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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Will withstand sanctions Russian elite

The main fight of Vladimir Putin – with the internal enemy rather than external

July 29, 2014, 21:35

Text: Peter Akopov

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The tightening of Western sanctions against Russia once again makes it relevant to the question of whether they will withstand the Russian elite. Not Vladimir Putin and not the people – there is just no doubt about it. But the mood of the part of the elite otherwise panic will not name. But the main problem of domestic “elitist” is not even that.

The introduction of a new stage of economic sanctions against Russia officially declared. Although the gap between Russia and the West after the Crimea was predetermined, still remains unclear, will there be a political and economic war with the United States or with the entire Western bloc, with what speed will go a worsening of relations – and other important, although it is actually not the crucial part.

As a result, a part of the Russian political and business elite remained hopeful that a reversal to self-development of Russia can still be, if not prevent, then at least to make a more careful, and hence reversible. They invented the idea that Putin just wants to “take profits with the Crimea”, “to raise the status of Russia” – and so there’s a chance that the West will carry on, pogruzhaet, but then accept the fact that there’s no turning back. Well, Putin will leave from the new Russia, turning to economic methods of struggle for Ukraine. And the whole sooner or later will calm down – and you can, as before, to be part of the “global elite”, its business or political component. But now those hopes (initially empty) they have.

Just as there is no doubt that one of the main goals of the United States is the change of power in Russia – that’s what is needed sanctions, isolation and blockade. States no matter in what form there will be a change of government – whether Putin will go in the apical result of a conspiracy or popular uprisings, caused by the falling living standards and inspired by the liberal part of the elite. He needs to leave – because his course is a threat to American hegemony. For Putin, such an attitude is no longer news – he is building his policy rather than relying on the American attitude to it, but just having it in mind. Similarly, he understands all the internal problems of the country, which will beat the Anglo-Saxons. And chief among them is weak, corrupt, and ideologically motley consumer elite, rebellion which will provoke the Americans, deepening the pressure and sanctions against Russia.

States really believe that once children and money many of our “elitist” are in the West, and the pressure on them will be easy. However, in 2011-2012, they’ve already miscalculated, making a bid for it. Trying to stop Putin failed, and he began to sweep the rioters against him cosmopolitan elite, rightly arguing that it performs an external order. Its main purpose was to protect the country in the upcoming open clash with the United States from the fifth column, those who stab in the back. He managed to do much – but not all.

The nationalization of the elite has only just begun – ban accounts abroad is not tantamount to a ban on the presence of the brain away from our Fatherland. Putin only managed to declare the need for a Patriotic twist in ideology, culture, and education, that need a new HR policy… But even if Putin has managed to completely eliminate that from the open of the fifth column, that of the corrupt, it would not solve the main problem: in our elite extremely high percentage of ideological slaves of the West, mental cosmopolitans, which at the thought of a possible rupture with the West fall into a stupor. How so – because we are “part of a large European home”?

In reality, a considerable part of the Westernization of the Russian elite is just a fantastic manifestation of its ignorance of its own country and people, our traditions, culture and history. This Westernization of the colonial elite – her brain occupied “fashionable” Western theories about the “right world order”, as it has happened several times in Russian history, it refers to people as cattle, and to the country – as to the territory for hunting. Received power in the country in 90-e years, these temporary worker immediately began to prepare myself for dying the way out West because “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Elite worshipped the Golden calf and consumption, and habitat of Taurus – West, here and there sought who ruled the country, the “reformers”.

First tried to draw together with them to and to teach “European values”, but by the early noughties it became clear that Russia does not want to become part of the Western world. Then the elite decided “to make money in Russia and spend in Europe” – and that makes all the zero years. In parallel, however, was formed and new servicemen estate in the elite – Putin. The backbone of the ruling class, controlling the key levers of the country, these people generally come from the security services, most of them are patriots and really want to serve the country. But many of them could not resist the temptation of global consumer capitalism, forgetting that we cannot serve two masters.

The other part of Putin’s inner circle aggressively, but not publicly offered to look for a new economic and social model for Russia, realizing that the current combined state-oligarchic, capitalist, bound to the Western financial world and, most importantly, the Western ethics of the free market and consumerism, unsustainable and simply disastrous for Russia.

Unfortunately, the ideological disputes about the choice of direction for the way Russia did not become public. Largely due to the fact that the liberal part of the elite, who served as an expert and propagandist-ideological height, strongly discredited any debate about whether the economic system to national values, announcing in advance any alternative socio-economic model is impossible and utopian. As a result, Russia was on the path of globalization are not particularly cost-resisting, fully razrushivshij ideologically and politically much resting.

Both domestic and geopolitical independence was necessary to Vladimir Putin to strengthen Russia’s sovereignty and increase its power. All the years he was between the pressure of external forces, seeking not just to prevent the restoration of Russian influence, but to arrange a second series of the dismemberment of Russia, and internal forces, did not want to abandon captured in the 90-ies of the pieces of power and property, not interested in a strong and independent President. At the turn of the decades this pressure seemed to reach its climax – and then Putin took up the challenge, after returning to the presidency.

All that he did starting in 2011, was preparing for open conflict with external adversaries, from internal. And the fact that he managed quite easily to win the first round of 2011-2012, it did not mean that he was ready to rest on our laurels – it went to the ultimate showdown. And it started in the summer of 2013 with the Snowden case, reaching now, on the eve of August 2014, its maximum intensity.

While Putin is beating with the external enemy – but there is no doubt that the main battle he has to win within the country.

The battle with the United States does not negate the need to address the fundamental question of Russian life – Putin now enjoys phenomenal popular support, wait not only victories on the external front, but also fracture on the inside. Even if it were not for the conflict with the West, the need for fundamental internal changes would remain vital. Now, after the beginning of direct confrontation, cleaning and indoctrination of the elite become the guarantee of saving Russia. Not because the elite will strike back – in the foreseeable, near future is, thank God, is not true – but because she just can’t solve those problems facing the country. To formulate and implement national development – economic, cultural, social – to the global game on all continents and in all sectors can only be a team of like-minded people. Not like-minded people, and patriots, who know how Russia’s own experience and history and technology and the meanings of the other powers and civilizations, understanding their goals and the philosophy of struggle.

And most importantly – not make-believe, and sincerely believe the traditional Russian values (not only spiritual and family, but also geopolitical) his, and the interests of the country without any doubt put above personal. Not because “Putin teaches you so”, but because it is completely natural for them. There are no such people? But in the current elite enough of them – just now need to not just unite people around Putin, and the work not out of fear but out of conscience of all senior management.

It is impossible to withstand the pressure from the West and before the inevitable internal challenges just because you’re afraid of Putin and fear of losing their place. And even more impossible to implement a new model of governance and social order, if you yourself do not believe in it. It is impossible to work in new ways (not in terms of a besieged fortress, and creating new industries and bringing in Russian the meaning of being), if you’re accustomed to kickbacks and hope that will now be able to spend pressed albeit not abroad, but in Russia.

Is there any alternative to Putin? Can he not deepen the cleansing of the elite, justifying that now is not the time, because “the Motherland is in danger”, and the threat of “strike back” a little? No – because its main purpose is not to resist the pressure of world globalizers, and to bring Russia on its historical path. To regain the confidence in their abilities and to create maximum potential for independent, autocratic growth and development, to lay the foundations of a social order based on national values and acceptable to our people. For big goals need big people – otherwise we just crushed. No external machinations – so internal contradictions.

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