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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Master class on the language of gesture

The President of the Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli, held a special master class: his students became students of the Russian state specialized Academy of arts and boarding school No. 101 for deaf and hard of hearing.

Photo: Sergi Shagulashvili.

In the hall on the second floor is unusually quiet — Teens paint, then communicate with the Master using a sign language interpreter. But the language of gesture here is not especially necessary: the eyes burn, choppy movement and speak for themselves. And they say something like — we are happy to paint with such artist as Zurab Konstantinovich. And those who draw on Prechistenka for the first time, at first did not believe that the great can be so, well, something, simple, without distance: the President of the Academy of arts he stands at the easel in a red apron and draws still life.

I must say that such a meeting and a master class, aimed at supporting children and young artists with disabilities, held at the Academy for the fourth time. The Master’s lessons serve as an incentive for their further creative development and prevent physical problems.

— In the framework of this master class are not just children with disabilities — explains Tatiana Bagaeva, curator etherapeutics program of the Museum of modern art. — Children-artists who, despite any adversity and difficulty, enjoy life. In fact, for them it is a start in life, and Zurab inspires and provides General guidance. According to the results of the master class we, at the Museum and here we have an exhibition of these works.

When two hours will put them at the perimeter of the room, it will become more clear. Particularly keenly felt the difference in perception of the world healthy and unhealthy people. With small canvases literally splashes life, its diversity and colours. Summer, sun, sounds, colors as ineffable joy of life. And if not in the world of dark colors and extremely bright, juicy, or at least calm tone. One work — a collage of oil, metal stars and poems about Moscow, uneven hand-written in black felt-tip pen on a white heart in the center of the picture: “Moscow is Red square. Moscowthe Kremlin towers, Moscow is Russia’s heart that loves you”. Everything is so simple.

But all presented with certificates, made photos for memory, the children go to the tea party, and Zurab Tsereteli in the “Sheremetyevo”: flies to Paris, where he had a series of meetings at UNESCO and with colleagues on issues of science, education and creative collaborations.

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