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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ukraine bounces from its own citizens wishing to leave the Russian prison

“It’s the wrong criminals have committed a crime on foreign soil. Why do they have to contain at the expense of the Russian budget?” So the Crimean human rights activists explain why should be transferred to the Kiev citizens of Ukraine who are in local prisons. However, Ukraine does not accept them – after all, according to Kiev, they already are serving sentences in Ukraine.

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova on Thursday urged Kiev to pick up convicts the citizens of Ukraine serving their sentences in Crimea.

“It’s the wrong criminals have committed a crime on foreign soil. Why do they have to contain at the expense of the Russian budget?”

“Don’t take their Motherland, we offer. They committed crimes as citizens of Ukraine – on the territory of Ukraine informed. And today there is no reason to keep them on the territory of another state, – said the Commissioner. But while such a reaction not occurred. It is very important to us to send them home.”

The head of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko said in response that such patriots among the prisoners long gone. “We all our Ukrainian citizens, whom we were able to take from the Crimea, was taken. Those who have expressed a desire to remain due to the fact that they have a house there and family, they were there,” – quoted by his newspaper LOOK.

“Well, what are you talking about?! This is complete nonsense! – replied the Minister in interview to the newspaper VIEW, the Commissioner for human rights of the Crimea Lyudmila Lubina. – I showed the prisoners themselves written responses from Kiev to their requests to take them from Crimea. There was, in fact, said: “This is the territory of Ukraine. Sit on”. During these two years and three months, while we here in Russia, officially extradited to none at all was not, as far as I know”.

The Crimean Ombudsman recalled that on this occasion, the predecessor of Moskalkova Ella Pamfilova also spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart Valeria Lutkovskaya with the offer of extradition. “She said that Crimea is Ukraine, and so they already are serving sentences in Ukraine. Then they were sent to serve their sentence on the territory of mainland Russia, they again offered to take Kiev, but Kiev and from there they did not accept,” said Lubina.

Except for citizens of Ukraine, she explained, sitting on the Peninsula and those who are undecided with citizenship. “Some people purposely losing documents, and even manage to get a verdict without a passport. Want it then come out with a Russian passport,” – said the Commissioner. According to its figures for April, just in places of deprivation of liberty in the Crimea, there were 380 Ukrainian citizens or persons without documents.

“In Crimea, one jail in the entire Peninsula and the two colonies, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW, a source familiar with the situation in local correctional facilities. Is one of strict regime in Simferopol, one General – in Kerch, they approximately equal the number at 600-700 prisoners. Most likely, the 380 is hyperbole, it is no longer Ukrainians, and people without documents. Indeed, there is such a practice, when people “lose” the passport during the investigation”.

Two ombudsvumen found a common language

Meanwhile, a few hours after a categorical statement Petrenko in Kiev slightly corrected position. “I Express my full readiness to begin active operations on the movement of persons from the territory of the occupied Crimea”, – said in a public address to Moskalkova her Ukrainian counterpart Lutkovska.

“This is a constructive approach, because human rights have no borders and do not have political overtones. And it is very important to engage in dialogue and to seek protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, including in accordance with international conventions,” – said Moskalkova her in absentia in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.

She said that she has not yet had contact with Lutkovska. “Currently in jail No. 1, which is located in Simferopol and is the only on the territory of Crimea, and contains 16 Ukrainian citizens. And together with the Ministry of justice we will seek a form of solution to the question, if the Ukrainian side so quickly and can say, positively responded to our proposal,” the Commissioner was delighted.

“It’s someone else’s criminals”

From a legal point of view, the fate of many detainees is still unclear, it is recognized Depth. “In the Crimea can be convicted Russian citizens for crimes they committed anywhere, or non-citizens of Russia, if you committed the crime in Crimea, even at a time when he was a Ukrainian. After all, the victims of their crimes – it is now the citizens of Russia, – she said, referring to the explanations of the Supreme court. – But in our colonies at the time of entry into the Russian Federation remained and the citizens of Ukraine who have committed a crime on the mainland of Ukraine. They were just serving a sentence”.

None of them have taken the citizenship of Russia, and Kiev also refused to take – thus, it turned out, they sit illegally, complained Depth. “It’s been a year and a half, until the Supreme court clarified that in their case also “aligned” and they too can serve his sentence in Russia.

As an example, she also cited the case of the gang of 14 people, which a year ago was condemned by the Supreme court of the Crimea, including for the murders committed from mercenary motives – as in mainland Ukraine and the Peninsula.

“The case today before the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. Part of the gang – eight people – committed a crime here and there. But six people didn’t commit crimes in the Crimea and did not take Russian citizenship. Now they refuse to take Russian citizenship and demand a trial in the Ukraine. Some of them even engage in self-harm to draw attention to themselves. But wherever they wrote, wherever I have addressed about them, Ukraine does not accept them”, – said Depth.

That is, the citizens of Ukraine Kiev is not necessary, especially if they stumble and become criminals, she said. “In principle, they do not need and Russia. It is foreign criminals who have committed a crime on foreign soil. Why do they have to contain at the expense of the Russian budget?” – rhetorically asks the Crimean human rights activist.

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