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Friday, March 16, 2018

Western politicians appreciated the release Savchenko

The reaction of Western politicians and experts for the transfer of Hope Savchenko Ukraine is sustained in the key of “good but not sufficient”. Russia reminded of other “unfairly held” and the Ukrainians about the “occupation of Crimea”, demanded the withdrawal of troops, supposedly located in the Donbass, and given to understand that the return of Savchenko is not going to weaken the sanctions campaign.

Western politicians welcomed the transfer of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko in Ukraine.

“It’s hard to be optimistic given our experience with Russia, but I hope that the EU and the G7 will demonstrate global solidarity with Ukraine”

So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed hope that the exchange Savchenko on the Russians and Erofeeva Alexandrov “will introduce dynamics in the negotiations on humanitarian issues and to further the exchange of prisoners in the framework of the Minsk agreements”, gave the words of Merkel, government spokesman of Germany Steffen Seibert. The Chancellor also wished Nadezhda Savchenko speedy recovery after a hunger strike and a safe return to the family.

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin yesterday signed a decree about pardon of the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, convicted in the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass. Before that, the head of state met with relatives of the victims in the Donbass journalists, who had previously approached him with the request to pardon Savchenko, on the basis of humanitarian considerations.

The head of the European Council Donald Tusk called Moscow’s decision “a positive sign”, stressing: “We need to wait for the next steps.” “It’s hard to be optimistic given our experience with Russia in this context, but I hope that the EU and “seven” will continue to defend the overall approach and demonstrate global solidarity with Ukraine in this dramatic conflict”, – said Tusk.

In contrast, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry paid tribute to the initiative of Russia. “The liberation of Hope Savchenko after much testing, which included solitary confinement, is an important part of the implementation of Russia’s obligations under the Minsk agreements and should now provide the stimulus for their full implementation”, – said the head of the state Department, who was quoted by RIA Novosti.

“I welcome… Hope Savchenko back to Ukraine and that the Ukrainian government has taken a humanitarian decision to release two Russian soldiers captured on Ukrainian territory and convicted on charges related to terrorism,” said Kerry.

“Will continue to exert pressure”

Tusk’s words about the need for “further steps” significant. Many Western politicians and experts, commenting on the transfer Savchenko Kiev, did not fail to notice that return a pointer of the Ukrainian one is not enough.

The US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power expressed joy at the “end of a nightmare” for Savchenko, said that “Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko still unjustly detained in Russia”. “In this regard, the United States will continue to exert pressure on Russia to comply with commitments under the Minsk agreements, which includes the return of illegally detained people, as well as the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine and the termination of the Russian occupation of the Crimea”, – said Pauer.

Hope Savchenko is not the only wrongfully convicted in Russia Ukrainian, – said the German broadcaster DW MEP from Germany Rebecca harms. – The Minsk agreements provide for the exchange of prisoners, and this is only part of the agreements. There is a more important part connected with sanctions against Russia. It provides for the restoration of control over the border, the cease-fire and the withdrawal of the soldiers from Donbass”.

DW reminds them of Kiev as the introduction of police mission of the OSCE that do not consent Russia and “separatists” DNR and LC. In the same context, the publication cited the expert of the European Policy Centre Paul Ivan. “I see no possibility to organize elections in the Donbass according to the OSCE standards, while there are troops of another country, while there are unable to run for the Ukrainian party, until there are big security issues”, – said Ivan.

About the easing of sanctions out of the question

A retired Swedish diplomat, adviser to the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in the mid-90s, and nowadays the expert of American analytical center Atlantic Council Anders Aslund believes that the transfer of Savchenko to Ukraine will not affect the sanctions policy of the West. “It will be difficult for the EU to lift sanctions against Russia until, until it withdraws its troops from the Donbass and will not return to Ukraine control of the border or will not open the OSCE mission access to the entire occupied territory. Because it is stipulated by the Minsk agreements”, – he said.

In favor of the findings of Aslund’s statement shows publication “Kommersant” a senior source in the diplomatic circles of the West, made the day before. “We have repeatedly made it clear that sanctions will remain in force until you complete all the items of the package of measures to implement the Minsk agreements, – said the diplomat. – On the partial easing of sanctions in exchange for steps such as the release of Savchenko – we are not talking”.

We will add that on Thursday of RIA “news” gave a statement of Donald Tusk: the European Union should extend sanctions against Russia, which should continue until the implementation by Moscow of the Minsk agreement, said the head of the European Council.

Obama “seriously involved” to “operations in the spirit of the cold war

Although, as stressed by the Russian side, “the decision… was studied long before this and adopted” by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian officials prefer to announce the participation of a third party – the US and its European allies.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in addition to the leaders of “Norman Quartet” in the face of Merkel and Hollande, for their active participation in the return of Savchenko also thanked US President Barack Obama.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly, has supported the version about the American involvement. “Absolutely the President has said, this became possible due to strong international support. United States President Barack Obama this support involved very serious… I can say that the role of the US President was very important. Obviously, it was with the leaders of “Norman Quartet” in the first place with the German Chancellor, the French President,” – said Chaly.

The procedure for the transfer Savchenko was very impressed by the press-Secretary of Ukrainian President Svyatoslav Tsigalko, who later told about it in detail.

“This operation reminded me of the cold war. When dissidents were exchanged and released into the free world. Air force one flew to Rostov about eight. We with Irina Gerashchenko went there almost two and a half hours, as it overflew the occupied Donbass. In Rostov more than an hour standing before I saw two buses which were moving to our plane. Heart sank. I remembered the moment of the verdict of this Tribunal when the Russian judge was guarded by a dozen gunmen in masks. And then pushed us out of the hall, when we sang the national anthem”, – wrote Tsegolko in Facebook. Then, he said, “having some problems” and the bus with the Hope stood for half an hour, without moving from the spot.

“Perhaps those who “leaked” this info, was hoping for a breakdown of everything. But they failed. Two buses drove closer. And from them came the Hope”, – wrote Tsegolko. He noted that he and Mr. Gerashchenko “and not allowed to leave the plane”. “Said is forbidden. But you can shout: “Glory to Ukraine!” But this story was not the last. Then half an hour of the presidential plane with the Hope I could not fly home: “the border is closed”, – reported in the radio voice of the Russian Manager”, – he noted.

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