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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Using the case of an accident on the Ferrari SK came out on the Israeli Baker

While police are investigating resonant accident in Central Moscow, which gave 18-year-old driver of the Ferrari Thomas Leviev, SK was engaged in the Baker Alexander Mirilashvili. Leviev and Mirilashvili have Israeli citizenship, what the investigation concludes that they simply do not care about Russian laws. SK also made a proposal to equate driving without a license to carry arms.

The investigative Committee of Russia has acted with the special statement in connection with a criminal investigation relating to the recent resonance of an accident with Ferrari in the center of Moscow. On Tuesday reported on the Agency’s website.

“I can assure you that the investigation will be conducted promptly and objectively, and no one and nothing stands in our way”

The case of the accident the insurance company concerned. “I would like to explain for those who don’t understand the situation or for any other reason is trying to “fasten” itself is an accident involving this “diamond boy” as it was dubbed, the Investigative Committee (talking about 18-year-old driver of the Ferrari Thomas Levieva – approx. OPINION). Explain that accidents are not included in the jurisdiction of the CCJ, this involved the police,” – said the official representative of IC Vladimir Markin.

However, SK does something else, indirectly related to the first criminal case. “The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the fact of encroachment on the life of a police officer in relation to 44-year-old Alexander Mirilashvili. According to available information, Mirilashvili has Russian and Israeli citizenship, is engaged in bakery business in Israel and in Russia it happens very rarely. Apparently, he felt that this is the justification for his actions. Or for some reason he himself has told that in the Russian Federation can with impunity encroach on the lives of law enforcement officers. Namely, thus, and not otherwise interprets the law his actions”, – said Markin.

According to investigators, immediately after the accident with Ferrari Mirilashvili beat one of the police officers at the scene.

“It became obvious to all who at least looked at the video from the event, but himself and his lawyers. But it is their right. Our right and duty to collect and secure all evidence of his involvement in the Commission of a crime, in order to have the court made a final decision about degree of guilt and punishment for it. I can assure you that the investigation will be conducted promptly and objectively, and no one and nothing can interfere. At the same time, we cannot be held responsible for all remaining stages of the criminal process – the approval of the indictment and trial,” – said Markin.

Also a representative of the investigation felt it was important to convey to the public the reason why law enforcement agencies did not name the 18-year-old Thomas Leviev immediately after the accident. “It’s all in Russian legislation which forbids to disseminate in the media information about minors, and that was what it wanted to introduce the so-called relatives and family friends. In any case, they very carefully tried to hide the age of a young man (claiming that he was 17 years – approx. OPINION), his nationality and other data,” – said Vladimir Markin.

VIDEOAlso, according to the investigation, “carefully disguised documentary traces of the boys in the hospital”. “By the way, this institution is also going to work as investigators, – said the representative of the UK. – Only after it became clear that Leviev Thomas more from September 27 to an adult, no longer reason to hide his name. It was he who made this sensational accident, which caused all the subsequent events, which already took the Investigative Committee. Moreover, as it turned out, even Leviev is not a citizen of Russia, and has Israeli citizenship.”

Markin lamented the fact that the law, “unfortunately, does not allow us to engage in “education” of teenagers and their parents.” “But here such behavior, obviously, they are a challenge to our society: Junior without a license endangers the lives of dozens of citizens, and the elder accompanied by together with security and thus encourages his “pranks”. And, of course, arises a rhetorical question: how dared they so “naughty” in the state whose citizens they are? I doubt it. They would be there “parked” more disperse”, – he said.

In conclusion, the statement of the UK asks the rhetorical question to legislators: “Now Russia is without a doubt the leader in the number of fatalities in an accident. The mortality rate from road traffic injuries in Russia 18.8 persons per 100 thousand population (in 2014), despite the fact that this figure in European countries an average of five to nine. So, better whether we have statistics on road accidents, if it is still the only punishment for driving (source of danger) without a driver’s license will remain a fine in the amount from 5 to 15 thousand rubles?” – asks Markin.

