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Friday, March 23, 2018

Fedor Dobronravov left of “6 shots” from-for Sergey Ursulyak

Soon in the Theater of satire premiere. Actor Fyodor Dobronravov we will see in the one-man show on the works of Hemingway “the old Man and the sea”. We have recently been found in the South of Kyrgyzstan in Osh city, where for years no foot Russian filmmaker and where once hosted a Russian film Week.

Fedor was the film “the End of a great era” by Stanislav Govorukhin, where brilliantly played the role of an employee of the Estonian Newspapers of the Soviet era, the faithful companion of the hero, the prototype of which was the writer Sergei Dovlatov. Wherever the actor went, following him was like, “matchmaker, matchmaker!” The popular TV series “Matchmakers” did the trick.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

With producer Elena Lebedeva.

“How happy that I was born somewhere in America”

— You after all, festivals do not particularly favor, rarely somewhere are selected. Why I went to Osh?

— Load authority by Stanislav Govorukhin. It was his request. And when I am asked such people as he, like Alexander Shirvindt, there is no alternative. Yes I myself wanted to present the film “the End of a great era”. 1950-1961 years — a really lovely time. The country was rebuilt after world war II, canceled the card, started the thaw in relations, culture, economy.

— The times did not choose. How do you feel about the Soviet and current era?

— I’m fine with any era. But people are all different. Among them there are optimists and pessimists. I have a warehouse optimistic. Even if in childhood or adolescence was something bad, I don’t remember. Just black out. I remember those feelings, what experienced when was the Octobrist, pioneer and Komsomol, how happy that he was not born anywhere in America and I was not depressing. Soda vending machines cost a penny, ice — nine. And what were the bagels! All then seemed fine. And now I live adult the pride of the country. The fact that many of us over the ocean does not love me nice. I really don’t like the trip to the festivals, but something always happens in life for the first time. Now I have experience the best to date of the festival. I have nothing to compare. Employment makes very little watching of films, and in Osh was able to see wonderful pictures: from “Koktebel pebbles” to “Unity”.

— You are so much loaded with work that hard on something to find the time?

— In the theater play 10-15 plays per month, and with a repertory theatre company — about 28. The rest of the time is shooting theatrical projects on the side, not in my Theater of satire. It’s a tight schedule. On the one hand, it’s good. And on the other — suffering family.

— A crazy load!

— I wanted it, when I went to drama school. You just have to pray that health was enough for numerous journeys and flights, when the rhythm of life goes astray, changing time zones.

— Do not you get tired from work?

— No! Now we are rehearsing a solo performance “the old Man and the sea” by Hemingway. No one has put this piece on the stage. A difficult path. I’m terribly afraid. We found experts on the works of Hemingway. They tried to write a play, but it was densely populated and heavy. So the work itself, “the old Man and the sea” went to the side. Had to abandon this venture, he focused on solo performance. We have a few weeks to rehearse. Where taxied for what the trail will go is hard to say. Working with the remarkable actor and Director Alexander Nazarov. Play on the Small stage, which is good because there’s no need to succumb to, important cinematic approach to the role.

— An unusual role for you?

— Of course. That’s why I took it up. The circumstances that have developed in connection with my so-called media, as we now say, pushy. Many artists can not stand when they are labeled and they are hostage to a narrow range of roles.

— Why you didn’t want your children — Ivan and Victor went in your footsteps? They are very talented people.

— I was lucky and happy in his profession. But I’ve seen people that were not happy with it. This fear dictated me words which I said to their children: “Maybe you shouldn’t. Take care of business, the banking business.” Children are smarter than we are. They are more well-read, faster and brighter I think. Here’s what I have done. But they are in response to my words said: “We are, dad, do not know anything else. We still go into this profession”. And they’re happy. I’ve calmed down about that and understand that then you were wrong. If, like many parents, insisted, maybe ruined their lives.

— Thank God that nature they are not rested.

Ha-ha-ha! Don’t think I am — a brilliant artist, so your words “nature they are not rested” here is not suitable. She was unable to relax. Sons I have a wonderful. They grew up backstage, and the actor’s profession became for them native.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
With Lyudmila his mother and cousin and father Victor.

“After watching the series “Matchmakers”, the child spoke”

— We were in Irkutsk and Osh, everywhere you rushing following: “matchmaker, matchmaker!” And you surprisingly quietly perceive it. Some actors get nervous in such a situation.

