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Monday, March 12, 2018

American vs Russian space: Rogozin embellished our backlog

Dmitry Rogozin said the words, made in the statement on the Board of the Ministry of industry and trade. Then Deputy Prime Minister said that in the space industry, Russia lags behind that of the Americans nine times and if things go on like this, then we will never catch up with US. According to the revised version Rogozin was not referring to all figures, but only productivity. Your thoughts on throwing Rogozin and the situation in the industry has shared with us space historian Vadim Lukashevich.

“Complementing” his statement, Rogozin said that we are ahead of the States in the field of building rocket engines. We asked Vadim Lukashevich, Rogozin clarified how the picture corresponds to reality.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– We lag behind the Americans in almost all respects. First of all, from the point of view of investment.

See: our Federal space program (until 2025) is allocated the amount that America spends on space for 6-7 months. The only exception is the engine: they are still buying our engines, though already developing a replacement.

Yes, we still carry American astronauts to the ISS. But soon we will carry themselves. Either this year or next year they need to launch their new manned spacecraft Dragon.

In addition, Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX – “MK”) to the end of this year to run their super heavy rocket that will orbit about 50 tons of cargo. Our new “Hangar”, “Hangar-А5В” that will fly after 2025, will have a significantly lower load capacity.

American projects can be listed for a long time. Suffice it to say that on Mars there are two American Mars Rover, we all remember the pictures of Pluto… And our most prominent project, “Phobos-grunt”, was not flown on earth orbit.

Even your segment on the ISS and that we are unable to build, of all project participants. Never launched nor the energy, nor the scientific modules. Although building for 15 years. Funny.

I’m not talking about “private space” which we have virtually no. He was not allowed to develop. And in America it is the private owner, Elon Musk, puts the objective of the mission to Mars. By the way, from our Federal program was removed altogether super heavy rocket intended for missions to the moon and other planets. There is talk, but no money. The only thing we clearly surpass the Americans in the balabolstvo the people running the space program.

– The commissioning of the cosmodrome “East” does not reduce our lag?

– It is not the spaceport, just starting complex. There is available infrastructure to launch one rocket one launch pad, one Assembly and test building. That is actually a polygon.

The present cosmodrome “East” it will be when it will be possible to launch several types of missiles, but this will not be another 5-6-7 years.

– It is true, by the way, that “East” is the most expensive cosmodrome in world history?

– I have not done any sums but many experts argue that this is true. And it seems to be true. We’ve all expensive, because it is still the same and “sawing”.

– What is the reason for such monstrous lag in productivity?

– Unfortunately, in this respect, we have always been worse than America. This other technology the design, Assembly, testing… with what at the Mask handle 2-3 people at the “Center Khrunichev” doing 40.

– Of course, in the “times” difficult to estimate, in years, in your opinion, how are we still behind?

Well, Rogozin initially said it very correctly, under the current paradigm of development we have lagged behind forever…

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