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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Albert lihanov: “for We children did not mind”

International children’s day… For 66 years of its existence we are accustomed to it as something ordinary. Kind of like any normal day. Jammed, pushed into the consciousness of important social date that characterizes us, adults, not with the best hand.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

29 years on the guard of Childhood (Yes, with capital letters) is a Russian children’s Fund, which is headed by writer, academician of the Russian Academy of education (RAO), albert LIKHANOV.

— Albert Anatolievich, you are respectfully referred to as “Russian Pope.” Therefore, you and be responsible for all the children of Russia…

All, alas, can not. But how I can help. Children’s day for Children’s Foundation of Russia has always been the main holiday. And happy holiday, and a starting point for new businesses.

— I have visited on several previous celebrations in the Bolshoi theatre and in the office of the Fund. A Grand spectacle! Than will please children now?

— Across the country, “birthday” Children’s Fund will now become more than a hundred thousand children. But it would be a mistake to think that we remember the children only once a year. Our Foundation works for the children of Russia every day, every hour, without lunch breaks. For example, for many years leading the program “the Children’s tuberculosis”. Collected 12 million rubles of donations. Helped 19 out of 150 TB children sanatorium in Siberia and in the far North. Understand, little! This would have been to help Fund the initiative — budget though, at least the oligarchs… but no! Only one good man sold his collection of ancient books and translated into the program one and a half million rubles. Yes, one construction company has transferred one million rubles.

All the other donors to this important program — retirees, honor and praise! Send the scraps that are torn apart from their small pensions, but these amounts — acts specific acts of kindness, mercy, generosity… Now, alas, it is so rare!

How can roam a tiny organisation of a handful of parents of sick children! Our Foundation in Russia has more than 70 offices. This is a huge practical and organizational experience! We could count on a serious, planned, annual support, and not on a competitive jumping for the small grants that bring more trouble than good.

Children’s Fund have repeatedly proved their high professionalism. We were always where trouble was. Take Spitak earthquake, the oil spill in the Komi Republic, Beslan tragedy, the tragedy in South Ossetia, came under fire, forest fires in Siberia, floods in Krymsk and the far East…

— Really child protection is always extreme? Disaster, fire, floods, earthquakes… And spiritual territory of childhood?

— The right question. And the most important! Our programs “Spiritual protection” or “Children’s library” — the charge is exactly the spirituality of childhood, the main human values. They are aimed at promoting patriotism, knowledge of history of their homeland, the development of moral immunity to the abominations and vices of the modern world difficult.

— Albert Anatolyevich, you have not answered, than meet the current children’s Day…

— Open our website. There are photographs and information about children, which together with their mothers fond free “settles” in different hospitals of Russia and other countries.

In Moscow at our invitation will arrive 11 thousand children from Russia and neighboring countries. The presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and several other countries came forward to help us and responded to our invitation to send delegations orphans. Will be attended by delegations from 26 Russian regions. Children of employees of embassies accredited in Moscow — Syria, France, USA, Germany… — attend our celebrations. Note on the selection of foreign children, he is not random…

Come to Moscow and the boys whose fathers were killed in the line of duty, children from orphanages, social state and Church institutions. According to tradition, invited the cadets — serious, Patriotic guys. Interesting to talk to them all the “civilian” kids.

14 of the most prestigious theatres of Moscow simultaneously opens the celebration of the International Day of protection of children. At the Bolshoi theatre in front of the guests of the capital will serve future prima ballerinas and world premiere ballet — students and graduates of the Moscow Academy of choreography. By the way, these guys have prom is traditionally held in the Bolshoi theatre…

All 11 thousand children will receive gifts from the Fund. Children who came from afar to dine in a top 30 restaurants in the capital, starting with “metropolis” that can afford not every visitor to the capital. Of course, for free.

A visit to the capital child of province — itself a huge life event, and then there was a tour of red square, state Tretyakov gallery, recently celebrated its 160th anniversary; the Church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachev; plays and concerts at the best theatres of the country…

For children we did not mind. Just bring back childhood to those who they cruelly punished by fate.

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