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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Hostile world applauds our stupidity

Soon our country will be nothing free. But recently it was free medical care, education, bread in the dining room was carefully sliced into pieces, it was free to take by everyone. Fee for housing was conditional, public transportation is minimal, electricity — halfpenny, the book was worth nothing, the water is not worth anything…

And here — have lived up to international standards and surpassed them.

But that breathe of the past, they, fortunately, will not return: the gratuity is also something that was worth, was the price — full of humility, pressuemosti, silent. Now, at least some shoots of discussions, the signs of objections, attempts to have an opinion — and not clandestine, not “kitchen” as in the USSR, and openly expressed. This openness also has to bear the damage, moral and physical. On Chernyshevsky in tsarist Russia broke the sword, indicating that he is deprived of civil rights; on the present opposition are heard by a court cakes and green paint — these acts are much more humiliating than a broken head over the blade, but they bear the same stamp of atriotomy and outcast. Nobler still go into the link — as the Decembrists, as academician Sakharov, or be convicted — as Sinyavsky and Daniel. But, praise the Lord, to the repressive shootings and mental hospitals we have not yet rolled. Humanism, though flashy, nevertheless takes its toll. And one can only rejoice that costs (though not always — an example of Nemtsov proof) abuse of appearance (and the image neither the cake nor the green paint didn’t screw up), not crystal, and St. Bartholomew’s night.

But I’m all about price but about the price? Mercantile of some kind, I mean eyes… In fact my idea is a call for selflessness (even if the era and puts everything on a commercial footing). So: why, if everywhere you have to pay (and at exorbitant prices!), demonstrations in our cities (the villages there is no question) are free? What a ridiculous atavism? Should regulate the process and to require the organizers of the March not matching routes with the municipality, and money. Let everyone for participating in the rally or the strike will pay the established fee. Want bazlanit near the Kremlin — drive, thousands or millions. Agree to hagarstown on the outskirts will cost only a hundred or a thousand rubles. Proceeds will go to the increase in purchases of cakes and green fodder. Promising business: confectionery industry — with such investments, will prosper. And pharmacy business will go to the mountain. No palm oil for the production of medicines no longer required.

I can see the idyllic picture — people walk and chant:

— We don’t want to live well! We want to beg!

— We don’t want to be treated by good doctors! Down with the medicine at all!

— We don’t want our children educated!

But it is happening. This silent demonstration of unwillingness to live with dignity spread all over the country.

About democracy

Democracy forces us to serve many masters, dictatorship — several. What is easier? The answer is obvious.

Fake democracy is more expensive genuine.

Our example

Amazed the Americans: intelligent, thinking like people, and arrange political show, primaries, Caucus-goers — so much effort and energy wasted! Is it so difficult to adopt our model of public relations where there are no excesses and no diligent attempts to disguise the naked truth of universal injustice, and because it is clear who will win and for what period of time will lead the country.

Symphony of the mind

With a sense of deep satisfaction and admiration, I once again stating the superiority of our leader (and the organization to which he once belonged) at the stupid politicians all over the world (and especially ordinary citizens). In a scandal with Panamanian securities landed all — and David Cameron, and Poroshenko, and immediately retired Prime Minister of Iceland, and the newly elected FIFA President, but not our President, for the sake of discredit which (as it turned out) and was started the fuss. He — unlike those mentioned above and many unnamed greedy dunces — coped well with the next provocation. Could the same Cameron to bring in as cover some of the virtuoso of the state of the London Royal orchestra? He is and never occurred. That is justified, otbrehivaetsya. And the name of our virtuoso sounds in the whole world is proud of the Symphony.


Why not shoot, do not send in resignation of heads of departments of thieving? Despite the fact that their wine is obvious?

And they themselves — why not go, even though conscience should tell them to take this step?

One answer: pilfer they send up their order and appointed to high posts, to be spun, plundered, and got money for their powerful patrons. Governat will plan, collect the amount originally planned, would take her above — here they may arrest, disgrace, and maybe thrown on some other part of stokkebroe work.

