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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Triumphant raqqa: attack the Kurds promises US “victory” in Syria

“The democratic forces of Syria” (SDF) is a military organization, consisting mainly of Kurdish militias, continues a successful offensive in the North-Eastern suburbs of the Syrian Raqqa, which is often called one of the capitals of Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, the group recognized in Russia as a terrorist and banned). And among Kurds there are statements about the possible inclusion of the city in the Federal system, which they create on the North of the Arab country.

photo: AP

Under the wing of Rojava

This possibility does not exclude the Kurdish party “Democratic Union”, which is the most influential political force in Northern Syria. In particular, the representative of the organization in Iraqi Kurdistan, Gharib Haso said channel Kurdistan24 that his party supported the idea of including Raqqa in democratic Federal system, the Kurds proclaimed in March of this year in the North, insisting on federalization of the Arab Republic. However, representatives of the SDF explain that the decision to join the Kurdish Federal system can accept only the inhabitants of the Syrian city.

As stated at the briefing the representative of US state Department mark Toner, the Kurds are well aware of the political, national and religious subtleties of the fight for Raqqa. That is why at the onset of the Arab soldiers involved. Evaluation of Toner 60% SDF are the Kurdish militia, the other part consists of Arab and other fighters. Currently SDF is attacking from three sides on the North of the city with the support of the international coalition led by the United States. Captured several villages. Kurdish news portals reported about the unstable situation inside Raqqa and the attempts to escape is militants.

“Autonomy in Northern Syria, which the Kurds call “the Republic of Rojava” is on the cards, but raqqa is not included, – said the “MK” researcher of the sector of cardueline the Center for the study of the countries of the Middle East Institute of Oriental studies Cyril Vertyaev, but what is marked on the maps and what is, de facto, are two different things. Maps include North Cabrales, which Kurdish forces in principle are not in control. Most likely, raqqa is not included in the Syrian Kurdistan, and will be another autonomy within a federated Syria. I think they had this in mind. Raqqa is still Sunni territory, there prevails the Sunni population”.

“This victory will overshadow the capture of Palmyra”

Another Respondent “MK”, the expert believes that the capture of Raqqa will be one of the arguments that Syrian Kurds can be presented to Syria in the dispute about federalization. “War only erupted in Raqqa, and the discussion will take place in August, during the Syrian peace conference, recalled the “MK” political scientist, Professor of St. Petersburg University Alexander Sotnichenko. – If the Kurds take Raqqa, the issue of federalization of Syria will be clear. They will show that they can, in Alliance with the Americans to achieve great results and perhaps presenting it as one of the conditions for the Syrian authorities to be recognized as an Autonomous entity. Another thing is that raqqa was never a Kurdish city. The Kurdish population there never was: there were Arabs. I think, after all the discussion that arises, Raqqa, they are unlikely to get”.

“The Kurds are fighting there is not one – says “MK” Alexander Sotnichenko. –They actively supported the international coalition his blows. Plus in the upcoming Kurdish troops is officially about 300 American military personnel who are engaged in the guidance of aircraft on the target. There is a large number – call from the 400 to 1000 American, canadian and European ex-servicemen who are working in the framework of private military companies, focusing on increasing disciplinary level Kurdish army and training. In connection with the reinforcement of the Kurdish troops, who have never engaged in a serious offensive actions, will be reinforced. Despite the fact that the battle for Raqqa will be very bloody, the Kurds have every opportunity to take it. For America this will be a very big win. US will show: see, we took the main stronghold of the terrorists. It will be comparable to the capture of Baghdad in 2003. This victory will overshadow the capture of Palmyra. About Palmyra, of course, all will be forgotten soon, and Americans will be the “saviors” of the world from terrorists. They will have the ability to impose real conditions for the future of Syria”.

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