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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fasting saves from multiple sclerosis

A study conducted by a group of experts from the University of southern California, showed that periods of fasting can have a beneficial impact on human health — in particular, contribute to the weakening of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

photo: morguefile.com

Researchers conducted their study in two stages, checking your assumptions on laboratory mice and then with human volunteers. In the first experiment, experts were not given to mice with symptoms of multiple sclerosis food for three consecutive days for three seven-day cycles. According to the researchers, such a diet helped to alleviate many of the symptoms of the mice autoimmune diseases and even contributed to the complete recovery 20 percent of them. According to the researchers, the improvement contributed to these effects of fasting, as the increase in the level of hormone called corticosterone, the decrease in the protein amount of cytokines, as well as improving the functioning of white blood cells. Ultimately, these and certain other conditions had led to the destruction of the “bad” immune cells.

In the second part of the study, the researchers proposed to test the same cycles of fasting people. Then within six months these people adhere to certain dietary restrictions. As it turned out, the participants after fasting, sitting on the Mediterranean diet, in their own words, subsequently felt the improvement of physical and mental health. However, scientists do not exclude that in this case the reason could be that diet.

Earlier the same group of scientists had conducted a number of other studies, in which we also proved the benefits of fasting — in particular, according to the researchers, it contributes to the delayed appearance of external signs of aging.

Other researchers recently made a statement that for a man in many aspects is helpful malnutrition, expressed in reducing the usual daily ration of 20 percent. As it turned out, these changes may promote positive mood, healthy sleep and to improve the quality of intimate life.

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