What’s the prognosis will you be satisfied with?

With what results we come to the end of this year (not saying much to the end of the decade)?

1. Third world?

2. The cessation of payment of pensions, as the country would not have money? (Skeptics say: this can not be, as many people will be hungry! And I say: not for long. Not for long will become hungry. Then die out. And the country is like a balloon, get rid of ballast, gets up high and fly to dizzying heights of prosperity.)

3. The arrest of Khodorkovsky and the division of its Finance among the poor that will immediately get everyone out of poverty?

Compatriots are tired of waiting for the gleam in a hopeless delusional. On their heads then showered congratulations on the end of the crisis (its peak is already passed and we passed in the past year, and we, immersed in the bustle and problems of survival, did not notice), then the predictions of massive layoffs and lowering wages.

Really choose one thing, stick to some single concept. But no need to confuse the brain, so that people do not understand, on what they light.


We have many external enemies? It may very well be. Like any living (yet) generation, we are surrounded by enemies. They wish us death? Probably. But no external enemy and does not drown us so intensively and effectively as we ourselves NIPs its future. Hostile world applauds our stupidity! To crush small business, displace the working pensioners, to discriminate against a constructive opposition… (fill in the missing themselves). Well Yes it is the climax of cretinism, how can we not to profit?

Worth to tell us, unhappy, guilty, and we shouted in unison: “fifth column” have no place among healthy builders — builders of a bright tomorrow!

They are terribly far from the heater

Seemingly defeated, hemmed in on all sides and the wrapped figures of the opponent chess incompetent needs — what move nor make, nor what efforts apply — only to worsen their situation. It would be better not to move on the checkered Board. To freeze, to wait out the losing streak. But the game needs to continue, commits to move pawns and rooks. Each step, however, leads to the aggravation and worsening of the situation.

(Whoever wins, will not miss the chance. Refugees — negative for Europe? As for Erdogan — plus, because it allows him to win over to their side and Europe and NATO.)

But in reality clumsy flourish. Why? The answer is obvious: if there were this inept player is a little bit worthy competitors! Alas, they are not. And it’s not that he has them trampled and crushed (right not give the right to take), and that Russia’s problem in the oneness of the Decembrists, “terribly far from the people”. The rebels and passive mass coexist in different dimensions. Today, the rebels and even acquired a comic tone.

The plot to the cartoon: the opposition, which holds a meeting only when the sun warms, and the cold sits at home. Then again warmer and dissent on the street. And in the cold hide again. And so from year to year: the contraction — expansion. Total will carry out a protest, only when the batteries will freeze and the utility will cease to heat the apartment? Without that cinches the rebels are doomed to comic (and, it seems, potresaushiy themselves) acts of disobedience. And still amazed bezbashennosti these people — and drivers-of the strikers, and those who travel to him to read lectures on literature. But their antithesis does not depend on climatic conditions, because it forges the iron, which is hot. Amazing flocking circumstances in his favor: it was a rich oil catch can and it was nothing to do. Now you can write off and problems within the country, and the failures of foreign policy to fight the world’s evil.

Meanwhile, it became clear: peace in Chechnya, seemed so strong, only the appearance and illusion. Not official power in it, and, as before, that force, which (though not easy) can log in Grozny and destroy, say, the printing house. And it is a deeply symbolic destruction: for it is not grandiloquent phraseology defines a dominant position, but real actions, deeds, brute physicality.


China, meanwhile, adopts a new population policies: demographic. Russia poiavitsia, knowing which room to spread future generations smiling widely expects our Eastern neighbour. Quietly, peacefully, according to two great people together (under the auspices of the strongest of them). Let them try the West to hurt the weak brother, if behind him looms a senior athlete.

But the mighty brother is not averse to profit at the expense of the weak. That’s the hopelessness that we’re facing.

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