— If it does not coincide with my feelings, unsettling, annoying. You have a mountain, trouble, and just come up to you and pinched your cheek, saying, “let’s take a picture”. Everyone is now in your pocket a phone and a camera. And the man certainly wants to be photographed. It’s annoying. But when I realize that it is at least helping someone, that makes a difference. I lived 55 years and never knew that there is on earth the city of Osh. And people, of destiny. And they what I do, it turns out, helps. People believe that miracles happen. Somehow I came to Taganrog to his friends. They have been asked to speak on local television in a live broadcast. I am their idol, they are proud that I was born and raised in Taganrog. I came to the Studio, we started talking, and suddenly the bell rings. A woman is crying heavily, unable to formulate his thought. I said to her: “my dear mother, calm down, don’t worry”. And she says through tears: “I was born nine years ago, mute son. For many years we lived with the grief, but nothing helped. But after watching your series “Matchmakers”, the boy spoke”. I, too, started crying, tried to explain: “It’s not me, understand, not the series “Matchmakers”, and your love, hopes and prayers did what the son spoke”. The woman objected: “no, no, No. He watched and suddenly he spoke”. So people ascribe to us some miracles. I called dad the boy from the Donetsk region, where there still was nothing, and said: “my son Fyodor — the last stage of leukemia. We are in Israel. When he watches the series “Matchmakers”, he improved all the indicators. Doctors do not understand what is happening. Can he talk with you?” And we began with Fyodor chat on Skype. And he was cured.

— Are you a healer?

Is all parents ‘ love. If a person believes in something, it will come true. Our body is so constituted. We just don’t know. If you put a good, Holy purpose and to believe in it firmly, it is sure to be achieved. The doctors in Israel did not know how to explain what happened. The boy was treated for a lot of money. Parents sold a house near Donetsk, everything they had, went to help out son — 11-year-old boy. And he was cured. We still communicate periodically.

If to judge by egoistic standards of acting, probably sitting in me resentment. How can: “matchmaker, matchmaker!” But this film created a great, loving hearts. We have on the site the creative atmosphere reigned. We, together with the Director and producer Andrey Yakovlev rewrote the script the way I wanted, all on the court turned on its head. The film was varied on the go. Therefore, love our state, and is transmitted to the viewer. Andrew the year before, got the Monte Carlo the prize. “Matchmakers” was the most viewed film in the world, entered the top three popular paintings, along with “Desperate Housewives” and “the Theory of one explosion.” In Kyrgyzstan, for me is also approached by people, sometimes speaking poor English, but “SWAT! SWAT!” — this they knew. I thank them for that.

— You, as I understand it, a thorough person. If we set our mind to something, everything should be done on the level.

— Trying.

— And how do you choose roles?

— Now, ashamed to say, I may make mistakes. Give up a lot, and perhaps in vain. I looked at Osh, “Private pioneer”of -1 and -2. How many roles that I’d like to play! My wonderful friend and neighbor to testify Madanova Novel — little episode, but how it is played! My internal state has reached the limit. All of the scripts that get, designed just for the laugh. It is the role of the charismatic alcoholics. No more. I’m from the “6 frames” is also gone, although this is my favorite program. It was getting a: real creativity, income in the family. But at some point had to say: “But not only that. Let something else do it.” Once asked, the second, and then drew a line: “Guys, well, I’m sorry.” If something else was in parallel, I have continued to work there. I like it, I love it. You can swim in the ocean of humour. Moreover, we have long been familiar with each other — I, Edward Sylvester, Sasha Zhigalkin, Sergei Dorogov, Galina Danilova, Irina Medvedeva. Talking is not Russian language, and their feathers. Five or six lines, and everything else is improvisation. We tried to avoid vulgarity to the transfer could have looked a little child and the old man. There are programs with more explicit youth humor. They also have the right to life. But ours is designed for a wide range of audiences. If there was something else, I probably would have engaged in this business. But when forcibly overfed and offered nothing more, which is a shame.

— Yes, and plowing it — regular show on television.

— You can’t even imagine it plowing. Nobody cancels performances and rehearsals. We were shooting at night when you should sleep.

Do not protect yourself?

— Well, what to do? This is the flip side of the coin. And by the way, despite the popularity of the program, we have not been such that we, as they say, the next morning woke up famous. For ten years we have not received any of the prizes, we have no taffy. As if there is no program “6 frames”, loved by the people. A great artist Novikov in the Theater of satire the great Peltzer: “Tanya, you, except the people who nobody likes”. Approximately the same thing happened with the “6 shots”. None of us are no prizes and diplomas. But they give the feeling that you need someone.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
With the star of the film “Sannikov Land” Neziraj Mambetova it.

The relevance of my now fading

— The dir and Govorukhin — two Directors who constantly invite you into their paintings. And it is important for you to work with people with whom you already met on the Playground?

— Very. This is the same stability. The fact that Stanislav invites me in, gives me the feeling of being needed. Now I’m in a real confusion, because I was no longer invited Sergei Ursulyak. I’m starting to do things that I told you. The last two or three films he did without my participation, it wasn’t a call. I left the “6 frames” for this reason. Renounce what is close to me and that I love.

But the unknown artist you have become. Then what of the victim?