According to him, “with him is just right to carry that amount, caught by the hand – give, and drove on, until next time”. “Can you imagine how many of these “diamond”, “tin”, “wood” boys and girls actually go out with impunity on our roads every minute and put us all in mortal danger… And isn’t it time for driving without a driver’s license to equate to the carrying of weapons without permit, for which, as is known, according to article 222 of the criminal code provides for criminal liability and deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years?” – he concluded.

Time to toughen

Meanwhile, state Duma Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev (LDPR) asked the Prosecutor to clarify all the circumstances of the accident involving a Ferrari in the center of Moscow.

As told the newspaper VIEW the member of Parliament, first, he wished to draw the attention of the Supervisory authority on the perjury of a young person. “This guy “confused” about your age, and this clearly has evil intent, but also a violation of the law. It is even possible, such actions should fall under the criminal article”.

“Further, there is some kind of mess with information about his parents. We are told that his father – the large businessman, the entrepreneur no relation to road accident has not, then he was moving in the motorcade, it seems to be driving one… a mess. And the people just wants to know who exactly drove this vehicle, and what money it was bought”, – said the Deputy.

Degtyarev promised to firmly deal with this case and get to the truth, to “the roots”.

“You know, everyone is tired when you put your life on display, when the suckers are riding in expensive cars, and not just chase, and threaten the lives and health of other people. I myself have three sons, they also go to Moscow. And I would not want that at any moment they could pop up some idiot who can’t drive a car”, he said.

The Deputy also noted that due to this accident becomes relevant again an old idea of the liberal democratic party on the introduction of responsibility for aggressive driving. Such proposals to the state Duma had already been proposed, then rejected, but Degtyarev wants to try to do it again, in a new edition.

However, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, the idea to prescribe in the legislation the terms “aggressive driving” or “dangerous driving” and there are many enemies. A number of experts believe that it is, first, unnecessary legislation, and the responsibility for such actions are spelled out in other articles, also many experts says that it is difficult to formulate these new terms, as dangerous and aggressive driving is largely subjective.

As told the newspaper LOOK Director of the safe driving club “Extreme drive” Sergei Sex, if it is, for example, that one car pulled up close to the other, without observing a distance, even if to prescribe in law a specific number of centimeters, which can not come close in accuracy to measure them anyway, no one can.

Chairman of the “Guild of driving schools” Sergey Lobarev told the newspaper VIEW that “a permanent crackdown and the tightening of the drivers does not lead to significant positive results”, and the culture of behavior on the roads should be taught from childhood.

The idea of the Investigative Committee to equate driving without a license to carry arms without a permit was supported by the Deputy of the state Duma, coordinator of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov.

However, he urged once again to discuss the issue with experts, but also admitted that we can go about changing the criminal law and not just administrative.

However, according to Lysakova, the responsibility should be different for those who do not have the right and gets behind the wheel, and for those who drives the vehicle after the revocation of driver’s license.

“I partially Markina support and even understand, but the fact that he proposes to bring it into the framework of the Criminal code, and this, of course, is not the violation which, so to speak, should be interpreted with criminal point of view,” in turn, reported RIA “Novosti” coordinator society “Blue buckets” (OSV) Peter Shkumatov.

We will remind, resonant the accident occurred on the night of 16 October on the Crimean bridge in Moscow. The Ferrari driver Thomas Leviev at high speed (according to some reports, up to 200 km per hour – approx. OPINION) lost control, went into oncoming traffic and collided with two other vehicles. In the accident, all the cars caught fire, injured three people. Leviev himself escaped with a concussion and bruises.

As reported by witnesses, the likely culprit from the scene picked up another car. Later, the police found Thomas in one of the capital’s hospitals. First, the family Leviev claimed that he was 17 years old, but then it turned out that in September was 18. He was the son of an Israeli businessman. Was driving without a license. And the origin of the machine is also still causing issues. According to one, he stole it from the showroom, according to others, the Ferrari was gifted to a young man on coming of age.

While he is involved in only administrative proceedings, but under several articles: 12.24 – violation of the traffic regulations which have entailed causing of average weight of harm to health of the victim, 12.7.1 – steering vehicle by the driver without rights management vehicle and 12.7.3 – transfer of control of the vehicle to the person obviously does not have the right of control of the vehicle.

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