on the old way.

“And they were the initiators of the conversation, and we spoke not to the audience, and in a chamber setting. That is clearly in Turkish ruling circles talk about how they would minimize the conflict with Russia, ” said Klimov. – If what we hear is true, then the situation with this caught a suspect gives them the opportunity to at least one of our conditions to perform”.

Moscow right after November 24, committed the crime put forward three very simple conditions, recalled the Senator. “Turkey must apologize, compensate for the damage and punish the perpetrators. The Turkish pilot who fired a missile, as they say, created the conditions and caused material damage, but the pilots were still alive. But the man who shot the defenseless pilot, the parachute, is a killer. We did not require him to give, we demanded to punish him. Therefore, the punishment of this man now would serve as a signal that Ankara is determined to still reduce the stress in our relationship,” he listed Klimov.

“If the authorities now quickly let go of Celik, it could mean one of two things: either not caught the person who actually shot, or caught the guy, but now along with him all the rest of the dogs hung. We would like on this occasion to more serious information, and even better – to allow our law enforcement agencies to participate in the investigation. After all, the man accused in the death of a Russian citizen,” – said Klimov.

“Now Ankara has the chance – if all of this information is to ensure justice in full. It doesn’t mean another restore our relations to their former level. I do not believe that the current authorities will succeed. But in any case, tensions would cease to grow”, – summed up the Senator.

However, even before the capture of Celik in Turkish press there were leaks that Ankara is trying to find a maneuver that will allow to restore relations with Moscow to the previous level. In particular, the semi-official press has released a version that the Russian bomber was shot down on his own initiative, an air force officer – opposition, a follower of the ideas of the opposition preacher Fethullah Gulen.

As reported by the website “the new York times.ru” close to the administration of Erdogan’s journalist Rasim Ozan Kuthiala in his article in Sabah wrote: “Turkey is surrounded, as never before in its history. Operation with the Russian aircraft, destroyed by the officer-gulenists at the helm of the F-16, was aimed at deepening of the environment and largely achieved their goals. That incident with the Downing of the Russian plane – a provocation of gulenists, I’m sure just like that my name is Rasim Ozan. Frankly, this operation with the Russian plane conducted by the organization of gulenists, reinforced the isolation of Turkey, causing her serious damage.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan still has not apologized for the destruction of the su-24. In turn, the head of government Ahmet Davutoglu said that Turkey will not apologize, as was protecting its border.

Çelik – Turks originally from the town of Keban in Elazig province, the son of the former mayor of this town. He does not hide his affiliation to voenizirovannaya youth wing of the MHP Grey wolves, although in Turkey it is formally prohibited. The last time Celik – unconfirmed – seen in Istanbul in January. He attended the funeral of the Deputy head of the Council of the city of Istanbul, the activist of the nationalist movement Party (MHP) Ibrahim Kuchuka. As far as we know, Kucuk fought in the North of Syria and was killed during a RAID by videoconferencing.

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