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Sunday, March 18, 2018

At the presentation of the new Pushkin prize Andrei Bitov was looking for crack

On 27 may, the writer Andrey Bitov said 78-year anniversary, and the day before, may 26, at the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin, the poet’s birthday, old style, in the 12th time he and his colleagues were awarded the New Pushkin prize.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Victor Kulle.

Special diploma of the Council of the award, headed by Andrei Bitov, awarded to the authors of the book “Kinsmen: we are out of Zaonezhie” — “For the preservation of ancestral memory”. To obtain the award came from Petrozavodsk Love Geraseva. She could become a writer (she has published the novel), but devoted himself to journalism and the preservation of the native language. “I come from the old village, and the native dialect sounds like music to me,” says Love Geraseva. — Spent the summer in expeditions to Soniu, taught his countrymen to write memories, forced her to remember the native dialect. The “Kin” — 52 author, aged from 53 to 92 years. Sponsor of the book was the St. Petersburg businessman, and then it turned out that he was also from the Onega region. And he also wrote the story “dad”. In Zaonezhye there was one farm, close schools. The Year of literature, there ceased to exist the library and Museum. Irina Fedosova — wapienica, which is described Gorky’s “Life of Klima samgina”.

Love Geraseva has already started work on a “People-2”. The word itself means “relatives”, “soul mates”. Receiving the award, she read lines from “Sandestin” Zaonezhie ditties”: “Keep lips on the porcelain”, which means “drink tea”. Originally the collection came out a miserable run of 300 copies, and his sanity was copied by hand.

“For cumulative creative contribution to Russian culture” prize was awarded to the poet Victor Kulle. Books he — times-two and obchelsya, writes mostly on social networks that, according to the Italian translator of the poetry of Eugene editor-in-chief, talks about the shortsightedness of publishers. Kulla, the first in the country wrote a dissertation on Brodsky, but never under it is not mowed; writes scripts for documentary films, translates Shakespeare, John Donne, Michelangelo, Thomas Venclova. Editor-in-chief believes that each transfer of Kulle — as a dispute with their predecessors: “do Not be surprised if tomorrow you see him in a plaid apron with a pen in his hands.” Kulla, believes the time spent on the writing of poetry, stolen from life.

“Some implicit you have winners, they just would pay attention?” — talking to Andrew Bitova. He says: “we always. This tendency of the New Pushkin prize”.

Bits is able to put everything in place.

— I have a “Ledger”, someone born out of the old housing office. Woke up this morning and thought I’d talk about, Colle, began to write. Somehow got the note about Shakespeare. Don’t know what it is. Today, a dispute arose: who is more Dante or Shakespeare? Then I have something cracked in the head. Culture is the scale and proportion. When they are mixed to the extent, as we do, it is called incivility. Increasingly difficult to determine who was earlier, some later, who is more important. That’s why we need a post horse of enlightenment. Why you can again and again to translate Shakespeare? Can’t find important quote, which originated when I was working on Pushkin and wrote something about it. Pushkin said that when he looks at Shakespeare’s — head is spinning. “Who is Shakespeare?” — I thought, reflecting on Kulle, forgetting about it eventually. Read the two sonnets in English and in Russian, in his new translation: Marshak translated Shakespeare too smoothly — on the Soviet language. That’s it! And Shakespeare should be translated into Russian language… And then there is the rift between those who writes and who he writes. If the interpreter is imbued with so much that falls into it, then maybe he will do something. Under the Soviet system was the profession of “poet”. Like it’s disgusting and impossible! There is no such profession and can not be. The poet is the birth, not even a vocation, not a destination.

How do we reclaim Shakespeare? Need to fall to the bottom and never rise up again. That’s where you lost me is a quote from Pushkin. Looked at Shakespeare’s — head is spinning. Lost the crack between the Lord and the writing personality. Penitential poetry — this is poetry. When man realizes his place in the Lord and its size in relation to it — that is the true culture and true proportion. Man is the bastard. He needs to understand what a scoundrel he is. It is written in the book that may have read Shakespeare. It Is The Bible. The Psalms of David — sample penitential poetry. Shakespeare’s sonnets— it’s not the lyrics, and poems of a man finally realizes its place and proportion. So just search it. The last cycle of Pushkin was also penitential.

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