— All this is difficult. It’s such a tangle. One after another clings. When I starred in Sergei Ursulyak “Composition for Victory Day” and we sat and talked with the great Vyacheslav Tikhonov, passed by people. Seeing Tikhonov, he said, “Oh, ridiculous. As Vyacheslav’s face changed! Why is it so? The same great artist. Tikhonov said: “I Have hundreds of roles. Why should I die Stirlitz?” I told him: “This is the people’s love”. “That’s what I fear,” — said Tikhonov. She raises and kills. Babochkin — the great theater actor, and you remember only it Chapaeva.

— Anatoly Kuznetsov, who followed shouted, “Sukhov, Sukhov”, told how initially suffered from this. But at some point realized that they have been happy to have such a role.

— Probably. I just don’t have grown to this wisdom. I am grateful for many things, but while there are forces that want something more interesting to play in a different genre. Well, there is the theatre outlet, performances that are not ashamed. I am proud that I was busy in the theatre “Satyricon” in “the Magnificent cuckold” Pyotr Fomenko. It seems to me that this is the best show in the world. I was there four words. Imagine, four hours on stage — and just four words for all time. But a year of working with Fomenko became something incredible. I worked with Evstigneev, Aroseva. Not to explain what magic had formed around them. They became other people on stage and on the court. Times — and he’s somewhere on another planet. In a split second and it is gone next. This is not he and not she, and most other people. They are, but they do not.

— You have round-the-clock inclusion in the profession? It so happens that you come home and all cut off and forgotten?

— Of course, it happens. Sometimes you want a little forgotten. For this is children and grandchildren. Although with them, too, goofing around, especially with her granddaughter. All say: “Grandfather, you finally… You’re pushing 60. You crawl, run? Enjoy!” And I like it.

— Do you feel that you have a strong relationship with children, wife Irina. It’s surprisingly heartfelt and well-intentioned people.

— It is important for me to have something to pass on to their children and grandchildren, so that some heat is left from me in their memory. All that holds us in this world, is our memory. I often remember my dad on his leg rolled. Those were the happiest moments.

— You did not start in the capitals. Very different the life of an artist in the province from Moscow?

— Is generally a different planet. It is very difficult to be in stagnant water. There’s a difference between standing and rapidly flowing water. In the province of mostly standing water. When does someone from interesting Directors, are beautiful stains as from a man who himself wants something. But it’s still a divorce. Spoiler alert and all. And then takes on the same surface, and survive in it difficult. In Moscow — Oh! There swam someone, the other for the raft was hooked. Life is stormy. If you do not join this thread, and to sit quietly in place, that can be in the capital to sit on the shore all my life. But if we go down, then in Moscow and overwhelm. And drowning for long. And love people — hundreds of examples of this artist can cover, and he would not survive. Someone because of intelligence and gentleness of character just ate. In my lifetime there were many adult artists, who came to Moscow, which could not bear her flow and wheeled it back. Five or six years was kept here, getting a little money, but having the ability of creativity. And families, children without them, stayed home. Not everyone could survive it, came back and settled there.

— As far as the acting profession of a man exhausting? Directors in the list of professions in second place in the number of heart attacks. Acting — the eating itself.

For me my profession is not working. What I do on stage, I really like it. Silent — 1250 and the audience became quiet in the hall. I give myself, and then I returned a wave. There are performances that physically, because of their age, kept with difficulty. But as for soul, I don’t ditch the scenes, preparing to go on stage, as did the actors old Russian school. Do you know the legend about how the actor Vahram Papazyan, who played Othello, talked backstage before you go on stage: “Papazian is a bad actor? What? I’ll show you now what Papazian is a bad actor!” And went on stage. As Ostrovsky says — no human face, the beast beast.

— Many of your colleagues now there are almost no sentences in the movie. A period of calm. And you have in addition to the one-man show on Hemingway there is something in the future?

— There was a call from Svetlana Druzhinina. She wants to make a film about Russia during the Russian-Turkish war, the liberation of the Crimea. Now this may look far-fetched to a modern context, but she worked on the topic 10-15 years, wanted to shoot in the Crimea, Ukraine. Don’t know how she’s fared in the financing plan. Without government support, this project is not to remove because it involves battle scenes. It’s a crowded picture. There were more samples in one military picture, but so far everything is ephemeral. The relevance of my now faded. And from what I offer entertainment channels, I refuse. “The old man and the sea” will be my outlet. I’m sad that our satire Theatre critics bypassed. Never our performances not nominated for any awards — “Golden mask” or “Crystal Turandot”. It was so moved. Critics say the theater lightweight. Maybe because of the attitude of our leader Alexander Shirvindt to critics. He judges severely, says what he thinks. There are performances that I’ve been playing for ten years, as “Accidental death of an anarchist” by Dario Fo play. We enjoy playing. At first people thought it was something about the revolution, and went bad. And now we have a jam-Packed halls, you can’t get seats on the Small stage where he goes. But the performances take place your way, and they have to leave.

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