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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin explained how Turkey should make peace with Russia

Vladimir Putin said Russia’s desire to resume relations with Turkey. But some of Ankara’s statements is not enough, she needs to make concrete steps towards reconciliation – first of all, to apologize to the downed Russian su-24. Experts believe that Turkey is far more interested in the normalization of relations than Russia, and Ankara is able to obtain forgiveness of Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants to restore relations with Turkey and is waiting for concrete steps Ankara in this direction, but there are none. According to him, “we did not think to think about the fact that the Turkish fighter jet can strike a blow at our unprotected for the fighter bomber”. “We’re not going to fight with Turkey and with the Turkish armed forces. Otherwise, we would have acted differently and by other means. I hope it never comes to that”, – Putin said during his visit to Greece.

“When Erdogan was a normal dialogue with Putin, the West behaved towards Turkey’s more cautious”

“We destroyed them”

The head of state added that “we have heard the explanation of the Turkish authorities, we have not heard an apology. Not heard of the willingness to pay damages.” “We hear statements about the desire to renew (the relationship). We also want to get back together. We are not them destroyed. We did all that for decades to bring the Russian-Turkish relations to an unprecedented level of partnership and friendship. And this friendship between the Russian and Turkish people, she really reached a very high level. We are highly valued. Why this was done, I still don’t know,” added the Russian President.

He stressed that was not only shot down a Russian plane, but “was shot and the pilot, who ejected”. “And this is under international law is not that other, as a war crime”, – said Putin.

The President explained that in addition to statements on Ankara’s desire to resume the relationship, you need to do something. “We are in contact with the Turkish authorities, through various channels partners face. They know our response. We are waiting for some concrete steps on their part. While they are not” – said the head of the Russian state.

We will remind, relations of Russia and Turkey are in crisis after the incident with su-24. In November last year, Turkish fighter F-16 was shot down in Syria a Russian military plane. Putin called it a “stab in the back from supporters of terrorists”. Later, the President of Russia signed a decree on measures to ensure national security and the special economic measures against Turkey. Were banned, including the new joint construction projects, the supply of certain types of goods, the sale of vacation packages and Charter flights to Turkey.

This week become aware of the loss of Turkey from the fall of the flow of Russian tourists. In April arrived in the country only 1.75 million foreigners – 28% less than in the same period last year. The Turkish authorities recognize that the flow of tourists is directly linked to the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Ankara. In April the number of tourists from Russia fell by 79,28% compared to the same month of 2015.

On the eve of the Russian Ambassador in Baku Vladimir Dorokhin expressed confidence in informing Turkey about its actions in the process of rebuilding relations with Moscow. “Russian-Turkish relations was never easy. There were several wars. However, then we always put up. I hope it will happen in this case. The case for the Turkish side. She knows what to do,” said Dorokhin while chatting with Azerbaijani students.

As for Turkey, there is not conceal the desire to make peace with Russia, but concrete steps, for example, an apology for the downed plane, not take. Recently took the post of Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim has included the normalization of Russian-Turkish relations in the new government’s programme, which “will seek to continue efforts to normalize relations with Russia through dialogue”.

About Turkey’s readiness to normalize relations and said the official representative of the President of the country Tayyip Erdogan, Ibrahim Kalin. “We, like initially, after the incident on 24 November, continuing the calls to solve the problem through diplomacy. Our offer still stands” he said.

According to him, Ankara “regrets periodically coming from the Russian side unfounded statements about Turkey”. “And we think that it is wrong to respond to each of these statements. But we are ready to go forward,” – said the representative of Erdogan.

In his opinion, “we cannot allow a strong and developed relations between Turkey and Russia fell victim to one incident”. “Unfortunately, the process of dialogue is blocked until Russian propaganda and slandering Turkey statements, he argued. – But we are ready to further advances have been made, which will open new possibilities for dialogue.”

However, Moscow from Ankara are waiting for actions, not words. As stated by the speaker of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova, when the new Turkish government will start full-fledged work, then Moscow would say their attitude to the Cabinet of Ministers. “We are judged according to the deeds. Orientirueshsya not so much on the change of the composition, and in the course of the government, including against Russia and global issues,” the diplomat said.

“There is a mutual sighting”

Director of the research centre “middle East-Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov believes the recent statements of readiness to make peace with Turkey is not accidental. “In Turkey, the change of government. Moscow apparently sends a message about the readiness to dialogue with the new government, but only on the terms put forward by the President of Russia… Is mutual adjustment. But how will the events develop, yet very difficult to say. This is not a fast process,” Tarasov said the newspaper VIEW.

The expert believes more in Turkey’s interest to restore relations than Russia wants. After the break Turkey became subject to the strongest pressure from the West. “When Erdogan was a normal dialogue with Putin, the West behaved towards Turkey’s more cautious”, – he explained.

Moreover, Turkey needs Russian energy resources, tourists, market. “The Turkish economy became dramatically manifest in the crisis after the breakup. The Russian market was very beneficial for the Turkish economy. Moreover, Turkey has downgraded relations with many middle Eastern countries, too, have lost markets. Moreover, Turkish businesses have adapted well to the Russian environment, they feel comfortable enough. And then began collapsing. There was an anomalous situation in Turkey is very seriously felt, – listed Tarasov.

Also in Ankara consider the fact that the rupture of relations with Russia strengthens the Alliance from Moscow to Washington. “The Turks played all the time on this. Trying to be one of the vertices of this triangle or at least to play this card. And now they do not have this balance of vzaimoraschetov” – said the expert, adding that there also need to be considered and the Kurdish question, as Ankara is not interested in the fact that the Kurds with the help of Russia and the United States had become an independent force.

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