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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ancient Museum was headed by Mikhail Mindlin

Not managed the art community to move away from the first shocking news: order of the Minister of culture national centre for contemporary arts (NCCA) goes to the subordination of the State Museum exhibition center (ROSIZO). How freewheeling the second: ex-Director of the NCCA Mindlin order of the same Minister becomes the acting Director of the Rublev Museum. And the former — Gennady Popov — sent in resignation on age.

Michael Mindlin.

Background: on his resignation from the post of Director of the NCCA Mikhail Mindlin finds out on the eve of his departure to Venice, the architecture Biennale. However, he promised to come up with a position. What? Unknown. And here is a comment of the Minister: “our country has, in fact, two of the centre for contemporary arts — NCCA, and ROSIZO,” says Medina. These multidisciplinary cultural institutions have similar tasks. Two similar state structures, even if their interaction is at a high level, may not be as effective to solve tasks as one big organization. Therefore, in consultation with the expert community, we decided to join the NCCA and ROSIZO. Thus, the NCCA will become a structural subdivision of the ROSIZO”.

From the above quotation implies that we are talking about optimization: reduce, merge, increase the salaries of some at the expense of others have gone through this or are many industries. But speaking of subordination, it is not necessary to forget and about financial control: a considerable budget of the NCCA, which was distributed at its seven branches across the country and several major programs, of course, now depart ROSIZO.

In this case, there is another important information that can explain: sister of Vladimir Medinsky is at the ROSIZO post of Deputy Director and according to RBC, has a salary significantly higher than the salary of the head of the organization.

But as it turned out, over the post for Mindlin thought for long, and on Friday he was appointed Director of the Museum of ancient Russian culture and art. Rublev. The post freed for Mindlin, sending a retired 75-year-old Director of the Rublev Museum, Gennady Popov, who, as it turns out, the contract with the Ministry of culture until 2017. We tried to call Gennady Popov, whose reputation in the Museum community is impeccable. It is not suitable to the phone, as reported to us his close people: he became ill.

This personnel assignment is confusing: how did Mr. Mindlin, specialist contemporary art and a Jew by religion, will lead the Museum of ancient art, whose activities are directly connected with the Russian Orthodox Church and other Orthodox organizations?..

Gennady Popov.

We phoned Mikhail Mindlin to Venice and asked: how he reacted to his new position?

— Great, ancient art is the sphere of my personal interests. My first education — restorer. After College I was restoring the ancient highly polished sculpture in Kolomenskoye, then — in the Department of restoration Center Grabar, and later took up modern art, but all these years have watched, and old Russian art. The position of Director of the Rublev Museum, I have picked out a number of proposals. The dismissal from the post of Director, I was fine with me. The disaster is that the NCCA has ceased to exist as the organization that put a quarter century of the life and writings of leading experts. It ROSIZO was supposed to join the NCCA, after all, ROSIZO — technical structure, and the Museum — creative.

But the comments of experts.

Joseph Backstein, Director of the Institute of contemporary art: “I, like my colleagues, do not understand at all what happened. No one consulted with a fait accompli. Let’s wait where this will lead”.

Dmitry Gutov, the artist: “What’s going on in the bowels of the Ministry of culture, to understand the human mind is not given. Their initiatives it does not consider it necessary to explain neither the audience nor the professional community. Art fraternity is in shock. How would we each other no criticism, we are one family, and an outsider will never find with the artists a common language”.

Marina Zvyagintseva, artist: “my colleagues and I were stumped: how could linking the institutions that set themselves different tasks? Of our artists, no one knows what ROSIZO, even where it is. Unlikely to cooperate artistic brethren”.

Other heads of museums and contemporary art Centres and institutions chose not to comment on the situation.

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