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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The danger of mobile phones for health announced proven

A group of US experts who conducted a major study under the National toxicology program, stated that they were able to identify the relationship between mobile phone use and cancer. According to scientists, this is evidenced by held in the long time experiment on mice.

photo: morguefile.com

Researchers for a long time subjected laboratory mice to the effects of radiofrequencies, such as those that emit mobile phones. As a result, some animals (though researchers note that their percentage was very small) tumors were found in two types of brain glioma and schwannoma (a tumor of nerve tissue) in the region of the heart. Most cases of tumor development was observed in males.

Scientists say that earlier in the course of important studies of the relationship between mobile phone use and cancer have been identified, and note that new data obtained in the experiment on animals, that is not necessarily applicable to humans. Finally, the researchers acknowledge that I am their experiment revealed only a very slight dependence. However, given the fact that mobile devices today are extremely wide, even the minimum, their influence should be taken into account.

The study was funded by the US government. It is reported that his cost is 25 million dollars. The American National Institute of health, who oversaw the study, their results have not yet commented on.

It should be noted that recently the Australian scientists, after analyzing the statistics for 29 years, came to the conclusion that mobile phones are harmless to health.

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