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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Savchenko has declared its readiness to become President: an online broadcast press conference of the pilots

Hope Savchenko, which was exchanged for two convicted Russians in Ukraine Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev, in Kiev, gives a press conference.

12.56 Savchenko concluded press conference: next we will talk more in detail. All those present stood and sang the anthem of Ukraine.

12.52 Savchenko thanked all those who saw in court, and even those who denounced the Embassy showed that it does not pass. If they do not, and the Russians, too, nothing would come out, says Savchenko

12.50 Kiev have not changed much in two years, according to Savchenko, except that there you can see the monument to Heavenly hundred”

12.49 “Only when the plane rose into the sky, I realized that the free”. “In the early days trying to speak to people that hard,” she added.

12.47 On the election – no one can speak for the people, shall speak to the people – all the people, all Ukrainians, Donetsk, and Luhansk

12.46 About LC: missed two years, once its position will form, will voice.

12.38 Savchenko passed Alexandrov and Erofeev: “That. that they were in a meat grinder, I understand. But still come on my land to kill people, “throat vomit”

12.38 Savchenko said that will deal with the prisoners of war who were under investigation in Russia

12.35 On the Russian delegation, which want to prevent the PACE after the liberation Savchenko: now the whole world is trying to show Russia what it is not right, said the pilot, including sanctions. “I believe that dialogue is possible. Russia need to study further all possible means”

12.33 Savchenko said that he is not planning something to lead: “I’m going to work effectively. The party’s leader”. “If you want. I will lead anything”

12.32 Savchenko wants to create a Commission that will test the Ukrainian army

12.30 “Echo of Moscow” in Ukraine on presidential ambitions: I’m not banking on going. but if people say, I will go, if you say “our Ukrainian and not Pro-Russian Maidan”.

12.26 Savchenko thanked the investigator Ivan Smelov. Her lawyer Ilya Novikov also called him a professional who lifted everything I could – all the evidence has been collected thanks to him (Smelova – approx.ed)., said the defender

12.19 – You think I don’t know. the conflict alive? World want all. but you can’t sell, to bend. The war must end, but not at any price, not the price of treason. This is our land, gnawing her I won’t allow it. I am ready to fight, and to put up. If there is also ready, we will find a compromise.

12.15 Press conference resumed on the question of a British journalist on the military conflict in the Donbass


12.05 “I don’t consider myself a Martyr, there are people who have experienced more”

12.03 Constantly heard the roll call of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”

12.01 “from childhood I speak Ukrainian. All my relatives spoke Ukrainian”, – she said in the proposal to ban Russian language for officials. According to her, she will not be able to close Pro-Russian TV channels: “People. don’t let yourself fool you! Learn to harden your heart so that when you try to mess with your head, heart”. But the ban, she said, nothing to achieve – the more forbidden, the more want to break.

11.58 Savchenko is not going to be of the party: “I’m not a defector. I’m not going to become a whore

11.57 “I 10 serve, 2 years sitting. I’m not an expert in politics. Now I’m in the party “Batkivshchyna”. They made me a Deputy, when I was in prison. It would be good for each party made a member of one of the political prisoner, who is sitting in Russia.”

11.53 Released from the Russian prison Ukrainian pilot said that he does not believe Minsk agreement is quite effective, but says that without them “the situation would be much worse.”

11.48 Savchenko ready to interact with the self-proclaimed DNR and LC for the release of prisoners in the Donbass.

11.47 Savchenko was not able to explain what ATO: “I don’t know.” In Chechnya, Georgia, Abkhazia was called the anti-terrorist operation, “the Chechen campaign”

11.46 “would Come was, and it was only with sofas know how to fight,” – said Savchenko in “response” to those who love “mud on the Internet rinse”

11.45 “I served in the airborne, I land and know how to fight. I would be in “Aydar” came, and “Dnepr”. I battalion in the hottest days came. Well done guys”. “I feel as a volunteer of Ukraine”

11.43 Savchenko said that if you start a Third world war, the Crimea will become Ukrainian. “We need to reach people and explain that they made a mistake”

11.42 Savchenko said that now the Ukrainian army is not grown patriots.

11.40 “I am not guilty. I’m not saying that I don’t kill people, I’m a soldier, but I did not kill journalists,” – said Savchenko.

11.37 Savchenko says that the criminal code of Ukraine is better than “they”. She advocated for the reform of the judicial system, in particular, introduced the law to the jury. The level of crime is increasing. when the standard of living is deteriorating. Long to keep people in the prison do not, in five years, he’s not coming back.

11.35 from the hall you hear “Glory to Ukraine” “glory to the Heroes” – meets Savchenko

11.34 Savchenko told a joke about a cow cake: “Hit the shit, sit, do not tweet

11.24 In Russia, not all people are bad, says Ukrainian pilot

11.22 “When I was kidnapped, I don’t know on whose goodwill it was done”. According to her, she didn’t know where they’re taking her, “we Went at night, said “get Ready with things.” Didn’t say where”.

11.17 Savchenko was going on a world tour: “every country In the world needs to listen to each other because we have neighbors with a sick mind, we need to unite against such neighbor”

11.15 Savchenko announced its readiness to become President of Ukraine: “Ukrainians, if you need me to be President, I’m President”.


Nadezhda Savchenko arrived in Kiev after Russia and Ukraine agreed to pardon or exchange for the same pardoned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Russian prisoners Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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