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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Nazis took hostage relatives of the defendants in the case “may 2”

Banned in Russia “Right sector” blocked the building of Malinovsky court of Odessa. Indoors are relatives of the prisoners — activists “Kulikovo field”, which the judge in the case “2 may”.

photo: morguefile.com

Recall that in Ukraine on the events in Odessa on 2 may 2014, judge not those who burned alive people in the House of trade unions, and those who were in the burning building, but survived. Among them was Eugene Mefyodov, the taxi driver, who in that ill-fated day was on the square before the House of trade unions, and then with the crowd came inside the building. That’s how he remembers that day ( from the records of lawyer): “not one of the organizations I did not belong. Yes, on the court, talked with the people there. Sometimes I like the taxi driver was summoned, drove the people behind the products for tent camping. Work and nothing more. Knew that the field “Antimaydan”, and the Duke – “Euromaidan”. Anywhere especially did not climb, and generally have little interest in politics. May 2 on Kulikovo fell for his curiosity…in the evening I went to town. When I arrived there, about six o’clock in the evening, then caught the ending of all events — saw the police cordon, the crowd of people rushing about in Deribasovskaya… Well, having seen all this, decided to go to Kulikovo field, to see what’s going on. There when I came in about 19 hours, it was probably 250-300 people. All ran and built barricades at the entrance to the House of trade unions. About half were women of different ages, plus men aged. Men in helmets and even in some protection with wooden boards was not more than ten. The rest are all in normal clothes were in a civil… I tried to find out what is happening in the centre, why there’s all cordoned off, but other than vague cries got nothing. A woman hurried shouting and all that just inside, we can protect ourselves from the “Bandera”.Saw a huge crowd running from the station with sticks, chains, axes… many were in camouflage uniforms. Creepy chants shouted. Seeing this crowd, I have realized that it is those who trashed the city centre. Well, obeying the herd instinct, perhaps, by the principle “all run, and I run”, ran inside along with everyone. The doors of the House of trade Unions by that time were already open…”. Then there were all the well-known events in the House of trade unions, thrown Molotov cocktails, the fire started. Mefyodov was one of the few people who managed to escape from the building. He received burns to the hands, the upper respiratory tract. But before the House of trade unions he was detained by the police. Publicly by a police officer stuck Meredovu, being in a semiconscious state, in the hand of the shotgun, and later tried to charge him under article for illegal possession of weapons. The truth from the police station Mefyodov in the Ambulance was taken to the intensive care unit. But there came to him the staff of SBU. Since then Mefyodov is in jail.

On Friday 27 may Malinovsky court finally decided on the transfer of Eugene under house arrest. Despite the fact that the Prosecutor demanded the extension of his custody, the judges decided that no grounds for leaving Nefedova in remand prison no. This decision provoked a storm of outrage from “patriots”. They decided to block the courthouse to prevent the removal of the defendants and output Nefedova. The building was adapted to the military truck. People in masks and camouflage uniform, just like two years ago, was trying to shove people into the building and there to block. According to recent reports, the defendants still managed to deviously take out of the court and deliver back to jail, including drove and Nefedova, the output of which under house arrest, apparently, has been postponed. In the hall were only relatives of the defendants, which was in “hostages”. This is the current Ukrainian justice — the conditions were not dictated by the law and judges, and thugs in masks, two years ago, having burnt people in the House of trade unions, and is now sneering at those who survived in the massacre.

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